Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ready Or Not

This One Is For My Sister

The Little Cottage is ready to go to it's new home! I know I have kept you all guessing about the purpose for this little house in my doll world because I didn't want to spoil the SURPRISE for the recipient of this Cottage. But first, let me show you what has been accomplished this week! To begin with, I added the shingles to the roof. I also attached it to a base made from pink builders insulating foam board. I wanted the Cottage to have a small yard and garden space too. You can see here that I have started the picket fence.... made from popsickle sticks and clothes pins!

And inside I have dressed it with a few pieces of decor that came in a Melissa and Doug Bedroom Accessories set. The pieces are a little crude, but they are Charming and add a homey touch.

Here you can see a gilded mirror on the mantle, a wooden lamp and some perfume bottles on a tray. There is still a lot that could be added..... bedding for the bed.... a quilt perhaps? And lace Curtains at the window? Another little rug? Some books? But THAT is what I shall leave for the Recipient to contribute.... or Not...... as SHE sees fit!

Here is a closer view of the tray with the little bottles........

And Downstairs I have arranged the other items in that set..... A Lovely framed picture over the Mantle..... I think it fits this room PERFECTLY! And a Standing "lamp" ..... wooden and non-working, but cute!

And some Sewing Accessories...... a basket with thread and scissors.... a little large in scale, but Cute! And a basket with fabric pieces..... everyone who sews has one of these! But the benches could use some Cushions..... and the windows some Curtains perhaps? Someone will have to add a few details to the decor....... Don't you agree?

And on the table is a Tea Set I have had for a long time...... the design is a heart with the words "I Love You" on it! (I know, it SEEMS perfect for a Honeymoon Cottage.... and Maybe it could be borrowed for that purpose...... But it is really going to someone else quite far away!)

Oh, and one of the Braided rugs I made in my teen years.... the colors are just TOO PERFECT for this room to even Dream of not sending it too!

Outside the front door I have added a very basic, unadorned attempt at paving stones made from egg cartons. If anyone is going to make them look realistic, mossy and rock-like, it will have to be the Recipient, not me!

And the Picket fence encloses the small side yard with a space for a garden...... because I am hoping the Recipient will want to make a few sculpey pumpkins and and other garden veggies and flowers to adorn it!

Here is a better view of the side yard..... I have used plain old Felt for the grass and dirt areas of the yard...... I know.... very basic, but I have never done any landscaping in miniature before..... and I AM trying to get this done quickly...... so If there are to be improvements...... Somebody ELSE will be doing them!

But, I have sent along some garden tools.......

And a little box full of seed packets........

Oh, and look who else is going along with the garden! A tiny turtle! (Not made by me, but given to me by my Sister many years ago along with a couple other tiny turtles....)

I hope she'll be happy to see him again!

And there is even a tiny Dragonfly perched on one of the fenceposts........
every garden needs Dragonflies!

Here is a closer view...... his wings are perfectly irridescent....... and so little!

So, here we have it.... Ready or Not, Dear Sister, it's on its way to you!
I only hope it gives you some Joy in your convalescence.....
and Maybe even a few stolen moments of sewing tiny pillows and curtains and quilts..........
Or making Sculpey pumpkins for the garden........

Ready Or Not, Here I Come!


  1. Such a sweet cottage and it's a present :o) Ypur Sister will love it, no doubt. HAve a nice day, Rosanna

  2. i'm sure she will love it ... and will put her own stamp on it... she'd have to be thick not to notice your little nudges.. hehehe xx

  3. A fantastic gift, Betsy! Your Sister will love it for sure! And I bet she's going to have a lot of good time adding her own touches to the cottage:)

  4. What a lovely gift! Your sister is so Lucky and what fun she will have putting the finishing touches on the cottage. You Rock Betsy!

    Victoria ❤

  5. Thanks, Rosanna! I am hoping my Sister will enjoy having it as much as I've enjoyed making it!

  6. Thanks, Christine! Not very Subtle, huh? LOL I AM the bossy older sister after all....!

  7. Thanks, Ewa! I am looking forward to seeing what she will add! And I imagine I will go on sending her little things.... she did that for me for SO many years! Now it's her turn!

  8. Thanks, Victoria! I have had a lot of fun getting the kit made.... I'm really looking forward to seeing what she will add.... I might have to twist her arm to get her to send me some pics to share when she does! And I find myself thinking about starting another little Cottage kit.... Oh Dear!!!

  9. Bets, what a wonderful gesture. It's very thoughtful, sweet and heartwarming :). I am in complete agreement with you. If your sister should start making this dollhouse her own by adding her own touches, it will be a really therapeutic exercise. :) I have always found creating with your hands healing :).

    I hope this will speed up her convalescence and more importantly keep her spirit up.

  10. Hi Sans! I Do Hope it will lift her spirits just to look at it! Even if she never adds a thing.... which I think is doubtful..... it will have been worth it to make her smile. I agree with you that making things with your hands is therapeutic.... for me it is just an essential part of life.... and I know it is so for Mandy too. I am hoping that making small things will not tax her energy and bring great satisfaction...... :)
    Thank you for you kind wishes!

  11. What a wonderful gift. Splendid idea, sending back little ornaments that she gave you in times past. You do rock!

  12. you made me cry a little. I hope you know how good you are, lady..*reads on*