Saturday, November 6, 2010

To Build Or To Blog....

Pollyanna Goes Shopping!
And Happy Birthday Darlings!
Dear Readers, one and all!

As I was rushing around my 1:1 scale house this morning, bemoaning the fact that it was truly FILTHY, and I was going to have to cave in and do some REAL cleaning, I was also fretting about the fact that I didn't really have anything ready to "blog" about in the mini-world! HOW did that happen? And WHAT was I going to do about it? As I said to my son, I couldn't simply leave the Halloween Post up any longer..... it was really getting stale! He very kindly suggested that I could show the dolls cleaning up after the Halloween Party in the Castle! I thought that was a delightful idea! So, here you can see that Ken has hunted around in the Castle and found an old broom to sweep out the Great Hall! It was SUCH a fun party! But we do need to clean the Hall and get it ready for the next part of building.......

And it's NOT that I have done no building recently.... it is just that the building I have done is all small bits of this and tiny bits of that with nothing finished and ready to share. You must remember that when I began this blog last April, I had been working on the various dollhouses for months already.... and had been collecting pieces for years before that. So it seemed as though I would NEVER catch up in the blogging! And I have to admit that the great pleasure of sharing all of this with you HAS eaten into the time I have to devote to my building. And, as I am sure you are all aware, one can use HOURS of time happily visiting each other's blogs, being enriched by another's vision and coming away with new inspirations and answers to questions! Rest assured, I am NOT giving up on blogging!

But I am keenly aware that if I am to have anything to blog about, I have to keep up with the building. And I am also aware that I am naturally slower at making decisions and completing projects than would be needed in order to provide subjects for frequent blogs. I really don't like to rush to get something done just so that it IS done! I want to take my time and savor the process. So I hope you will be patient with me as I enter this new stage in my blogging! I am just more aware of the dilemma on a daily basis.... should I build... or should I blog.....?

And when in DOUBT there is always the last recourse of the desperate... GO SHOPPING! Which is what Pollyanna did recently! She simply fell in LOVE with these chairs!

Now I will have to confess that they are Christmas tree ornaments! I found them in a home decor catalog (Ballard Designs) and they come in sets of three and they are perfect dollhouse scale! I could NOT resist and bought two sets! They are perfect for outdoor garden seating....... even though none of my houses HAVE an outdoor garden area at all! Perhaps I am going to have to add a mini garden....

Pollyanna has brought two over to Arthur's home.

And she has put two out in the yard in front of The Lovely Old Dollhouse........

She set them under a small tree near the door......

Every house should have somewhere to sit outdoors she thinks!

And she also bought a small Japaneese stone lantern to put by the doorstep!

She might use it here......

Or she might set it under the tree near the new chairs.......

This could be the beginning of a Japaneese garden........!

Meanwhile, now that everyone has recovered from the Halloween Festivities, there are Birthday Parties to Celebrate! Sally May's and Chip's daughter Annabelle is turning three! She is having birthday cake at the Lovely Old Dollhouse with her parents, Pollyanna, and Great Grandma Helen and Great Grandpa Charles!

Helen is fixing the Tea, while Pollyanna is cutting the cake!

Annabelle is so excited she is standing in her chair!

Happy Birthday Annabelle!

(And a special Happy Birthday to my niece Hali and my son Jake!)

Don't forget to have a piece of this DIVINE cake!
(Made for me many years ago by my sister and my nieces!)

(And a Special Happy Birthday to my sister who's birthday was last week!
And to my Great niece who's birthday is in two weeks!)

Arthur has decided to take a quiet moment in the new garden chairs!

The perfect place to sit and look at the stars above........
And to contemplate the complicated questions of the Universe.....

To Build Or To Blog - That Is The Question


  1. How lucky your homeowners were to find a broom left behind after all those Halloween festivities!
    I love your garden chairs. It is such a bonus when you find something where you weren't expecting it. My sympathies for your building/blogging dilemma - I like to plan and play and dream without achieving great amounts to show off as well but that is what a hobby is for. :~)

  2. This could be me! I too have 1:1 cleaning to do but it is much more interesting reading blogs and playing. Given that you didn't think there was anything to say, you created an interesting post and made me smile!

  3. I really enjoyed your Halloween post. I visited lots of blogs and yours still stands out. I need to get my Halloween post down too, today is the first free day I have had in 2 weeks. The chairs are lovely, perfect for a castle. I am inspired now.

    victoria :)

  4. I love, love, love those chairs!!
    -Kim :)

  5. Slow mini-ing is definitely the way to go! I'm saying that because I get so sidetracked sometimes I forget where I started each day :)

    Cleaning? Melt and flow! I've got dust bunnies that I've named!!

    Love the lantern! :)

  6. Hi Christine! I think it is a witch's broom that Ken found! It magically cleans by itself if you say the right words! And yes, a hobby is for playing.... I have to remind myself not to get too obsessive... but the pent-up feelings from all those years of "someday" do make me impatient! There's just so much I want to do and so little time to do it! All the more reason to make it fun!

  7. Thanks, Irene! I'm glad I made you smile! Mostly I make the cleaning wait..... until I can't stand it or can't FIND anything... whichever comes first!

  8. Thanks, Victoria! I appreciate your comments about my Halloween post.... I was afraid I made it too long.... I take too many photos and just want to share them ALL! And I never seem to be able to keep anything simple so I had to add ALL the dolls.... LOL! But it was a lot of fun to put it all together! I'm really glad you enjoyed it and I love being an inspiration!

  9. Hi Kim! Those chairs are available at Ballard Designs.... I'm sure they have an on-line catalog too.... (Gee, do you think I should get a cut for the promo?)Lol! I love using Christmas things for my dollhouses!

  10. Hi Glenda! The lantern is a "bead" I found at Michaels with a "grain of rice" light bulb inserted through the thread opening. The bead is carved stone and quite lovely.
    I know what you mean about getting side-tracked..... I know I'm in trouble when I start working on too many projects at once... the glue has to dry or the paint has to dry or the part hasn't arrived yet..... or I just can't make up my mind about a detail... so I jump from one thing to another! Then I know it's time to slow down!

  11. I loved this blog! I especially loved Ken with the broom - what a good example to set. And your new chairs are perfect. Maybe there's lots more you can do with Xmas ornaments?
    Looking forward so much to my visit - willing to cook Turkey wherever.

  12. Betsy :, you have definitely scored with those chairs. Do you need a table? I have one that may match your chairs :). I will just put it into the little B-Box :).

    B - blog/build, Betsy? Or just BUY! :):)Especially when there are BIRTHDAYS! B is a BIG letter here :):) hehe

  13. Thank you, Betsy! I love you! Love, Niece Hali

  14. Thanks Mom! I am looking forward to Turkey cooked by you! I will do the one for the dollhouse!

  15. Hi Sans! "B" is one of my Favorite letters Too! I'm glad you noticed all the B's.... it makes it much more fun to play with the words! As for the table... I would LOVE a table! You are so kind! :):):)

  16. Hi Hali! So glad you stopped by! I am sure you are busy! We should chat soon! I HAD to do a Birthday post for all my family at this time of year..... I'm pretty sure Jake and your Mom didn't read it! So I'm very happy that YOU did! I love you too! XOXO