Tuesday, December 17, 2019

On A Cloud-e Day......

I've Got Sunshine.....

I am sure that All of you, Dear Readers, will know the Happy anticipation that comes with packages arriving at your house at this time of year! And sometimes when the box is from someone you have received packages from more than once, you can feel special excitement because you know you will Love the contents once they are revealed. And such was the case with the box that arrived from Dear Birgit in Germany, even though I had to wait a couple of extra days and collect it from the Post Office when it was open last Saturday, a Cloudy and rainy day! Imagine my surprise when it was "bulkier" than usual.... and there was an extra specially wrapped box inside.... What could this be....?

Well, perhaps you can imagine my Surprise
 when I opened the box to find this smiling fellow inside!!!

Well, he came with a card explaining his name is "Cloude"
which is a play on the name
"Claude" and the Cloud Palace where
 the Fairy Bears all live over here.
Of course, when I thanked Birgit,
 I forgot to add the "e" to his name... 
and just wrote "Cloud"..... 
(Which got me a little bit in trouble!)
But meanwhile, Cloude was so happy
 to be out of his box, and so eager to go exploring....
He dropped by The Folly... 
(it really was a Cloud-y Day!)
But no-one was home so he continued on...

No-one was home at The Tree House either....
but there was plenty of Snow... 
so he felt right at home already!

He Dropped in at the Cloud Palace Tower Garden
 to admire the mini silver tree...
but no-one was here either.

On top of the Cloud Palace Lookout Tower
 he found some tea and cakes...
But no-one was there either!

At last he found his way into The Cloud Palace Living Room
 where All the Fairy Bearys were still admiring
 the perfect Silver Tinsel Tree.....!
"Oh, Hullo" he said.
 "My name is Cloude, with an E" he added, just to be sure.
"I've come from BiWuBarenLand, and I bring greetings!"
And Believe it or not, Dear Readers, 
Just then the sunshine burst through the Clouds
 and filled the room with Light!

Well, really, Dear Readers, 
knowing these BiWuBaren Beings as I do... 
I was not so surprised...
That Cloud-with-an-e brought Sunshine!!
Thank you again, Dear Birgit!
I am So touched and Surprised!
(Now back to work on the Christmas Card!)


  1. He looks like he's having a wonderful time!

  2. Cloude with an E is Extra Special and I am glad to see that he found his way into the Cloud Palace, just in time for tea and a cup of sunshine!

  3. Oh there is certainly only one thing better than lovely surprises and that is surprises that bring sunshine.
    Cloude with an E is simply delightful.

  4. Welcome Cloude! What a lovely name.
    Another pkg. should be showing up at your door soon; hopefully before Christmas Day! Much love to you and a shout out to all you bloggers,

  5. Hi Betsy! Your Cloude with an E is a precious gift from our dear Birgit, her bears are always so special, and not just because the have a character of her/his own ;O. It seems he felt at home instantly, especially after there was a sunbeam shining into the room after he arrived.
    Birgit is a excellent bear maker and a very generous person, enjoy!!.
    Hugs, Ilona

  6. Cloude is simply adorable and I am so happy that he finally found his peeps!!! What a festive time they'll have together in Cloud Palace!!!
    Birgit - You're a keeper, too! :O)

  7. Cloude with an E is beautiful. I love Birgit's bears they are all very special I am lucky to have one of my own. I have always said that Birgit has magic and the sunshine proves it :)))
    Enjoy your wonderful gift.
    Hugs Maria

  8. So good that the "e" was not lost over the Atlantic Ocean... and Cloude will have to get used to introducing himself as "Cloude with an e" because it's a silent e as it is in the French Claude. I must admit that although I always try to send some joy and in a way sunshine with my Christmas greetings even I was surprised that he really has the power to bring sunshine. *LOL* And he did it twice because seeing him together with the whole beary gang made my day - and the pictures before in the snow were so cute. So good he felt at home at once! Have fun enjoying a nice and cozy Cloud-Palace-"Kaffeeklatsch" together and tell Hamish Harry to make sure there are one, two cups of tasty coffee and one, two, three, four pieces of yummy cake for everybeary. ;O)

    Birgit (who hopes you did not forget to peep into the tiny box that was inside Cloude's box)

  9. Cloude is a perfect name. A very beautiful gift from Birgit.

  10. Un regalo precioso, disfrútalo.Felices Fiestas:-)

  11. What a lovely gift to receive - he's lovely!
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours.

  12. It's so good to see Claude looking as though he always belonged there. He looks comfortable and well after his long journey.