Monday, June 29, 2015

A Few Little Things....

Oh Those Details!

The Comings and Goings at my RL house are not all done, Dear Readers, and to add to the chaos in my RL World, I need to have extensive repairs made to my garage because last Winter was so brutal that it damaged the foundation! This requires that I clean out the garage so the repairs can be made.... and because they are starting next week.... I had to spend my weekend moving the accumulated detritus of several years.... yes, Nature abhors a vacuum.... so the space was not empty! And one of the items was a dresser that never should have stayed out there for so long after my move to this Much Smaller House.... I did not think there was anywhere inside that it would fit! But I measured it again.... and decided that it would Just fit into the space next to the Castle Dollhouse... if I shifted the Cupboard Dollhouse onto the worktable..... and you can imagine where we go from here...! Well, it is still a bit Unsettled in the work area, but the dresser Did fit Just Exactly into the spot I hoped it would. This means that the Cupboard Dollhouse is in the middle of the worktable.... and that means I Might get to addressing the structural issues that kept me from working on it for the last few years!
So, you can imagine that I did not accomplish much in the mini-making department last weekend, but I do have a few Tiny improvements to show you that have been accomplished over the last few weeks. The first is that I painted some birds on the walls of the Willowcrest bedroom murals... and you can see them up close in the picture above. I also added the lights which will go over the fireplace in that room....

There are still plenty of details I wish to add, so it is not yet done......

And I also decided that the windows for the Willowcrest 
needed to have wooden dividers added to cover over the fake 
painted ones on the plastic that came with the kit.....

As well as adding an additional crossbar at the top
which will allow me to add a "stained glass" portion to the top of each window.
I wanted to be sure we would be able to see through the 
windows themselves, as so much of this house is invisible 
except for glimpses through the windows.

Here I am testing the effect of the windows, 
in this case it is the "French doors" from the parlor 
onto the front porch of the Willowcrest.
You can also see I am testing the candelabra sconces
 and the placement of a few pieces of furniture.

Here you can see I have also started the attic wall construction.
None of it is attached, but I wanted to get a feel for the space...
and I needed to decide where the lights would need to be so I could plan the wiring!
You can also see that this kit has rear wall "side panels" which I am not liking at all! 
They obstruct the access to the rooms and make the small spaces feel even more cramped. 
I can feel some kit bashing is in order here!

The kitchen windows here have the 
added crossbars, but still no "stained glass".
(Sorry the picture is so dark)

And another Tiny Little Thing I was able to accomplish, Dear Readers,  
was thanks to Brae of Otterine's Miniatures blog, 
who recently posted a tutorial on how to make and print 
tiny reductions of all sorts of images....
(I know this is common knowledge to so many of you, 
but I had not managed to learn how to make these tiny minis!)
So I spent some time looking for things like old can labels, 
and printed myself some tiny labels 
and made a couple of tiny old cans for the conservatory.... 
to keep the paint brushes in, of course!
Thanks Brae!

I know this is just the beginning of Many tiny items I will now be able to make!

So while the dust has not even begun to settle around here, Dear Readers,
I know that Some of you are probably wondering 
just Where in my Mini Worlds have 
Buttercup and Marmalade and the Little Dreamers gotten to now?

You might recall that we left them staring off into the distance....

And you might also remember 
that they were watching a herd of horses go by....

But what you Might Not know is that 
Buttercup is fluent in several languages.....
Including "Chevalese"

And she "Whispered" to the Horses as they passed by!
"Phantom" stopped to answer her.
And so they learned that these were the Castle Horses 
and they were indeed heading back to the Castle stables for the night.
"The Castle!" said Buttercup. 
"We are trying to find the Wizard who lives at the Castle!" she added.
"Do you think you could show us the way?" she asked politely.
Phantom whinnied to the other horses 
and they all agreed that it would be simplest 
for the Little Beings to climb upon their backs 
as they were still some distance from the Castle 
and it would soon be growing dark!
They did not have to suggest it twice!

In no time Everybeary and even the Little Dreamers 
had climbed on the horse's backs....

and were happily riding across the meadows....

Led by "Ghost Rider" who carried Tiny Bear.....

And not One of them Noticed that they 
had completely forgotten the picnic basket!

And in case you were wondering what 
the other Fairy Bearys were up to, Dear Readers,
Brother Beorn is showing Sweet Pea 
the cozy Library of the Cloud Palace....

Where he is Happy to tell her 
there are several good herbal reference books....

And up on the top of the Lady's Tower, 
Blue and Sir Orion are keeping a look out for the Travelers....

That is when they are not Distracted by cakes and tea....

and delightful conversation......!

And Because Hamish Harry takes his work seriously....
He has brought in some more Supplies for the Kitchen....

Orange juice and toast have been added to the menu!
Oh..... and where is Hamish Harry?

He's trying to entice Lady Lavender 
into telling him what her Favorite food is!

So you can see Dear Readers, 
In spite of the chaos around me in my RL, 
I have accomplished A few Little Things...
And those little Details do make All the Difference!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Fragmented Time

Fairy Tales.....

With all the recent comings and goings in my RL World, Dear Readers, my Time has been too Fragmented to accomplish much in my Mini Worlds, and what little has been done is all rather scattered and only partly done with little to show for results. So I am sure you will not be too surprised that all I can show you this week is another small part of the Adventures of Marmalade and Buttercup as they try to find the Cloud Palace! You might recall that they had joined up with Tiny Bear and the Little Dreamers, and the last we saw of them they had just arrived on the doorstep of The Lovely Old Dollhouse. Tiny Bear was really rather relieved to find a house he had been to before and he marched boldly in the door. There he saw Theodore Bear still sitting in the chair by the front door.
"Good afternoon" he said politely.
"Oh, its you again..." said Theodore Bear.
"I've brought my friends...." said Tiny Bear.
"We're looking for the Cloud Palace...." he added.
"You don't happen to know which way we should go...?' he added hesitantly.

At that moment Buttercup stepped inside too.
"Hello..." she said. "My name is Buttercup."
"Oh, hello..." said Theodore bear.
He was suddenly a bit shy to see such a Large Bear... with Wings!.... 
He had never seen such a creature before!

 And right behind Buttercup... came Marmalade......

"And I am Marmalade..." she said.
"We are hoping to find the way the The Cloud Palace..." she said...
"Or maybe just some Tea..." she added hopefully.
 "Hrrumph..." said Theodore Bear.
"I don't know about the Cloud Palace.... 
but there is always some Tea in the kitchen.."

And right behind Marmalade came the Little Dreamers.

By then Buttercup was on her way to the Kitchen....

"Hello..." said Amy as she passed by Theodore Bear 
on her way to the Kitchen. 
She was feeling a little bit hungry by now 
and thought a snack would be very nice!
"Hrrrumph..." said Theodore Bear again. 
"I didn't expect a whole darn Parade...!" he added under his breath.

The instant Marmalade entered the kitchen, 
she spotted the teapot! 
(She was very fond of tea!)

"Oh...!" she said....."Is that really Tea?"

 "Well..." said Hazel "Let me fix a basket you can take with you."
(Marmalade had completely forgotten about finding The Cloud Palace!)
But Buttercup had decided to have a look around The Lovely Old dollhouse...
just to see what she could see!

She headed up the stairs....

And peeked in the door of a bedroom at the top of the stairs.
No-one was there, so she went on to the next room.

She peeked in the door. 
It was the most beautiful room she had ever seen!
So she went in to explore...
Meanwhile, Marmalade realized that Buttercup was gone, 
and went looking for her.

Tiny Bear had hidden himself inside a coat on the settee in the hall.
"What are you doing there. Tiny Bear?" she asked.

"I am hiding from the Cats!" replied Tiny Bear.
"This house is full of them....." he added.
"Oh!" said Marmalade. 

"Let me find Buttercup.... then we can be on our way..." 
she added as she climbed the stairs.
At the top of the stairs she could hear Buttercup 
talking to someone at the end of the hallway...

She went to investigate.

 Who could she be talking to? wondered Marmalade....
There didn't seem to be anyone there!

 Until she looked closer......
There on the plate on the Tea Tray......

Practically sitting In a piece of Blueberry pie.....
was a mischievous Little Fairy! 
"The Cloud Palace...?" he was saying....
"You'll never get to the Cloud Palace!"
"Not unless you talk to the Wizard 
about the Key To Time!" he added and laughed in a rather sly way!

Marmalade looked at Buttercup 
and they silently agreed that it was a good idea 
to go find the Little Dreamers and continue on their way!

Marmalade wanted to be sure that the 
jar of marmalade was also included in the picnic basket!

And so they gathered up their basket
and All together they headed outside to 
continue their search for the way to The Cloud Palace!

They were just about to start on their picnic, Dear Readers,
when they noticed something in the distance!

Whose horses were those? 
And where were they going?
Well, Dear Readers, 
I hope you can forgive me for leaving you here....
Time is so Fragmented lately....
We can't even finish the Fairy Tales in one sitting!
(To be continued!)

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Comings and Goings.....

It has been So Busy in my RL World, Dear Readers, with visitors coming and going, that very little has been done in my Mini Worlds! But, nonetheless, I was able to grab my Camera and follow Buttercup and Marmalade to the Rose Thorn Cottage on Distant Briar Moor. Some of you may recall that that was the very next house they landed at when Snowy saved Beatrice by scaring them away. Of course, they were not alone at Rose Thorn Cottage, but had landed right in the room where the Little Dreamers had been resting for what seemed like Forever and a Day!
"Who are you?" asked Beth, 
not a little surprised to see two 
Large furry Fairy Bearys land in front of her!
"Um.... I am Marmalade" said Marmalade...
"and this is Buttercup" she added.
"We're looking for The Cloud Palace..." said Buttercup.
"Do you know where the Cloud Palace is?" she asked hopefully.
"The Cloud Palace..." said Beth, 
I have never been there... but my Brother Perry has!"
"Perhaps he could help us find it...?"  added Marmalade.

They did not realize, but Tiny Bear was listening from the next room!
The minute he heard the words "Cloud Palace" he was all ears!
He had been to the Cloud Palace!

He jumped down from the bed and approached the Fairy Bearys...
"Erm.... excuse me," he said...
(and he was not worried at how big the Bearys were 
because they were Not the first Fairy Bearys he had encountered!)
"Erm.... EXCUSE ME!" he called loudly 
because nobeary had heard him at first...

 "I have been to the Cloud Palace..."
he said when he had their attention.
"That's where Perry found me!"

"Do you think Perry will show us the way?" asked Marmalade.

"Uh.... I don't know where Perry is..." said Tiny Bear...

"Maybe we can find him.." 
said Amy jumping off the bed.
"He must be somewhere near."

Amy and Beth rushed downstairs and asked Prudence if she knew where Perry was.
"I think he went outside to chase butterflies across the Briar Moor..." said Prudence.
"But I have not seen him in quite a while.." she added thoughtfully....
"But Time has not been reliable of late..." she added 
"It comes and goes on it's own schedule..."
"So I cannot be sure just When it was that I saw him last...!"
Amy And Beth did not quite know what to make of that.... 
so they went outside to see what they could see.

The Fairy Bearys had flown down before them, 
and brought Tiny Bear with them.

Tiny Bear was staring off into the distance....

The Distant Briar Moors went on and on until they met the horizon....
And a wide blue sky filled with puffy clouds....

The World suddenly felt Very Very Big!
"I think we should go That way..." said Tiny Bear, 
pointing towards the horizon....
"We flew up to a Cloud......" he said....
"Sir Orion carried me...."
"But I have no idea which cloud it is on...."

"Well, maybe we will find the directions if we start..." said Amy... 
"Or maybe we will find Perry..." added Beth.
And so they set off across the Distant Briar Moors....

And before too long they came to a beautiful Wild Garden....
Unlike anything they had ever seen before...

It was almost like a jungle!

"Oh look..." cried Buttercup.... "It's a buttercup!"

"And look here..!" called Marmalade.....
"It's a Marmalade Snapdragon....!"
"But wait.." called Tiny Bear...
"I see a house!"

And there in front of them they saw an Old Conservatory.

It looked as though somebody had just been there....
watering the plants.....

They approached a little cautiously... 
just in case they would surprise somebody....
and looked in the door.....

Amy felt sure she had been here before....
but perhaps she had only Dreamed of this place....

Beth was sure she had Dreamed of this place....
but was pretty sure she had never been here before.....

Nobody was there....
And it was hard to tell how long it had been....

"Oh look" cried Buttercup "It's an old write-typer!"
"And Books..." she added!
(She was especially fond of books!)

"Oh look...!" added Marmalade...
"Is that a cup of Tea I see....?"

She climbed right up on the chair to find out....
"Oh dear.... it is only coffee..." she said.
"I really wish I could find some tea about now" she added.
"Well, it's certainly not the Cloud Palace..." said Tiny Bear.
"Perhaps we should keep going...." he added.
And even though it was the sort of place they would have liked to stay in for a very long Time... 
they were looking for the way to the cloud Palace and it clearly wasn't here!

And so they kept going and before very long at all 
they arrived at a Very Lovely Old Dollhouse!

"I have been here before!" declared Tiny Bear....
"Now we are Getting somewhere!" he added bravely.
And he pushed open the front door and went in.

Well, Dear Readers, clearly it has been a very busy week of 
Coming and going and Visitors in more places 
than just my RL house!
And I hope you can Bear with me while we leave you here....
There are more visitors about to arrive on my doorstep too...!
All these Comings and Goings will be continued!