Monday, November 28, 2016

Teeny Tiny Progress......

One Step at a Time.....

Another Day, Another painted Ceiling in my Mini Worlds, Dear Readers! I hope you do not think it is too boring to have the same cloudy sky repeated on the ceiling of the other room on the ground floor of this little house. This room is supposed to be the "Parlor", but I think I will call it the "Salon" as that sounds a little more ornamental! In any case, I wanted it to have the same elegant feeling as the library, although in this room I left a border of "plaster" around the edge of the ceiling with the "open sky" in the center. The walls in this room have a lovely pink and white stripe pattern paper with decorative pink "losenge" panels on several of the walls. There are many gold accents in the picture frames too, so I planned to add the gold trims at the cornices as with the Library. But I didn't get that far! I thought it would be a good idea to figure out when the window panes should be attached before I went too far with the decor! And along with that step, there was also the window trims for the outside of the building which needed assembling and primer painting.

These pieces are Sooooo Tiny and fragile..... 
it feels absolutely amazing that they are as elaborate as they are!
The exterior window frames all are made up of two pieces.... 
a base and a trim section.
Here you can see I have assembled a couple of them.

It is interesting to note how much sturdier they feel 
with two layers than with one alone!

The door is very elaborate and is composed of two layers  
plus two trims across the top!

(And no.... I am NOT going to attempt to make hinges for this door!)
So while I was trying to construct all these frames, Dear Readers, 
I was also figuring out that I needed to glue the windows in 
before adding the paper on the outside walls of the house.

The plexiglass is inset into the walls and once the paper is added, 
it covers over the window pane a tiny bit.
 And then the Outer Frames are glued over the paper edges, 
holding the pane firmly in place.
Here I have glued the windows into the end wall
 of the removable portion of the house but not the front.
I wanted to test the glue before gluing them all! 
I am using Aleene's Quick Dry Tacky Glue.
And here I have painted primer very carefully
 on a couple of the frames..... 
Although it is really hard to tell!
It is Not easy to get the primer onto 
all the crossbars and muntins!

Here I am testing the window frame before the paper is glued in place.

And the view from the inside.... 
which is where I realize I have a problem!
This is the one window, Dear Readers, 
where I should have left the edge of the window opening
 dark brown to match the frame! But it is white, 
so I should probably paint the reverse side
 of all the crossbars and muntins white like the front.
All the other rooms will have white trim 
so this will not matter with those windows.

And while I am painting ceilings, I decided to add 
the embellishment of a "gilded plaster rosette"
 to the ceiling of the room above the "Salon", 
which is supposed to be the "Dining Room"

But first I had to paint the edge for the gilded cornice trim in this room too.

Here you can see the gilded "rosette" has been added.
It is a tiny bit asymmetrical.....
But you are not supposed to notice that!

Well, Dear Readers, that is as far as I managed to progress 
last weekend, in spite of the extra days off for the Holiday! 
At this rate the house Might be done by Next Christmas!
But I am making Teeny Tiny Progress....
One step at a Time!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Ceilings And Trims

Oh Those Details....

In Case you need reminding, Dear Readers, I left you last week with my realization that this "Secret Christmas House" kit has no pre-printed decorative papers for the ceilings of these rooms! And if you know me at all, you will understand that I have trouble leaving the ceilings unadorned! So the first thing I did was begin to paint the ceiling of the "Library" with a lovely cloudy skyscape.

It is really difficult to take good photos of these tiny scale rooms, 
so I hope you can forgive the occasional blurry pictures!
The pre-printed floor paper is glued in next.
And then when I tried to add the printed papers for the walls, 
in this case the "floor-to-ceiling book cases", 
I really felt that they needed both a baseboard
 and a ceiling crown molding too!

I painted a border of gold along the edges of the ceiling 
and then added a gold strip to the top of the wall paper bookcases.
I had to cut and paste a little bit with the shelves 
so the books would not be half covered with the added trim. 
But I think it looks so much more realistic with the trim!

Then I did the same for the side wall with the false door to the other rooms.

It was only later that I realized I should have added the trim around the door too.

Maybe I can still add it in.... I think I will try!

Of course, as soon as the Teeny Tiny Dolls heard that 
there was a "Library" in one of the houses, 
Theodora and Halcyon had to come take a look!
They were rather impressed at the number of volumes.... 
and dismayed that it was all an illusion!
(They wanted "real" books!)
But there was still the "window wall" to be added, 
and that had its own layer of challenges!
The kit comes with the trim for the window interior as well as exterior 
and even a tiny pre-cut plexiglass window pane!
But figuring out just when which parts are attached is not so easy!
There is a chance that I got ahead of the plan, Dear Readers,
by starting to add the interior wall decoration 
before doing the exterior wall papering.... 
but I'm not sure.....!
The Instruction pictures don't really show
 when the "glass" windows are added. 
And the outer wall paper covers over a little of the window edge, 
so the windows probably should be attached first!
But before any of the windows get attached, 
I wanted to paint the edges of the openings
where the laser cutting scorched the wood.

If you look carefully you can see all the window openings 
have been painted white around the edges.

Here you can see it close-up! 
When the window pane is in place, 
you will be able to look in 
and see the Library bookshelves!

Well, Dear Readers, I can't believe it, 
but that is all I accomplished over the weekend!
Between the ceilings and the trims, 
I can tell this is going to take a bit longer that I thought it would! 
But it's those details.... all those lovely teeny 
tiny details that make this so much fun!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Nothing Much To Show....

It was one of Those very busy weeks, Dear Readers, when it seemed as though there was no Time for making Anything, even though there had been an extra hour added to the calendar recently! And now that it is "standard Time" again, it is dark in the evenings when I get home and that makes it really hard to photograph anything! But I did manage to get one small step accomplished on the Secret Christmas House kit! And that was to put primer on all the surfaces prior to gluing any of the decorative papers on. The instructions for this kit are very "visual" meaning they are almost entirely pictures with very little written direction to follow. In one of the pictures showing the papers for the walls glued on, I noticed the interior surfaces looked as if they had been painted white.... so I am assuming the entire house should be "primed" to protect the wood before gluing the papers on. The above shot shows the house with the primer done. I was about to start right in on gluing the wall papers when I noticed that there were papers for the floors, but not for the ceilings! Well, I am sure you know how I feel about un-decorated ceilings! I decided that I could not proceed until I had painted all the ceilings.... which was going to require that I study the decor for each room that is already provided....! I am really trying to just complete this kit without going too far off the plan!

                                                So while I was pondering those ceilings,
                                      I noticed another tiny house that Pollyanna has found...

She has decided that she needs to "practice" this 
miniature dollhouse decorating 
before she starts on the beautiful big cabinet 
which she is calling "Paradise Hall".
This smaller house will not need to be so grand and elegant.
She can learn different techniques without worrying 
that she will mess it up too much!

She has managed to get the first coat 
of primer on all the rooms.
But she forgot about the front wall. 
It isn't attached and doesn't fit right. 

She wonders if Maybe she should try to add hinges 
so it would open like a cupboard.....
Which would need to be done before she painted any more walls!
This was going to require some planning!
Well, Dear Readers, I hope you don't mind 
if I leave you here 
with Nothing much to show but the Primer!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Just a Tiny Project....

Falling Behind.....

Well, Dear Readers, We turned our clocks back on this side of the Pond, Falling Back they call it, but somehow I just feel like I am falling Behind! We are now into the Dark Season, when all thoughts turn to the Holidays, and what better way to get in the mood than by starting a little Holiday Project? Every year I plan to try to make something "Seasonal" and never seem to get very far before I am overtaken by the looming deadlines for my major yearly project, and here I refer to my Annual Christmas Card, which I have drawn every year now for more than thirty years, so I dare not skip a single year! (And so far this year, I have no idea what my drawing will be!) So to make myself feel as though I am making Some sort of progress on Something.... I have started a New Project! (Don't Laugh!) It is just a Little project.... it is a kit for making a 1/144th scale Dollhouse which is all decorated for Christmas! It is called the "Secret Christmas House" and is a kit made by Robin Betterley who makes marvelous tiny things! I bought the kit last Spring at the Sturbridge Fair and have been itching to get started ever since! Of course, I forgot to take pictures until the project was well under way...

All the pieces are laser cut from very fine wood. 
They go together with very little adjusting needed.
The central framework for the house holds two slide out sections.
Here you can see the main house frame and the left hand section partly done.

Here they are a little closer....

Here the wing sections are tucked inside the framework.....

Here they are pulled out.

And there is a table too....

And here they are together....
But I will not attach the house until it is finished.

And just so you could see how Huge this house is.....
Salome came by to have a look at it!

I am sure she will be telling her sister Lady Evelyn de Paradise 
that it is yet another unfinished property!
Certainly Not ready for Habitation!
Well, I don't know about you, Dear Readers, 
but I Love to start new projects!
And whether I am Falling Back or 
Falling Behind remains to be seen!