Monday, January 27, 2020

The Christmas Card....

At Last...!

Well, Dear Readers, Here it is! I know my photos never quite do it justice. And the copies from the printer that go out to family and friends are always subtly different from the original. It is difficult to be the artist and to know that what is sent out is not really really Really exactly what I painted. This year the printed version shows much more "gray" than I had intended.... but the photo here does come close to the pure, brilliant colors I was painting. As always, it is 8.5 x 11 inches, pen and ink and watercolor paint on Arches watercolor paper. It is copied in the same size it is drawn, not enlarged or reduced. The details and vignettes are scenes from the happenings in my life over the past year. And as always, the setting has something to do with the Christmas Season. (It is intended to be a Christmas Card, after all!) The main stories this year were the numerous (Wonderful!) visits of Family to my little home. I saw every member of my immediate family during the Summer and Autumn! And of course, the work in my mini worlds had to be shown..... even though it was shoved into the corners and really only amounted to lilacs... and more lilacs... and more lilacs... and the barest beginnings of the Sugarplum Studio project. The Letter "S" is, I hope, Self explanatory! My Sister and I were amusing ourselves with searching out the number of "s" words involved in the drawing! So there you have it. It only took me one hundred hours of drawing, inking and painting.

And because I am slowly trying to find my way
 back into my mini projects, 
I did work more on the tiny Christmas Stocking.
And as I stitched, the masking tape holding
 the cloth in place kept giving way....

Making it impossible to stitch.
It is really a problematic method... it leaves
 a terribly gummy residue on the cloth, and doesn't hold very well!

I peeled it back from the cloth and used sewing thread
 to bind the cloth to the frame instead.
(Sorry about the blurry picture!)

At least that allowed me to complete the stitching on the Santa!
But I didn't get much else done.
 Because I always forget that once I am done Drawing the Card...
 I still have to write and mail a whole bunch of cards!
So I hope you don't mind such a short post, Dear Readers,
and I hope you enjoy seeing the Christmas Card at Last!


  1. Every year I'm amazed at the sheer amount of talent and detail in your Christmas card. It's so beautiful!

  2. WOW, Betsy, you've outdone yourself once again, this Christmas Card is beautifully made!!! And an exhibition worthy, just like all of the other cards on the last exhibition on your workplace. You're a real artist in making these special cards for your relatives, no wonder that the making of it takes so much of your time, but the result is worth it!!
    I'm sorry to read (and see) about the difficulties you have for embroiding your tiny Santa, what a pity that the masking tape was getting loose of the fabric, not nice. But I think you've solved it well, very clever of you.
    Warm hugs, Ilona

  3. This years card is simply wonderful, Betsy. All the little stories woven carefully into the it are so clever, delicate and filled with joy. I don't know how you do it.
    The solution with lacing the silk gauze to the frame works well. I do use tape for some things when I embroider, but I have to agree it is pretty useless for holding anything tight at length.
    Anna x

  4. Beautiful!! I have to look a few more times to discover everything and I am sure I will miss a few things. But is all good, another reason to come back!

  5. Your Christmas card this year was a wonderful trip down Memory Lane, a short Memory Lane, going back only a year. But it was wonderful that you got to see all your immediate family. And the artistry of your card is spectacular, as usual. I'm showing it off to my friends. And I look forward eagerly to that Xmas stocking when it's done! The Santa is lovely.
    Much love,

  6. Oh Betsy the Christmas card is magnificent! I love how each season of lilacs is depicted in each corner's pane and that the central "s" showcases all of the special moments shared with the people who know and love you best! But my absolute favorite panel is the central one with you creating the Christmas Card itself, for this is where your essence shines! You make the world a better place with your imagination, wit, humor, brilliance and skill at making life come alive withe deft hands and an amazing eye! I see you miss Betsy! Thank you so much for sharing yourself with us!!!

  7. WOW!!! Every year it takes my breath away when your Christmas card is revealed and I have to search for the right words to express how absolutely stunning, awesome, terrific and beautiful your newest masterpiece is. But even in my own language I would have difficulties to find words that would be enough to express how much I'm in awe with this. ;O)

    This year's card is especially fascinating due to the remarkable amount of scenes you managed to weave into it, each of them not missing any tiny detail. No surprise it took you so long - but it was worth every single hour. Of course the lilacs had to be there in their different stages and it really made me smile to see "the pictures at an exhibition" with visitors using a magnifying glass to discover the details of the Tiny Christmas House. And yes, I have to admit it - spotting Cloude made my day! *blush* I feel very honored that once more a member of the BiWuBeary gang found its way to your annual artwork.

    But the most stunning part for me was the picture of you showing how you're drawing the card - including the small version of it. A true burner! And I have no doubt that if only I would be able to get that picture big enough I would be able to see a tiny card version in the tiny card version of the tiny card version of the tiny card version being drawn by you in the card… and maybe even one or two tiny card versions more.. *LOL* Deep bow for this fantastic work!

    But what a pity that the tape gave you so much trouble. I'm glad that you were able to fix that with the threads. The Santa looks awesome - I suppose he wants to become a part of this year's Christmas card. *grin*


  8. Siempre me dejas asombrada con tus postales navideñas! La de éste año es preciosa,me encanta,que cantidad de trabajo,pero que resultado tan magnífico y sorprendente,enhorabuena!!!
    Es cierto que la cinta del bordado da bastantes problemas al despegarse,menos mal que has podido solucionarlo!

  9. Comme chaque année votre carte est magnifique. J'espère être un jour parmi vos destinataires, bonne année Betsy

  10. You've certainly put an Enormous amount of Creative energy into your 2019 custom Christmas Card Betsy AND It Shows! Your Original design is SUPER and I Congratulate you on getting it completed and mailed out- Bravo!!!