Friday, June 11, 2010


Once I had started down the path of electrifying the Lovely Old Dollhouse, it was not long before I was a regular visitor at that miniature store in the nearby town. I had to have lights for every room! It was easy to decide that the lighting needed to be relatively old fashioned because the old house would have had lights added to it as soon as they were invented! Besides, most of the old houses I have lived in had old lights and not very many electrical outlets in each room. So that was what felt "right" to me. I chose a pair of sconces in candle style for the parlor. And, of course, I had to start putting some of my old furniture and paintings in the room just to see how they would look! If you look carefully at the window in the above picture you will see the glass window frame that I constructed when I was in my teens and kept safely for all these years. The wood is still unfinished but the glass panes are still in place!
This is a view looking in that (very dirty!) old window!
The next picture shows the new ceiling light in the kitchen, just like the one we had in our kitchen when I was growing up! Perhaps this house is going to end up being decorated from the time period of my childhood? We shall see....
And here is another picture of the kitchen.... this time with the porcelain sink that I just HAD to buy on one of my excursions to that (very dangerous to the pocket book) miniatures store! It looks exactly like the sink in my very first apartment......

And yet another item I had to have because it was EXACTLY like the old radiators in my childhood home! I came home with one of these and had to go back for another one because there has to be one in the bathroom too! I just LOVE these old radiators!

Pretty soon I was pulling out more old treasures I had saved for years.... here are some antique books - the large one is actually a thumbnail bible printed in 1811.....perhaps left in the old house by one of its earliest owners?

Oh, and who is this?
A beautiful young lady visiting the Lovely Old Dollhouse?

And her sister too?

She seems a little worried......or maybe she is searching for something.....or someone?

Perhaps they are "time travelers" visiting from another time and place......because didn't I just decide that the Lovely Old Dollhouse was more modern than they seem to be....with electric lights and plumbing and all that modern stuff?
Or perhaps they are modern girls all dressed up for a historical costume ball?
What am I to do with them? They are much too pretty to ignore! Perhaps I will just HAVE to build them a house from the right historical era to match their costumes......1811 does look about right! Do you suppose they knew the original owner of that old bible and they are searching for him and some how they got caught in a time warp and ended up here now?

What do you think?

Oh, and look again!
I think this must be their distant cousin from Italy come to visit! She looks so elegant and sophisticated! She is certainly not American!
She looks like she just might have some answers to their questions!

This week has been all about visitors in my life too!
My Mother is visiting me from her home in New Mexico. We went to visit my niece and her beautiful baby. And my sister was also visiting so we had a whole family gathering!
Fortunately none of us are lost in the warps of time searching for missing persons or things.......or perhaps we are......perhaps that is what this dollhouse obsession is really about.......
So what do you think?


  1. Love all your dolls. Are they new from "The Dangerous Store"? That sink is priceless. I remember they are similar to the ones in my primary school.

    I totally agree that this obsession with dollhouse and miniaturising is about searching something. For me, it's finding my own potential. :) You?

  2. Hi Sans! Yes, they came home with me from that dangerous store one day last Fall...They are made by Town Square Miniatures and are porcelain. They are the dolls that I wished I could have had when I was growing up :) One for me and one for my sister! (Only two came home with me at first....later I had to go back for their cousin the Contessa).
    As for what I am searching for....I'm still searching for that! But I sure am having fun on the way! And this blog world is such an amazing thing I never could have imagined. I just am thrilled to find so many wonderful dollhouse people all over this world! :):):)

  3. I am enjoying the journey of the Lovely Old Dollhouse so much! I really like what you're doing and the electrical fixtures you're adding. Don't you find light just makes a dolls house come alive? It really is the most magical thing!

    I'm very glad I don't live closer than 1200 km from my nearest dolls house store :) Unfortunately for my pocket book, the internet is all too accessible! Love your purchases ...

  4. Thank you Nina, and welcome back from your travels! I avidly followed you through England's shops via blogland...and you certainly found some treasures! And yes, lights are so magical! I am finding it completely transforms the house. I can't get enough of turning on the tiny lights just to look at them! :)