Monday, January 27, 2020

The Christmas Card....

At Last...!

Well, Dear Readers, Here it is! I know my photos never quite do it justice. And the copies from the printer that go out to family and friends are always subtly different from the original. It is difficult to be the artist and to know that what is sent out is not really really Really exactly what I painted. This year the printed version shows much more "gray" than I had intended.... but the photo here does come close to the pure, brilliant colors I was painting. As always, it is 8.5 x 11 inches, pen and ink and watercolor paint on Arches watercolor paper. It is copied in the same size it is drawn, not enlarged or reduced. The details and vignettes are scenes from the happenings in my life over the past year. And as always, the setting has something to do with the Christmas Season. (It is intended to be a Christmas Card, after all!) The main stories this year were the numerous (Wonderful!) visits of Family to my little home. I saw every member of my immediate family during the Summer and Autumn! And of course, the work in my mini worlds had to be shown..... even though it was shoved into the corners and really only amounted to lilacs... and more lilacs... and more lilacs... and the barest beginnings of the Sugarplum Studio project. The Letter "S" is, I hope, Self explanatory! My Sister and I were amusing ourselves with searching out the number of "s" words involved in the drawing! So there you have it. It only took me one hundred hours of drawing, inking and painting.

And because I am slowly trying to find my way
 back into my mini projects, 
I did work more on the tiny Christmas Stocking.
And as I stitched, the masking tape holding
 the cloth in place kept giving way....

Making it impossible to stitch.
It is really a problematic method... it leaves
 a terribly gummy residue on the cloth, and doesn't hold very well!

I peeled it back from the cloth and used sewing thread
 to bind the cloth to the frame instead.
(Sorry about the blurry picture!)

At least that allowed me to complete the stitching on the Santa!
But I didn't get much else done.
 Because I always forget that once I am done Drawing the Card...
 I still have to write and mail a whole bunch of cards!
So I hope you don't mind such a short post, Dear Readers,
and I hope you enjoy seeing the Christmas Card at Last!

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Taking Stock....

After The Card....

Well, Dear Readers, I have finished THE Card... but I can't show you pictures yet because it would ruin the surprise for my Family. So while I await their receipt of the card in the mail, I have been racking my brains for something to show you on the blog. You will understand that there has been NO time for minis for weeks.... and weeks...... and weeks! In fact I can't really remember what I was working on ... other than the Sugarplum structure construction, which has also languished in the weeks of focus on the Holidays. And I will confess that I always feel a certain amount of "loss" or disorientation when I complete a card.... or any project that requires such intense and prolonged focus. It feels as though I must reacquaint myself with ME.... what I am doing, what I am planning... where I left all my parts and pieces of all those other projects.... ! Not to mention that Usually I am done sooner... and can begin Taking Stock sooner... right after the New Year is a good time to begin again. So I hope you will not mind too much if all I can show you is a few tiny stitches done on that tiny Christmas Stocking... (yes.... Christmas still!) which I started while visiting my parents in the Fall.

I had managed to work on it a little bit in November...

Hoping that I would maybe finish it by Christmas....

I made good progress around Thanksgiving...

But that is as far as I got before I really had to begin The Card.
And we know what happens after that!
So here we are weeks and weeks later
and I hope you don't mind that I have nothing else to show!
(And I apologize for the blurry pictures...!)
I guess I'll just have to keep taking Stock(ings)
now that I am done with the Card!

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Not Yet Finished.....

New Year.... Same Old Story....

Well, Dear Readers, I hope some of you will Not be surprised to learn that I still have not quite finished painting the Christmas Card. It does seem to take me a little longer every year. I have already put hours and hours and Hours into it.... and it is nearly done... but it is not a good idea to rush the final parts. So I will take the Time that is needed to complete it to my satisfaction. Which leaves me to lament that I have nothing New to show you here! Except for this small teaser.... a glimpse into my workroom as it now stands.... all those Unfinished projects.... waiting! (And as I am sure you are aware... what you see here is nowhere near All of them!) Yikes!

Upstairs, beside my drawing table
 where I am painting the card,
 the ponies are waiting and the hounds keep watch
while Rose Thorne Cottage sits Teasing me....

And the sun shines in at this time of year...

Illuminating the beauty 
and the potential that awaits...
for some time......
When I have time.
(Jodi's chair has found a home for now...)

And downstairs.... where Hardwick Hall has been shoved into a corner....
The sun reminds me of so much I have left undone....

Well, Dear Readers, I promised you
 this has to be just a little Teaser.... 
it's back to the drawing table for me,
 or I never will get the Christmas Card done!

Monday, January 6, 2020

Taking Down Christmas Decorations....

It Has To Be Done.....

Well, Dear Readers, I am sure you feel the way I do about putting away all the Christmas decorations.... Didn't we just get them all put up? Is it really time already to put it all away for another year? (Where does the Time go?) Certainly, my RL trees were evidence enough that it was Past time to take them down, dried and crisp and sagging as they were. So I spent my weekend removing all my sparkly treasures and finding all the right boxes and wrapping them safely for another year. The closets are crammed full once again and the empty spaces where the trees stood feel.... empty. But good in their own way. As if they are ready now for whatever is next.... until I rearrange the dollhouses again and the empty spaces are suddenly full of projects! And then I remembered the Dollhouse decorations too.... Charles was just at the point of deciding it was time to take down the tree in The Lovely Old Dollhouse.

"I think it's time to take it down now" said Charles.
"Well, I suppose it is getting to be that time," said Helen. 
"But the lights are so pretty... I just want to look
 for a few more minutes..." she added.
(I couldn't help but agree with her...
 although I know Charles is looking forward
 to having his favorite chair back in his spot...)

But the Time had come!

And when everything was cleared out and put back to rights......
"Doesn't that feel better..." asked Charles?
"Well.... " said Helen.... 
"I know I will think so in a little while."
"Uh-oh...." said Charles, looking over her shoulder...
"I missed the little tree on the Mantel..." he added.

"Well.... then let's leave it for now...." said Helen.
"Just a little comforting memento..." she added.

Well, Dear Readers, I hope you have all had a wonderful Holiday
 and that you are well on your way in your new year projects!
Alas, I am not quite done with my Christmas Card, 
so I will be still be looking back at the Old Year for a while.
 But I did take down my decorations... 
It just had to be done!