Monday, June 10, 2019

The Weekly Blossom.... Take Two!

And A Few Little Things.....

Yes, Dear Readers, it is Yet another Blossom, even though it looks just like all the ones to come before! It is either Blossom number Fifty-nine, or Blossom number Sixty.... depending on how we are counting, if you remember the dispersed Christmas Blossom, already so long past! I was late getting started this week due to the vagaries of the Visiting Schedules, and was afraid I might not get it done. But there it is! And I was so pleased with myself for making the extra push to get caught up while my Dear Mother was at her Reunions, that I decided to see whether I could complete a second one in just a single day!

And Lo And Behold... There it is!
(This did require some resting of the eyes and fingers.....
 and lots of glue and paint drying...)
At least I now know it can be done!

But I also took some time to Catalog
 my new purchases from The Sturbridge Fair....

I found this lovely Antique Tall Chest of Drawers... 
(made in the 70's)

A printed on cloth Oriental style carpet....

An ornately framed "Grandma Moses" painting....
(I am fond of her work!)

A Couple of beautiful "Books of Hours".... 
as well as a pair of unfinished wooden tables.

A couple of Framed antique photos...

And The most Adorable, as well as unusual, 
Elephant Teapot I have ever seen!

And A Christmas-y Cottage Teapot...
Because, well... Tea and Christmas
 are two of my Favorite Things!

Plus an Amazing covered ceramic butter dish!

An Elegant Footed bowl...

And a Pair of Oriental Urns....

Another picture of the Kitty...

More food made by TwinHeart.....
 the most amazing food I've ever seen!

Including a pair of Deli Wrapped Pita bread sandwiches to go... 
wrapped as I stood there!!

Impossibly perfect scallions, and a gorgeous carving knife....
And those oranges can be peeled and the sections pulled apart!!!
You really have to see it to believe it!

Another Lovely Fashion doll by "Angel's Children"

And an adorable black Angel child....
Because, I confess, there is a new project brewing!
A whole Bunch of Bunnies.....
because they're better that way!

A selection of tiny ribbons and laces.....
For decorating tiny gowns....

A pair of Antique lace doilies....
(Because I really haven't forgotten The Cupboard House...)

A Wonderful selection of books and magazines from years gone by....

A Mini "Dollhouse Kit" still in the box!

An unusual Nautical Plate....

A Porcelain baby doll.... 
and some interesting beaded cloth.....

A quarter scale woven carpet.....
(Yes, The Tree House is calling too!)

And some "Cranberry Glass" plates....
Just Because....!

Many of these little Treasures were from collections
 that were being sold after the owner had died...
I pawed through a lot of bins!
But I think, Dear Readers,
 that what you really want to see
 are the lilac blossoms in the bouquet...

There are now five blossoms in the one vase.
 I think it will look better once I have added
 some more leaves to the stems.

And yes, it is hard to see them....
 it is rainy and gloomy here again!

So there you have it Dear Readers,
The Weekly Blossom, take Two!.....
And A  whole bunch of little Treasures!


  1. De nuevo eres capaz de seguir haciendo maravillosas flores de lilas,enhorabuena!!
    Que montón de tesoros has adquirido,es todo tan bonito!!1

  2. Yes, Betsy did it: making two blossoms a week, they truly look beautiful :)! I'm glad to read that you found the time to make them, while your dear mom went to her reunions and I do hope she did have a good time visiting family and seeing again her old friends...?
    Your many purchases are wonderful, Betsy, enjoy it all. I can't wait to see in what project, or where they will appear ;O.
    Hugs, Ilona

  3. very nice purchases! lilac is wonderful

  4. OMG I cannot believe you found a mini Grandma Moses painting!!!! I absolutely love her work.
    Anna x

  5. Wow Betsy! You found some incredible treasures at the fair! It must have been exciting to discover so many treasures while you were there, but even more fun to get them home and marvel at each tiny wonder! I am excited to hear you talking about new and ongoing projects!!!
    Your determination to get blossom number sixty completed with all the other things you had on your plate just points to your amazing skill and Can Do attitude! The vase looks incredible! A few more leaves and a ray of sunshine will have us all gasping!

  6. So many pretties! I love them all. That elephant teapot is so adorable.

  7. Tus lilas son fantásticas y tus compras son verdaderos tesoros:-)

  8. que cantidad de maravillas ! ...pero me quedo con tus lilas ...

  9. Betsy, so awesome to hear the blossom making is going strong. Soon every one of your builds will have a vase or two of lilac blossoms. If you don’t stop, every build will have its own lilac shrub! And some great stuff from the Sturbridge show!

  10. Congratulations on completing more of your lilac blooms Betsy, and on coming home with so many Delightful Tiny Treasures from the Show! Your chest of drawers looks like William and Mary in style and I am looking forward to seeing how you incorporate it into a project. The rest of your mini-loot is collectively Wonderful, too! It is good to know that the minis which were once precious to someone else, will now be as equally appreciated by you!


  11. You bought so many little treasures. The teapots are amazing and the black angel is lovely.

  12. The lilac in the vases are eye candies! The purchases from the show are fantastic treasures. Enjoy all!
    Hugs, Drora

  13. All your new treasures are gorgeous. I love the teapots and the food is super. The lilac blossoms are beautiful in the vase. Now that you can make a blossom in a day there will be no stopping you :)
    Hugs Maria

  14. Hi, Betsy - Your new little treasures are superb! You made beautiful choices, from the Books of Hours to the bunches of bunnies to the fabulous vegetables. What a fun time you must have had, going through all those collections; and probably even more fun getting them home and reviewing your purchases! Congratulations on lilac blossom number 60 - your bouquets are going to be stunning. Congratulations too on proving that you can actually make a blossom in one day. Amazing!

  15. so many nice little treasures. These accessories will add a lot of character to the project.

  16. Amazing ! I love lilac and cannot wait to get to the stage when I can make some, or try to make some ! Glorious !! huggss

  17. Sorry, I'm confused now… shouldn't that headline say "The daily blossom"??? *LOL* Bravo, you're a true hero… two wonderful flowers adding up to No. whatever-who-really-cares-in-front-of-all-this-beauty is something to be proud of. And seeing them in place on the mantle is absolutely stunning. Speaking of stunning… you've made some amazing purchases at that fair. Every piece so lovely and beautiful and perfect for projects of all sorts in Betsy-World. I have no doubt Father Alban will love those gorgeous books… and I'm curious to see where some of those lovely pieces will find their destination. The food is incredible, it's unbelievable that this orange can even be peeled and divided. But even more amazing to me is the look of the tomatoes even in the picture - they look as if they were freshly cut just now with the fruit water dripping out. And I can only agree with you that the teapots are stunning - but I can't deny that I think this christmassy one is very exciting… especially in combination with the darling little angel… and the hint that there's a new project on the way. Oh, let it be a Christmas project, pleeeeeaaaaase! I would love to see a Christmas project from you - nevertheless… whatever it will be I know by now I'm going to love it! *smile* Btw - guess who has started to work on her Christmas cards already because the weather was sometimes nice enough to spend time on the terrace? ;O)


    1. I had to come back because I forgot to mention something important… I really need to point out what pleasure it was to enjoy those stunning castle tiles in a close-up! Not only meeting old familiar "friends" but also simply enjoying beauty - beauty with additional goodies it! ;O)

  18. Safely home from lovely visit with my daughter.
    I really want a full-size butter dish just like that ceramic one.
    You all have no idea how amazing it is to see that lilac bush in-situ and in person! It's truly amazing. TRULY!
    Lots of love to Daydreamer & all who read her blog,

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