Friday, February 18, 2011

The Answer!

Did she say Yes?

Dear Readers, I knew I was in trouble for leaving that question unanswered at the end of my last post when a co-worker came by my desk at work the next morning and said "But, did she say Yes?" I must apologize for making you wait so long for the answer, but it has been a VERY busy and tiring week at work and no time left over for minis! Besides, Arthur really didn't give much warning that he was going to ask THE question... so I just was NOT prepared! It was LATE at night by the time I had posted the Blog.... which I hadn't really PLANNED on making a Valentine's Day Blog...... and without time to plan it all out I just didn't get ALL the photos taken and posted in the right order.... I'm SURE you know how it goes! And, of course, a little DRAMA from time to time makes life more FUN!

So, DID she say YES?
YES! Yes She Did!

In true Heroine fashion, she leapt up and into Arthur's arms and said "Yes! Oh, my, YES I will marry you, Arthur!" And the roses fell to the floor, forgotten in the moment as they embraced and let their love for each other shine in their eyes........

And we will let the camera pan away to give them their moments of privacy at this special time.

So now will there be a Wedding in the doll world? Well, I guess there will HAVE to be one! But Really, I was not planning on doing a wedding any time soon! I must confess that Arthur took ME completely by surprise! I thought they would be content to be one of those happily independent not married couples for quite some time! Maybe they will choose to have a long engagement (so I will have time to PREPARE for a wedding!) Weddings are an ENORMOUS amount of work...... but they are also a great deal of FUN...... so maybe I am starting to look forward to it already!
But really, I AM a little shocked at how COMPLETELY these little people, um... I mean DOLLS... are taking over my life! A year ago I hadn't even MET most of them.... and now they are all wanting HOUSES and making plans to get MARRIED..... without even asking if it's convenient for me! I AM in trouble! And to give you an idea of just HOW MUCH trouble I am in I thought I would show you a picture of my Dining Room (in my 1:1 scale house) the way it looked shortly after I moved into this house a couple of years ago. I was not yet done painting the walls..... and it was actually a Dining Room! For a short while at least! I swear to you, EVERY single house I have lived in, the Dining Room has ended up being my STUDIO or Workroom! It MUST be the Table's fault! Such a wonderful large surface just Waiting for PROJECTS!

So, before long, really only two months after I moved in, the "Folly" took over the Dining Room Table. There was plenty of room to spread out..... and lovely light streaming in the windows...

And, of course, when I started working on The Lovely Old Dollhouse the following Summer, there was no question but that it had to move into the Dining Room.... and it, too, took over the Table. And by now I had to move a few of my storage cabinets up from the cellar where they were too far away for practical use...... all the craft supplies needed to be close at hand!

For a while the Lovely Old Dollhouse reigned supreme on the Dining Room Table!
And then I began to build the Castle Dollhouse! I simply gave no thought to WHERE it was going to live, let alone where it was going to sit while it was being built! There were a few days that it sat ON the table, but it is too big to stay there. As soon as I had built it's Base, it ended up along one wall in front of the windows that face the street. I rarely open those blinds so I don't mind that the Castle blocks the windows. But having it along the wall has made it impossible to WORK on the wiring and windows that are accessed from the BACK side! Below is a view of the Dining Room (or is it now the Studio?) being used for Christmas Dinner this past Christmas. I had to temporarily move most of the larger supplies back to the basement.... and even had to stack the "Folly" on the roof of the Castle in order to clear the Table for Dining!

And a closer view..... the "Folly" looks kind of cute sitting up there.....
a little like a bird on top of an elephant!

But I still couldn't get the WIRING done that I needed to run behind the Castle! So I have come up with the ANSWER to my dilemma..... at least Temporarily......... I have moved things around in my Dining Room! The Castle Dollhouse now sits in the MIDDLE of the room with access to all sides. And the Table is along the wall in front of the windows. You can sort of see the arrangement in the picture below.

Here is a closer view of the Table workspace........ Temporarily QUITE clean because I had to put so much away in order to MOVE everything around!

And here is another view of the Workroom from the other doorway. These doorways are very wide and the rooms feel quite open to each other.... a good thing in such a small house!

And the Castle in the middle ..... from the other side of the room. You can see the sections of the castle are separated so I can work on the wiring in between the walls.....

So, perhaps you can see why I am feeling a little as though the Dolls are taking over my life? Only a LITTLE? You ask!

Yes, they are!
And THAT'S The Answer!


  1. They have taken over your life completely!! LOL
    I had no idea that your castle was going to be that big!! My favorite is your old childhood dollhouse! I really love that and how you are fixing it up!! Looking forward to the wedding!!!!

  2. Thank you for this shot of your real life. I use the dining table too but being it the ONLY table of our truly small flat I have to clean it thrice a day :o( I shall eagerly wait for wedding news. Have a nice day Rosanna

  3. What a lovely stage in the romance. :) And what a selection of houses for the happy couple! I hadn't realised your castle was so big either - it must be one of the most impressive I have seen - I love the proportions of the great hall.

    Is it too early to begin to look for a wedding hat? :-D

  4. What a nice room you have to work in, looks very cosy! I work on the diningroomtable too, sometimes covered in minicluttermountains...the table that is..
    I am very impressed with your castle! Love the stairs, stables, everything really!
    please give my congratulations to the happy couple! Margot

  5. Congrats to the happy couple :) I love your castle! I had never seen a picture of the whole thing. My dining room seems to always have a house in the middle of the table too, hubby growls as he walks by muttering about how I live in Doll House World hee hee. So you are planning a wedding, how fun and oh the details dress, flowers, food, the guest list :0

    Victoria ♥

  6. Oh it is always nice to know I am not the only one without my own work room!;D Love your castle!
    Congrats to the happy couple! I am wainting impatiently for this wedding!;)

  7. Dearrrrrrrrrrrrrie!!!!!! That CANNOT be the same room!!! Arghhhhhh!

    I am sorry darling Betsy, I need to get over thereto help you organise ! I am a bit of a neat freak (not clean but neat :) ) and I do not allow myself to leave a room in too big a mess before I go to bed.

    First thing, my dear, you must get yourself one of those lazy Susan kind of display turntable for your dollhouses. I just bought mine from They are cheap and good! There's one that can hold something as heavy as 300 pounds. Buy one of that with a nice display table before you start work on the castle again?

    You had such a lovely lovely dining room . Where do you eat now? Do you even eat? I know I skip meals when I am too engrossed in my minis.

    Make Arthur have cold feet so you can postpone the wedding. Tell yourself, no dining room, no wedding ..tee hee :):).

    Ok, to each his own. I have seen some remarkable artists with workroom I can't live with but you guys produce such amazingly beautiful work. So who am I to tell you how you should work :).

    Good luck, darling! :)

  8. I knew I forgot to mention something.:):)

    One, I think the rug the 2 lovebirds stood on is absolutely wonderful! I love love love it! So perfect for a romantic VD post :).

    2nd, Folly makes a perfect dollhouse dollhouse topper. The pictures with the Folly sitting on top are really cute :).

  9. A turntable seems to me a good idea.
    What fun it will be to plan a wedding where you can really pull out all the stops!
    I think the happy couple should move into the Folly, then Helen and Charles can live in the lovely old doll house.
    As for a dining room - oh well. We made it truly lovely at Christmas.
    Lots of love,

  10. Hi Patty! Thanks for your vote of confidence! LOL! I have no life of my own left at all! I AM a goner for sure! But, since I have no daughters of my own to HELP plan their weddings, I guess the doll world will have to do!
    Progress on the Lovely Old Dollhouse is SLOW because there are so many things I haven't been able to make up my mind about..... I'm SURE there will be posts about it! LOL!

  11. Thanks, Rosanna! I have a tiny table in my Kitchen, built by ME so I can use the Dining Room table for what it REALLY MUST be intended for....! LOL! Minis RULE!

  12. Hi Christine! I am a little surprised myself at how big it is LOL! I tried to be in denial about it.... but since I need to work on the back side too..... I can't just stick it in the corner any more! Now I just need to make it WORTHY of the space it takes up! The proportions of the Great Hall ARE part of what makes it so wonderful.... I just couldn't accept making a TINY CASTLE!!!

  13. Oh, and about the wedding Hat, Christine..... it's up to you, but it MIGHT be a WINTER WEDDING..... I know it's a long time to wait.....:)

  14. Hi Margot! Thank you for your compliments! I AM enjoying building my CASTLE... but it IS a BIG job!
    I will surely give your congratulations to the lovebirds!

  15. Hi Victoria! I am glad you like my Castle! And I'm glad I'm not the only one who builds houses on their Dining Room Tables! :)
    As for planning the wedding... I REALLY wasn't planning on doing a WEDDING any time soon! But we shall see! I am SURE I will think of SOMETHING! And yes..... I think it WILL be FUN.....!:)

  16. Hi Ewa! I will pass your congratulations to the young couple! And the Wedding is PROBABLY not going to be soon..... because I had NO idea there was going to be one..... so we shall see how long it takes me to figure this out! LOL! But I know it WILL be fun when I get there!

  17. Hi Sans! You MUST NOT come and try to ORGANIZE me! LOL! I am one of those annoying people who know where things are because I know where I LEFT it..... if someone else moves it I am LOST! LOL! It is a good thing that my family have always put up with me and my CREATIVE disorder! But really, I am not hopeless... I DO "neaten" things up every now and then.... it's just that I ALWAYS have about 5 projects going at once.... :)
    As for the turntable thing.... I am afraid it would never work with the Castle Dollhouse, or even the Lovely Old Dollhouse, because they are LONG but Narrow houses..... they would need a MUCH too big area to be able to swing around....:( So I AM Doomed! I will just have to finish the BACK side of the Castle and then put it back along the wall..... So by NEXT Holiday Season, I should have a Dining Room again..... we hope! :)
    As for eating.... I also forget to eat when I am absorbed in my projects! But when I do remember... I built a lovely little dining nook into my 1:1 kitchen... very cozy with built-in benches... I will show pics someday!
    And I'm glad you like the "Folly" as a "topper" for the Castle! I thought it looked cute up there..... and definitely put the Castle in perspective....
    *SIGH* I have ALWAYS loved big houses....!

  18. Hi Mom! I wish a turntable would work.... but it would require too much room to swing such a big house around! I am just going to have to finish the back side of the Castle and then put it back along the wall!
    I Promise, the next time you come for Holiday Dinner we will use the Dining Room Table! LOL!
    As for who ends up living WHERE... I have a lot of figuring out to do! We shall see... these little people have minds of their own and may think of something entirely different!

  19. Oh, One More thing, Sans! You MUST think I am ignoring all your comments about the CARPETS in the Lovely Old Dollhouse..... :)! But really, they are a WHOLE blog post topic.... I couldn't POSSIBLY say IN A FEW WORDS anything meaningful about them...! Coming soon I promise! :):)

  20. Oh this is how I live! Except I don't have a dining room! :D My miniatures have always taken over my kitchen, bedroom and living room! I think your miniatures look just beautiful and what a pleasure to be living among them!

  21. I showed the spouse your excellent castle and he said "Wow! That's right, you could build anything! You could build your dreamhouse!" Then he looked at our work table (used to be our dining table) which has his Vw engine splaundered across it, and said : "I have to finish this project."
    So Thanks! and Congrats to the happy couple!

  22. What an amazing space you have! Things to do and look at in every corner. I love your dollshouses and Castles. How wonderful they all are!

  23. Oh my goodness! This is better than TV by far! Whilst the mortar is drying on my first 1:12 house, I am just LOVING reading through your blog. You are a fantastic story teller; really had me on the edge of my seat, wondering what her answer would be...and now a wedding is in the works! I see in your pictures that you have been working hard on the tile for the Great Hall floor, too. Seven years later, you still make people laugh out loud! Kudos!