Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Ah, Winter! A Lament.

Pollyanna (and someone else we know) has a cold. She is feeling very sorry for herself. It is winter outside. Christmas and the excitement of the Holidays is over. The Christmas trees have been taken down and all the decorations put away. The rooms feel strangely bare without the trees, and all the guests have gone home.

Somehow there is always an ornament left after all the boxes have been put away.... found behind the curtain. Must have been one of the cats that knocked it off the tree.
So now it is just Winter. Without all the Christmas lights to cheer things up, it is dark. And Cold! While by no means record cold for this part of the world, the temperatures hover on both sides of zero, (farenheit) day after day. (The thermometer outside my window this morning).
And the icicles hang over the windows in long curtains, like dragon's teeth.......
It is not so bad when you are sitting by the fire with your friends and loved ones.... all cozy and safe indoors. There is a great deal to be said for the warmth of a real fire burning in the hearth!
But even the warmth of the fire cannot keep away the snow which now starts to pile up outside the windows.
Arthur's cat is content to stay inside and just watch the world turn white. He knows better than to go out in the snow!
And once it starts snowing, it can't seem to stop!
Deeper and deeper grow the drifts around the Folly!
But despite her best intentions, Pollyanna has caught a winter cold!
She hopes it isn't the flu! She is staying in bed and resting.
She is feeling very sorry for herself! Because the worst thing about being sick is that you have all this time to think about all the things you wish you felt well enough to do!
She has used up BOXES of tissues! And drunk POTS of tea! Day after day is the same! She has read every book on her bookshelf! She is thoroughly SICK of being SICK!
She is too worn out to go to work, even though she has so many projects and plans to finish! She HATES being sick! And she even feels guilty because it is only a bad cold.... not something SERIOUSLY wrong! She knows she will get better soon!
Arthur came over to bring her more books to read. And to cheer her up he brought her a flower! I am sure he doesn't have the slightest idea what KIND of flower it is.... but he knows Pollyanna loves flowers.....
So now, no matter how horrid the weather gets outside the window, she has a flowering plant inside to remind her of spring.....
So she will be patient a little while longer.... and she will dream of spring......
Because that is the stuff of Winter Dreams!

No matter how Cold!


  1. Get better soon Pollyanna and remember Spring is right around the corner :)

    Victoria ♥

  2. Best wishes to Pollyanna,I hope she will be fine very soon. I thank her for the nice tour of the house and the view from the real windows. It's the first time that I see icicles that big hanging from a window.Minihugs Rosanna

  3. So sorry to hear that Pollyanna is not well, Hope she's on the mend soon!

    Marisa :)

  4. Arthur is a real gentleman!
    Just saw your name on Sans' blog! :-))))( I am a daydreamer too!)

  5. Thanks Victoria! Pollyanna is already mostly better.... even though that "corner" still looks pretty big! The garden catalogs help.... :)

  6. Thanks, Rosanna! She's feeling better already! The icicles grow longer every day... :( It really means my house is not well insulated....:( But we will survive! Thank you for your good wishes! :)

  7. Thank you Marisa! Pollyanna (And I) are better already! Even though the cold weather endures, the "cold" is on the mend!

  8. Hi Papillon! Welcome to my blog! Daydreaming is the source of everything wonderful...(in my humble opinion....)I'm glad you are also a daydreamer! Thank you for commenting!

  9. Are you having a cold, dear Betsy ?:)

    Get well soon , dear :)

    Sending you some wuv, kisses and hugs from 1 sickie to another ..teehee :).

  10. Dear Sans! So sorry to hear YOU are sick! I had wondered because you were so missing from blogland.....! Pollyanna is better (and I am still snuffling but am back to work!) So I really appreciate all the well-wishes and send hugs and mini-kisses your way too! X O X O

  11. Thank you Oese! I tend to get carried away by photos..... I take way too many and then I can't choose which I like best..... I am glad you like them!

  12. Hope you both are feeling better Betsy! The icicles looks so ... romantic but we all know they can be very dangerous ;) Love the photo of the houlse in the snow.:)

  13. Hi Ewa! We are both feeling better.... thank you for your kind wishes! The icicles just keep growing here... the temperatures have been VERY cold this week ... 22 degrees below zero farenheit yesterday!
    You should have seen me trying to take the house outside in the snowstorm to take the photo! Then when I brought it inside again, the whole bottom was filled with snow! I have to stop mistreating the Folly this way.... but I do love to have the outdoors pictures.....