Monday, October 24, 2016

"Go Where...?"

Winging It.......

It Was a Long Time Ago, Dear Readers, Even if it Felt like no Time at all had passed since Perry asked that question of the Wizard! Perry had finally returned the Key of Time and the Wizard had said now he was free to go. "Go Where...?" was Perry's reply! The Wizard just stared at him. This was not what he had expected. "You must go back the way you came... " said the Wizard. "To your home.... to your Time." he added. "But Where is that?" repeated Perry. "I don't remember" he added.
The Wizard looked closer at Perry and noticed a slightly dazed or vacant look in his eyes... as though he were not really here at all. This was not a good sign, thought the Wizard. Clearly something was not right, but he had no idea what had gone wrong. This would require some thought. And meanwhile he should probably keep an eye on the boy. "Then stay" replied the Wizard.

And so Perry stayed. 
He followed the Wizard everywhere he went.

The Wizard spent a great deal of Time deep in his cave staring into the fire... 
as if it held the answers to the Questions he pondered.
As if he could unravel the very fabric of Time and trace the steps back....
to find the place... the missing pieces.... the Spell gone wrong.
However Long it took.....
And even his Dreams were filled with the restless questing...
As he pondered the nature of Time and awareness and Memory....
And Dreamed he was wondering... 
and Wondered if he Dreamed....
And if not He... then Who...? and Where....?
Something was not right... of that he was sure!

And what of the Little Dreamers, I hear you ask? 
They found themselves once again at Rose Thorne Cottage 
on the Distant Briar Moors, 
where they were content to run in the sunshine
 and play with their little dolls.

Until one beautiful Autumn day 
when the wind was brisk and the sky full of puffy white clouds, 
and over the horizon trotted a pair of beautiful wild ponies!

They were the most beautiful sight the Little Dreamers had ever seen!

"Oh, if only...." thought Beth....
"If only we could ride them......."

She reached out a hand towards the white one....

And to her surprise and delight, the pony came closer....
Beth quickly set her doll down on the ground 
so she could more easily greet the pony....

And Amy, who was not quite as eager to play with the ponies, 
plucked up her courage too....

She set Sweet-pea down next to Little Rose, 
and approached the ponies....

Beth had already climbed onto the white pony.....
And Amy was going to have to ride the ginger painted one.... 
or be left behind!

It was easier than she thought it would be to climb onto the pony's back....

And just like that, they were racing off across the Distant Briar Moors....

Leaving the little dolls completely alone!

"I can walk..... but you can't" said Little Rose to Sweet-pea.
"So we'll just have to wait for someone to come" she added hopefully.
It wasn't a terribly long wait, but it felt like forever.

After quite a while they spotted a Tiny Fairy on a snail....
He waved, but was much too small to carry them.
So they waved back as he went by.

It wasn't too much later that they spotted 
another small creature passing over the moors
This time it was an Obsidian Turtle.... 
and he also was too small to be of any help.

Very Late in the afternoon a Glittering Leaping Lizard appeared....
and the Little dolls almost accepted his offer of a ride....
But he seemed a bit too slippery... so they politely declined.

And just when they were starting to lose all hope 
and it was beginning to get dark... 
over the horizon there appeared a great furry beast!

At first they did not even notice the new arrival... 
but Sweet-Pea the Fairy Beary had spotted them and was very curious! 
She was out hunting for rare herbs and flowers 
and had strayed onto the Distant Briar Moors. 
She had not expected to find such perfect little creatures all alone in the weeds!

The Tiny Dolls were Petrified!
The huge creature came right up to them.....
they couldn't move or speak!

But then the creature spoke in a gentle voice 
"Hello, my name is Sweet-Pea" she said. "I'm a Fairy Beary ... 
I'm a vegetarian... and I would never harm little ones." 
And then she added "You look a little bit lost.... 
perhaps I can help you.?"
At this, Little Rose spoke up saying
 "I'm Little Rose, and my sister is named Sweet-pea too.
Perhaps you could carry us somewhere safe?"

Sweet-pea was happy to gather them up in her paws.
"I can bring you to the Cloud Palace" she said.
"Blue will know how to help you" she added.

And just like that they were flying up into the Clouds above!

But meanwhile, Dear Readers, as Time has been Flying by, 
the Dark Time of year has has caught up with us once again!
And soon it will be that Night when the Veils of Time are vulnerably Thin.....
When creatures that do not mean well mingle with those who would do no harm.
And All must be wary lest they be Tricked  and Betrayed!
Time to Prepare was running out!

But the Locals did not Dream of these struggles! 
And as with every year, they worked to prepare the Castle 
for the annual All Hallows Eve Party!

Louis was tuning up his fiddle....

Ken was setting out the silver.....
And the floor had been cleared for dancing!
And deep below the Castle in the Dark Caverns....
In a Time that was Now... but Not.....
Where the Wizard had been Wandering ... 
Lost Deep in his Dreams.... 
he suddenly woke with a start!

It was the Book! 
The Book of Ancient Spells 
was the part he was overlooking, he realized.
The Book was the part that must Go!
But..... Go Where....?
Well, Dear Readers, I hope you do not mind me leaving you here.... 
with more questions now than when we began!
But rest assured, there will be more to come...
And while we might not know Where we are Going....
Somehow we will Wing it Anyway!
Because Time Flies!
(And I do hope you will come to the Party!)

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

How Long Does It Take.....?

Just A Little Detail......

Well, I don't know about You, Dear Readers, but I find the vagaries of the Passing of Time to be endlessly fascinating, and annoying, and even sometimes Amusing! You might recall that it was just a short few minutes ago (depending on who you ask!) that Daphne was asking Raymond to tell her the address for Gabrielle, the former Nanny, so that Renee could send her a letter explaining that Hibou (her toy Owl) was safe after an adventurous night! And Raymond was not wishing to cooperate with Daphne, who he felt should not be given the chance to be the new Nanny even though he had been over-ruled by Renee's Grandmother. But Daphne was determined to do what she could to stay in her daughter's life, and she was willing to put up with a certain amount of disapproval, as long as it did not prevent Renee from having what she needed. She had suggested that Renee might like to mail the letter herself, and so Raymond was forced to give Daphne the address for Gabrielle.

 He dictated as Daphne wrote on the envelope...
"Gabrielle St.Claire,
 c/o Fleur Webster,
  Elm Street,
Renee watched, fascinated.
"Fleur Webster?" remarked Daphne. 
"She has a Flower Shop? She is married to Daniel Webster?
"I believe we have met.... " she added.
Raymond had not expected that! 
He scowled, thinking he would have to ask Fleur a few questions!

"Here is my picture of Hibou...." said Renee, 
handing Daphne her drawing.
"How will Gabrielle see it?" she asked.

"We will put it in the envelope and put a stamp on it 
and send it in the mail" explained Daphne.
"Oh." said Renee. 
"But how will it get to Gabrielle?" she asked again.

"Well, we will go put it in a Post box" explained Daphne. 
"And the Postman will come and get it and take it to her." she added.
"But how does he know where Gabrielle is?" asked Renee.
"The address we wrote tells him exactly where Gabrielle is" replied Daphne.
"Get Hibou ready and we will go now" she added.

"Hibou is ready!" said Renee. 
"Where is the Post Box?' she added.
"We will go find one," said Daphne. 
"I think there is one near here on the way to the Park."

It was just around the corner!

"Here, you can put the letter in... " said Daphne.
"Hibou can watch from up here..." she added.

'Where does it go?" asked Renee.

"Just put it in the slot...." explained Daphne as she lifted Renee up.

"Push it all the way in.... " said Daphne.
"But where does it go...?" asked Renee.

"It waits in the box 'til the Postman comes to get it..." 
explained Daphne.
"I want to see..." said Renee....

"It is too dark in there to see.." said Daphne.
"When will the Postman come get it?" asked Renee.
"In a little while ...." replied Daphne.
"And meanwhile we will take Hibou to the Park...." she added.

"But when will Gabrielle get it...?" asked Renee.
"Well, it has a long way to go 
so that might take many days..." replied Daphne.
"But we can draw more pictures while we are
 waiting for it to get there" she added.
"Okay" agreed Renee.
And she headed for the Park which was not far away.
Daphne was right behind her, and Raymond followed behind.
He was feeling a little bit left out.
But it hadn't occurred to him that Renee might like to write to Gabrielle.
Or that she might learn so much from the experience. 
He was thinking maybe he had not been thinking enough about what Renee needed,
But he didn't want to admit it!

As I am sure you remember, Dear Readers, 
Renee was very familiar with the Park!

She came almost every day!
But she had never been there with both
 Mademoiselle O'Malley and Raymond!

She was so excited that she ran on ahead to see her friends the birds...

But she didn't watch where she was going 
and she tripped and fell....!

"Ooooowww..." cried Renee as Daphne hurried up.

"Ooopsies...." said Daphne. "Let me see where you hurt..."
(She had a private moment of panic to see Renee crying!)
"It is only a little scrape..." she said over Renee's tears.

"Here, let me kiss it better..." she said.

"There!" said Daphne, kissing the scrapes. "All better!"
Renee was so surprised she stopped crying.
And then Daphne said "Here is Hibou."

"I think he needs a kiss too!"

Renee gave Hibou a big kiss, her own tears forgotten!

And then she continued on towards the fountain 
where the birds were splashing in the waters...
She turned to Mademoiselle O'Malley and said 
"You must hold Hibou, so he won't fly into the fountain!"

"He is only a baby, so he can't swim!" she added.
And then she turned and ran to the birds.

They were used to her, so they did not fly very far away...
they were too interested in their breadcrumbs!
Renee liked to grab the breadcrumbs and throw them again and again...

Daphne realized they might be here for a while, 
so she might as well sit down.
She didn't want to disturb the birds.... 
or walk the long way around to the benches.

She decided to walk across the lovely tended grass.....

She wasn't sure if it was "against the rules"!
But she didn't care. 
There was nobody to see but Raymond... 
and he already thought the worst of her!

She was here to be with Renee, 
and she would take however much Time was needed!

But maybe next time she would bring her drawing pad and pencils!

Well, Dear Readers, I hope you have enjoyed this visit to the Park....
and that you don't mind waiting....
No matter how long it takes for me to add
just a few little details to this Tale!