Monday, January 6, 2020

Taking Down Christmas Decorations....

It Has To Be Done.....

Well, Dear Readers, I am sure you feel the way I do about putting away all the Christmas decorations.... Didn't we just get them all put up? Is it really time already to put it all away for another year? (Where does the Time go?) Certainly, my RL trees were evidence enough that it was Past time to take them down, dried and crisp and sagging as they were. So I spent my weekend removing all my sparkly treasures and finding all the right boxes and wrapping them safely for another year. The closets are crammed full once again and the empty spaces where the trees stood feel.... empty. But good in their own way. As if they are ready now for whatever is next.... until I rearrange the dollhouses again and the empty spaces are suddenly full of projects! And then I remembered the Dollhouse decorations too.... Charles was just at the point of deciding it was time to take down the tree in The Lovely Old Dollhouse.

"I think it's time to take it down now" said Charles.
"Well, I suppose it is getting to be that time," said Helen. 
"But the lights are so pretty... I just want to look
 for a few more minutes..." she added.
(I couldn't help but agree with her...
 although I know Charles is looking forward
 to having his favorite chair back in his spot...)

But the Time had come!

And when everything was cleared out and put back to rights......
"Doesn't that feel better..." asked Charles?
"Well.... " said Helen.... 
"I know I will think so in a little while."
"Uh-oh...." said Charles, looking over her shoulder...
"I missed the little tree on the Mantel..." he added.

"Well.... then let's leave it for now...." said Helen.
"Just a little comforting memento..." she added.

Well, Dear Readers, I hope you have all had a wonderful Holiday
 and that you are well on your way in your new year projects!
Alas, I am not quite done with my Christmas Card, 
so I will be still be looking back at the Old Year for a while.
 But I did take down my decorations... 
It just had to be done!


  1. Sí que es una sensación de "vacío" la que se siente al quitar todas las decoraciones navideñas,pero,pensemos en la alegría de volver a colocarlas la siguiente navidad!!!

  2. I also feel some emptiness after the tree and the decorations are taken down, but at the same time as I clear up these things I always feel like turning over a new page (read the new year). And than I always get free space in my heads for new things/plans ;). I'm still getting even more curious for your Christmas card, dear Betsy, take you time and we will see that it will be gorgeous, as it always is.
    Hugs, Ilona

  3. Putting things away, even it's for a short time is somewhat sad, especially when you get so much joy from just looking at them. Looking forward to new exciting project is great.
    I'm sure you'll love finishing your wonderful Christmas card and we'll all have the pleasure of seeing it in your blog.

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  5. As time has passed, my kids gone, 5 cats, new country, new house, an over decorated eclectic place, etc. I have very little Christmas decoration nowadays, lol. It took me about 10 minutes to put everything away again. I know, it sounds as my Christmas spirit is gone, but It is no hehe. I live the Christmas spirit in a different way now. Well, all this dissertation, just to tell you that I feel you Betsy. I used to be big on Christmas and packing things away was a difficult moment, both emotionally and physically. You did it girl! Have a wonderful year.

  6. Everything you have written in the beginning could have been written by me... I really share your feelings. This year I found it even harder to put the Christmas decorations away but as you may remember we have a habit in my family of having it done when the new year begins and that helps. But I'm sharing my comfort with you - sometime in the middle of November I'm starting to get them out again and this is always like meeting old friends. And hey... regarding how time flies November is not that far away anymore. *LOL*

    I'm wishing you loads of fun creating the Christmas card for 2019 - but remember, no stress, take your time. Whenever you'll show it we will admire it. And now I need to get back to my worktable… no, sadly not for working on some crazy stuff or a new project. Before I can ever start to think about that kind of fun I need to clean my desk and handle the mess on it in a way that I'm able to find the pieces again when I need them. Okay, that's wishful thinking, but I'm not giving up hope… ;O)


  7. Happy new year Betsy - I hope it’s a great and creative year for you.

  8. Helen speaks for us all I think. We want to enjoy the Exuberance of the Christmas trees for just a little while longer because once they are taken down, the space feel very empty indeed!

  9. I didn't take mine down until yesterday - day after Epiphany. (Why is it called Epiphany>) The bare agave is still standing in its corner, tho.
    Love from Mom

  10. It does seem like such a short time that we get to enjoy the decorations and festivities of the Christmas season. When our kids were growing up, it was a joint activity to take the Halloween decorations down as we were putting the Christmas and Thanksgiving ones up. Some folks think that's too much, but we loved focusing on the season and adding in new things right up until Christmas day. Made it a wonderful time of memories!
    I admire your dedication to putting things into neutral for the New Year. making way for the exciting things to come in Betsy's World for 2020!