Friday, May 7, 2010

Just A Tiny Preview

Tonight I am giving in to the temptation to show off a couple of the tiny things I have been working on most recently.
Toss chronology right out the window for starters. Historical eras and order of creation are all jumbled together in this vignette. We are leaping way ahead in one sense, and way behind in the other. But no matter, this is the magical dollhouse world where we can warp time and bend rules and build whatever we like! And I have been building!

To begin with, here is the lovely little green velvet settee which will grace the Lovely Old Dollhouse when it is ready. I made it completely from scratch, modeled just a little on one we had when I was growing up. The fabric is velvet with a glittery gold thread in its weave, and I only had just enough scraps to fit this tiny creation which made me wonder if the dream of the sofa was there in the scraps long before I realised that was what they were for....

And I am so PROUD of my tiny scrap of needlepoint I just completed! I really don't know what I am doing yet, and have ordered some books but meanwhile I remembered a book I had with full size 1:1 scale projects and it gave me some starter clues. I only missed a few stitches - it is done on 28 count canvas with 2 strand embroidery floss. I drew the design myself!

Here it is close-up! It is going to be a tapestry pillow for the green velvet settee.

And then there are a couple of tiny books I made a little while ago - also covered in velvet. And while the pages are printed images of medieval books of hours - the images are not very good - too faded and blurry. I need to perfect my methods. But when the books are closed it doesn't matter how blurry they are!

So there you have it....just a tiny preview!


  1. I love the way the couch shimmers! And, coincidentally, I'm a new, self-taught needlepointer, too :) I first started it last year, ostensibly because I was doing this Tudor castle dollhouse thingy and wanted some tapestries. I'd always wanted to try it, but the dollhouse stuff gave me an excuse :) I LOVE your rabbit and salute you for designing your own cushion!

  2. Thank you Nina! I have been ogleing your tapestries....and have ordered her books...although I have a hard time following patterns - I tend to add a whole bunch of detail! So we will see what I manage to stitch! And the velvet fabric is really yummy - the pictures don't really do it justice. Each step I was making it I was hoping I would have enough scraps to fit the whole thing... I love it when things work out! :)

  3. Your settee built from scratch looks great and I love your tiny little cross stitch design. The book must be so small, you've done well.

  4. Thank you Margaret! I have visited your Petite Parterre and think it is going to be truly beautiful! I admire your perseverence with the paint colors - it is really hard to get the look of stone right - perhaps because stone is so varied in real scale!I am wrestling with that on one of my projects right now. I will take courage and keep trying!

  5. Your tiny needle point is just fabulous! You did a great job. :)

  6. Dearie, you have posted twice since I last visited :). Much progress I see ! I really love how you are making everything yourself. That couch is very well done and with the cross stitch pillow, will add an immense amount of ecclectic charm to your house! I want to get to know who is this lady who will live there :).

    I am not sure if this helps prevent printed pages from fading but I spray some "Preserve It" which is a protective layer for papers on all my cloth and paper minis.