Monday, July 11, 2011

The Best of Friends

A Visit To Singapore Gardens!

Daphne is Pollyanna's BEST friend! They have known each other for a very long time. You have probably not met her before now, Dear Readers, because she has been studying abroad and only recently returned home. She is interested in Fashion so she is the first person Pollyanna thought of when she realized she might need help deciding on the style of her Wedding gown! Daphne was only too happy to help her! So they set out one fine Summer morning to search through all the stores they could find for ideas on Wedding Gowns. And while they window shopped, they talked and talked about .... well EVERYTHING.... because they had not been together for quite some time! And before they knew it, they had walked further than they ever had before.... into a part of Town that neither of them had seen before. They weren't precisely LOST, but they were hot and thirsty, so they were very happy to find themselves at the edge of what looked like a Park or a Lovely Public Garden. So they went in to see if there was a place to sit in the shade and rest for a while. There were some seats close by, but they decided to look a little further to see what else was there............

Daphne could see what looked like tables and chairs further into the Garden. Pollyanna could see a lovely water fountain throwing sprays of cool water into the small pool at its base......

And a Dreamy looking Waiter standing by ...........

"Welcome to SINGAPORE GARDENS" he says in his dreamy voice.

"Can I help you Ladies?" He asks.
But they are momentarily mesmerized by the Fountain........

And the little Turtles that played about the pool.........

Where Buddha sits in perpetual CALM meditation under the water's spray.......

But Daphne has spotted a lovely little Gazebo that she wants to explore.....
Standing next to what surely is a Bamboo thicket........

With a fascinating Tropical Bird (it MUST be a foreign species at least!) perched upon the open door. Do YOU think it resembles the Kingfisher?

Daphne knows a lot about birds and knows it is NOT one of the Local species!

It lets her come quite close for a look before flying into a nearby bush........

And then they notice the LOVELY little iron table with the ceramic planter just waiting for someone to pull up a chair and sit for a while......... It is so inviting........

They don't even have to ask each other.... they are THAT sort of friends..... they just know it is the PERFECT place to sit and have a cup of.... is that a Teapot already waiting for them....?

And Mr. Dreamy waiting to bring them whatever they desire to go with the tea......

I think Daphne has JUST noticed Mr. Dreamy..........

"No, they are fine..... tea is all they need..... and a place to sit in the shade... " says Pollyanna...

What more could they ask for on a PERFECT Summer's Day....?
To sit in a shade dappled garden with your best FRIEND and drink tea and talk......

To Dream of all the things you will do someday.......
And listen to the Birds singing overhead.......

Another little Tropical Bird in the SINGAPORE GARDENS........ visiting........

Visiting for a Moment this little corner of Paradise................

Where Time stands Still and Distance Disappears.........

On a BEAUTIFUL Summer Afternoon in the GARDEN.......!

Or WAS that a Dream.........?

Do you ever have those moments where you SHARE a Dream with a Friend.....?

From the OTHER side of this WORLD, I received a GIFT from a Friend........

And when I opened it I found this little Table..... just PERFECT for the Garden chairs I bought last Winter and showed on my blog! And there were tiny CERAMIC flower pots and a planter too.... all because I mentioned on this blog my DREAM of making a REAL miniature Garden.... Someday...!

GIFTS from my Friend Sans! in Singapore!

Isn't that what Friends are Feed each others Dreams?
So, Thank YOU Sans!, for once again bringing me a piece of my Dreams....
And for sending me out to the Garden to Play on such a Beautiful Summers Day!!!

The Best of Friends


  1. What a lovely story! You must have had fun setting that up and how nice to receive the gifts. I really enjoyed all the pictures.

    PS. I've sent you an email re your comment on my blog. Irene X

  2. Great story and beautiful gifts! Lucky you Betsy!:) Sans makes fantastic miniatures:)

  3. I just loved your story Betsy. What a nice gift :) I am loving the birds singing.


  4. Awwwwww, Betsy! What a fabulous story! And for such humble gifts ! But you have made me really happy, my dear.

    Love how you already have so many items to build a Singapore garden. It seriously look like one of our gardens :). One day, you will see one ad know exactly what I mean :).

    So many parts of this post made me smile , even when you showed the world what awful handwriting I have ..haha :).

    The table does look like it really belongs with those chairs!

  5. I just found your blog and ... I loved it! I have become your follower. :D

  6. Well, for sure my secret garden didn't come with a Mr. Dreamy! Or a beautiful fountain. If ever I wanted to shrink myself down and join your friends for a day out, this would be it. You have really made a world that seems real, and better than real all at the same time. Thank you for letting me come along with you and the girls, listen to the water, listen to the birdsong...

  7. What a lovely blog for a hot summer day!
    Reminds me of Fairchild Gardens in Miami, and going there with YOUR Grandma and aunt Betsy, long long ago. Your fountain is inspired! I can feel the silvery drops.
    Lots of love,
    (Is there a future in the story for Mr. Dreamy?)

  8. Hi Irene! It was a lot of fun to play in the Garden!

  9. Thank you, Ewa! It is a perfect little gift!

  10. Thanks, Victoria! The birds are WONDERFUL! Isn't modern technology amazing?

  11. Dear Sans! When I opened that package.. I KNEW it needed a wonderful story... and the setting was an easy one! THIS time of year is when my Garden is almost like a Jungle! I had SO much fun.... I'm glad it made you smile..... because it sure made ME smile to be playing in my Garden with these minis!!! And I probably would not have done so without your GIFT! Thank you!

  12. Hi Eliana! Welcome to my Blog! I hope you enjoy it and come visit often!

  13. Thank you, Amy! That is the highest praise a mini-artist can hope for.... to make the vision REAL! You are welcome to come along any time! That is the wonderful thing about the imagination..... we can go places that we don't really get to visit.... The mini world is like that for me!
    If you ever find the Real Garden with the Real Mr. Dreamy.... I will come right over, okay? Just for a Look, you understand! Lol!

  14. Thanks, Mom! I LOVED the Fairchild Gardens when we went there.... I LOVE GARDENS of any kind! The fountain was a quick version of one I want to make for real.... when I make the Mini Garden for real...... this will take a while!
    As for Mr. Dreamy...... he moves about quite a bit in this mini world... I have NO idea where he is going!

  15. What a fabulous dream story! The table is so cute. I hope you do get to make your garden!