Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What's Up?

New Arrivals

What's this? Another painted ceiling? Another PROJECT, you ask?
Shhh! Don't tell anyone... it's a surprise for someone but I'm not telling who! It's just a TINY, Quick, Little Project.... made from one of the smallest and simplest kits I could find! It's the "Sugarplum" kit made by Greenleaf, and it's .....well, ..... Minimal! But it is very cute and goes together quickly.... or it would if I didn't need to PAINT the whole thing! I just can't seem to leave the ceilings alone! I don't know why I bother! Hardly anyone EVER looks UP, and this ceiling is not very tall, so you can barely see it at all, even when you get down on your knees! But I just can't seem to stop myself!
So here is the painted ceiling.... not very Original, but sort of irresistible!

And a slightly closer view.......

I really did not spend very long painting the ceiling...... but the Walls were a different matter! Once the ceiling was decorated, I couldn't just leave the walls PLAIN! So I painted some Vines in a sort of lattice pattern and added red rose blossoms to the openings.....

Well, they look a little more like Roses rather than blobs once I added some black outlines and some leaves....... but I really was NOT taking my time with this...... and even so IT took my time! Several Hours of time and it really doesn't look it..... but it will have to do! I tell myself that it is supposed to look like a Garden with Roses climbing on the Latticework and Cherubs flitting overhead!
This is a view with the ceiling in place..... but the ceiling is SO LOW! Please, don't bump your head! And I think I am going to have to add some border to the top of the wall........ I DID mention that this is a QUICK, LITTLE Project??

But it IS going to be very Cute when it is done..... with a little bit of Garden outside...... and a flowerbox at the window.......

I will need to put hinges on the door.....
I CANNOT stand a door that does NOT open!
Oh, look!
It seems as though some of our friends have gathered here..... shall we go in and see?

It seems that we have not met them before? Oh, Goodness! It is Pollyanna's PARENTS..... Victor and Joanna, and they have come to celebrate the recent engagement!

And what better place to meet than this charming little Tea House in the Garden?

Some of you MAY have been wondering where on EARTH Pollyanna's Parents were? Well, it seems they travel a great deal and mostly live abroad, so it is understandable that this meeting has been LONG overdue!

I suppose there are few moments as unnerving as meeting your future Mother-In-Law!

Joanna has heard a GREAT DEAL about Arthur, of course, so she feels as though she already knows him..... but Arthur is Not so sure he feels the same way at all....!

Victor want's to help Arthur feel welcome to the Family....
because he remembers what it is like...

Arthur can think of only one thing to say......

"Would you like a cookie?" he gallantly asks!

But don't look up.......

I think someone heard the word "cookie"!

"Did you say 'Cookie'?"

"We LOVE Cookies!"

(The Cookies and the Tea Set arrived from Glenda in New Zealand on the Same day as Pollyanna's Parents arrived..... I think it was a match made in Heaven, don't you?)
Just a Little Something.... but THAT'S
What's Up!


  1. Love the ceiling :) Sounds like the meeting with Pollyanna's parents went well. The tea set and cookies are nice, have they set a wedding date??? Is the Sugarplum a guest cottage or a honeymoon cottage? I need to hear more. It looks to be a happy place.

    Victoria ♥

  2. Thanks, Victoria! I really can't say too much more about the cottage or I give too much away.... for now! But I don't think they have set a date yet.... a lot depends on Where they will get married.... and if I will have things READY in time!

  3. I love when peeps do the ceilings, it's all that extra detail that makes things so wonderful. :)

    I love the walls, too!

  4. Your ceiling is sooooooo beautiful.

  5. Such a pretty ceiling! Don't I know you have a lot of talents Betsy:D

  6. Bello bello bellissimo. The ceiling is my favourite part and who cares if it's difficult to look at? you know it's there and that's enough.I'm looking forward the next steps both of the house and the wedding projects. Keep us informed, please. Rosanna

  7. The ceiling is lovely - very well done with that. If you want to paint your ceilings, you can't NOT do it! It would always be crying out for some attention.

  8. Thanks, Dale! I promised myself I was not going to obsess about the details on this cottage! HA! That lasted until I started the painting part....!

  9. Thanks, Christine! Someday I am going to paint cherubs on a 1:1 ceiling! So these are just for practice!

  10. Thanks, Rosanna! I'm really glad to know you are enjoying the unfolding story of the Wedding..... because sometimes I think I am NUTS to include it in my blog! But the story is becoming a part of the whole mini-world for me, so I am going to just see where it takes us! I am GLAD you are along for the ride.... and rest assured, I WILL keep you all informed..... as soon as they tell ME anything, that is! :)

  11. Thanks, Irene! You're right about those details.... my son often hears me say "uh oh, I just had an idea....." which usually means I just HAVE to do something I wasn't planning on! But often those end up being the BEST parts! When inspiration strikes..... you just have to go for it!
    BTW Your sister did an AWESOME job on your ceiling!

  12. I left your post last for this evening before I go to bed. Cos I know it will bring a smile to my face :) Of course it is 1.30am already and I must have my sweet dreams and what better ones than to be in cloud 9 with a couple of cherubs ? Your ceiling will bring me joy in my sleep :):).

    I think you are really something, dear friend. Starting on another house already? I wish I will start on the garden for my mum soon. I have been saying that for a year now.

    And talking about weddings, do you know the Maharajah Palace was to also accommodate a wedding scene, one just like the Kama Sutra movie. My Raj and Rani has waited almost 2.5 years with no wedding in sight ! :):) Bet Pollyanna will tie the knot sooner

  13. Dear Sans! I am SO happy that my Cherubs will bring you Cloud 9 Sleep! That is the best kind! And I hope it is enough sleep..... 1:30 AM!! I am always sorry the next day when I am up after midnight.....:)
    As for your Maharaja's wedding.... WHERE does a Maharaja get married???? Could they have the marriage in the Garden? Or is it in the Grand Hall??? Really..... I can see that you are going to HAVE to build your Palace Room by Room.... a series of Room Boxes that add up to a Palace..... :):)!
    But I can tell that Palace Weddings must involve a lot of complicated Negotiations that delay the Ceremony.....
    I am afraid the complicated Negotiations of Pollyanna's wedding are just about to start...:)
    (And I have to start practicing SEWING doll gowns!!)

  14. I love the ceiling, infact it's just the kind of ceiling I pondered about having in my own bedroom, but then the rest of the room went in another direction and besides, I'm not nowhere near as good painting cherubs and clouds as you are! The cookieloving cherubs are so cute!

    I'm glad the meeting with Pollyanna's parents seemed to go so well, but with little angels overlooking it, how can it not?

  15. Very sweet little house. She better love it.
    I do...

  16. I'm so glad that you have a compulsion to paint your houses! This one is superb! I love the touch of gold :)
    So pleased that the china arrived in time for Tea With the Parents! :D

    xx Glenda

  17. Hi Helene! I am LATE responding here! I have also daydreamed about painting this sort of ceiling in my 1:1 rooms..... and SOMEDAY I think I will! But so far I have done sky with some clouds but no cherubs. It is really fun to do the cherubs even if they are only on my dollhouse ceilings!

  18. Thanks, Glenda! The touch of gold was almost an afterthought..... and so lovely except it really needs the correct angle of light to be visible. So it shows better in the unfinished picture than in the finished room. Ah well.... it is fun anyway!
    And I really am enjoying the china..... tea is my FAVORITE drink and this is a lovely little teapot and cups!