Tuesday, December 31, 2019



I Hope you will Not be Surprised, Dear Readers, to learn that I am running Late.... with the Christmas Card.... with reading and commenting on blogs... with The Mini Castle New Year's Eve Party... with Everything, it seems! But I have at least One Small excuse... the weather over here has been challenging, with snow, sleet, freezing rain and even Thunder, Lightning and hail last night! Nobody at the Lovely Old Dollhouse was sure they could even make it to the Castle Party! But at the Last possible minute, they decided to try.... Helen was not entirely convinced the trip was worth it once they got to the Castle! "Are you sure it is done snowing...?" she asked Charles once they were safely inside. "What if it keeps snowing... should we leave early...?" she worried.

"Well, we have Arthur and Victor to help push us out of any snowbank..." said Charles,
 realizing at the last minute that he could have said something more reassuring.

Joanna and Victor were checking out the refreshments...
Joanna didn't want to admit she just might be
 getting tired of Gingerbread and Christmas cakes!
Victor was planning on trying the steaming punch...

Meanwhile the Band was tuning up in the Minstrels Gallery....
Tonight they are calling themselves 
"The Last Fearless Adventurers".....
(though you will probably recognize them as "The Deadly Nightshades")
in part because it was such an Adventure
 even getting to The Castle in last night's weather!

But it does appear that most of the locals have come out for the Party....

The children are all excited to be at a "Grown up" party
 where they will be allowed to stay up late!

Chip and Sally May and Annabelle are here too,
 although they left Chip's parents 
Ernie and Blanche back at the house...
 they did not want to go anywhere in the bad weather.
(Sally May is a little relieved to be out...
 Chip's parents have stayed since Christmas!)

Even Great Aunt Agatha is here.....
Well, to tell the truth, she has been here for months,
 along with Lady Athena and Lady Cassandra... 
who, at the Last Minute, have graciously
 opened the Castle for the Party!

Fleur is asking her husband Daniel if he has seen Gabrielle...
"If I spot her, I'll let you know..." he replies. 
"But we did give her the week off..." he reminds his wife.
"She's probably over at Will's...." he adds.

Well, Dear Readers, I must confess, it looks as though
 the Party is going to happen after all!

The "Last Fearless Adventurers" are striking up the music....
Arthur turns to Pollyanna...
 "Shall we dance..."? he asks.

And I, Dear Readers, will return now
 to painting the Christmas Card....
I know... I am running Late....!
I Hope you all have a Wonderful New Year!
(And don't forget to come to the Party!)


  1. Happy New Year to you and yours, dear Betsy, I hope 2020 will be a healthy, prosperous and happy one for you!!
    Hugs, Ilona

  2. Happy New Year to you and all your blogging friends!
    Here in the wild west they put off fireworks and actually shoot guns starting at around 10 in the eve. & lasting till after 1:00 in the morning. The poor dog is terrified - she pants & shivers & jumps on & off my bed, licking my face. She was very glad to greet the morning, though I would have loved a couple more hours in bed.
    We will have a nice dinner tomorrow for Pat's b'day.
    Love, Mom

  3. Happy New Year to you and yours!! Seems they had a great party after all!

  4. Happy New Year Betsy! I'm still hopelessly behind, too!

  5. I'm so glad everybody made it safe and sound and in time for the party despite the weather... well… except for Will and Gabrielle (which are supposed to have better things to do... hard to believe regarding the fantastic sound of the "Last Fearless Adventurers" but on the other hand… eh... where was I...) and me who has no other excuse than being busy with packing all Christmas stuff into the hibernation boxes again (That's our family tradition - when the new year begins Christmas shall just be a good memory). But the great thing about blogs is that one can never be too late to enjoy what's going on. So luckily I was still able to enjoy the fun and to see all these familiar friends again. And even better - I'm still not too late to say: Happy New Year! Best wishes for 2020 for you and yours - and may the card be finished soon (I'm really looking forward to see it!)

    Birgit (who can really understand that Joanna isn't that fond of gingerbread anymore *grin*)

  6. Daydreamer, you are the winner of my giveaway. I need your home address for sending... Big hugs.