Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Something Old And Something New

And Maybe Even SOME Progress!

Dear Readers, You MUST be thinking that I have Forgotten about the Wedding I am supposed to be planning in my Doll World. But let me assure you, nothing could be Further from the truth! Pollyanna and Daphne have been hard at work researching Gown Styles.... and they have even convinced me to bring home a Bridal Magazine or two to help with the Inspiration that seems to be lacking! As for setting a DATE..... you will just Have to forgive us, but we are Still trying to track down Arthur's FATHER! He was last heard to be chasing rare butterflies on Mount Kilimanjaro, but nobody has heard from him in a while. Celeste thinks we should just go ahead and plan the Wedding without him (she would perhaps rather NOT see him....) and Arthur and Pollyanna are starting to believe they may have to do just that. So we shall see..... it looks as though the Soonest they could get married would be sometime in November...... and that is only IF Pollyanna can get a Gown made in time....... and ALL the OTHER Wedding Party members too.... did I Realize what I was setting myself up for? I am not even sure whether some of the dolls' clothes are removable........ oh dear..... this could be complicated..........!
But for NOW, Pollyanna and Daphne are studying the LATEST Styles...........

There are some STUNNING Gowns that would be an incredibly difficult thing to make in mini....

But with some of the MOST FAMOUS Designers present....
we could perhaps get some great tips....

There is Certainly a LOT to consider.......

And some VERY Beautiful Gowns.......
that Might be Just what we are looking for.......

What do you think......?

So While you are thinking....... I have ALSO been working on the tiny bits and pieces for the Cupboard House. In particular..... I spent an Entire Day cutting and fitting and gluing the Muntins (those vertical dividers) for ALL the windows! It was VERY fidgety work as they really had to fit precisely and there needed to be one on the inside and the outside of the window, both top and bottom...... here you can see the kitchen window completed!

And a view from the outside.... I just LOVE these windows! They actually go Up and Down!

And once they were all done....
I temporarily attached them (with Museum Wax) to the House....
I am Very Happy with the way they look!

And even with the way they look on the inside....... because the front of the cupboard is so Thick there is a lovely Deep window embrasure..... I will need to line it with a sort of extended window frame......

And Another little bit I have been working on is the Plumbing for the Kitchen of the Cupboard House...... specifically, I have tried to make some tiny faucets in a Victorian style.......
Here you can see my first attempt......

It is made with wire and jewelry findings and Sculpey all glued together and painted.....

The only problem is that they are JUST a BIT too BIG! So I tried again with Smaller parts......
Here you can see the Sculpey (black stuff) on the wires and glued together before painting.......

And here you can see the two sets together to compare the size.....

I ALSO started to make the pipes for the Hot water tank...... but I am not sure they are right either...... and I need to add the intake and the outflow pipes... as well as a drain faucet...... so I MIGHT have to make some changes..... and I need to figure out EXACTLY where the pipes GO so they are cut the correct length ....... so you see I have a ways to go with this part.....

Here I have glued the smaller faucets onto the sinks.....
I set them low as there will be wooden hinged Covers on the sinks.......
And here it is in the Kitchen.....
I can't Believe so Little improvement took so MUCH time!

But I am SO glad I have completed the windows.....
they make the Cupboard start to Feel like a HOUSE!

And Now that they are in place on the Cupboard House......
there is Space again in MY House......
to start filling up with more projects!
Maybe I WILL get started on a Wedding Dress.......

Something Old IS Something New


  1. The windows are looking so good, this house is going to be so awesome! As for weddings, I am not getting very far on mine either :(


  2. I always love to see the progress in your houses Betsy and the cupboard house is one of the most interesting for me. The windows look great and I love your little taps! Sometime ago I just couldn't find the idea how I can make them myself and here I found the answer! Thank you so much!
    The evening's sounds are charming - is it what you can hear everynight, Betsy? Lucky you!

  3. Everything you touch on this house has turned to gold, Bets. This one is a sight to behold, your joy forever. From the smallest details like the tap, copper pipes , water tank to those incredible windows, everything fits like a song in spring!

    Your house is making me wax lyrical.

    And then those dresses, especially the gown with the petals, you must make that one, Bets. It is an heirloom piece.

  4. Your windows look marvellous - well worth all that fidgeting! I love the little catch as well - that's an inspirational idea.

  5. The windows go up and down. They go up and down! I'm agog. My windows never go up and down. When I make a chest of drawers the drawers do not open. You are the Master, B. And everything little detail is heart breaking. I love being along for the ride.

    I didn't know about the wedding! The gown that seems to be made from pieced petals looks beautiful, but how to sew this so small? Though, if anyone could do it, it would be you.

  6. I loved the windows and taps!

  7. I like it that you appreciate the dark and sombre yet majestic appearance of the truly Victorian home.

    Glad to see you making that copper hot-water boiler, I have one "in-progress" too in my kitchen of the house I'm working on just now.


  8. Hey, sash windows in miniature that work!! I've been in 1:1 houses where they refuse to go, hehehe. I'm impressed!
    It's good to catch up on your projects - an inspiration as always :)
    xxx Glenda

  9. I, too, am impressed by the working windows! And the boiler with its pipes & sink with faucets, all so amazingly realistic. You are working magic.
    As for the dress - everyone was captivated by the one with the tacked-on flowers, and I was too (except for the backless feature) but I don't think it would translate well to tiny. Better to stick with something simple?
    Lots of love,

  10. Hi Victoria! Sorry it has taken me so long to reply here.... I am still trying to set a date for the wedding.... but am not sure I should as a deadline will only make things less fun..... we will get there eventually!

  11. Hi Ewa! Sorry to be so late replying here... been too busy painting.... :) I am Glad you like this house... and I'm even more glad that I can be an inspiration! I am enjoying the use of Sculpey to make little things... I just need to get better at being Precise!
    And yes, the night sounds are what I hear at this time of year.... until it gets too cold.... which it is starting to do now.... :(
    I will just have to get into the Winter spirit now!

  12. Hi Sans! I LOVE to make people wax lyrical!!!
    And I think I am discovering how much I had stored up inside me about this house! When I started to work on it eight weeks or so ago all I really wanted to do was get the windows out of their box and onto the front of the Cupboard! It has taken over my creative life!
    As for the Gown.... I really want to try to make the one with petals..... but I'm just not sure it suits Pollyanna's character.... she seems more traditional..... and the Wedding is probably going to be in Winter..... which this Gown looks more like Spring to me.... so we shall see.....

  13. Hi Irene! Sorry to be so slow replying.... been busy.... The windows are SOOOO fun! But I can't take credit for the idea for the catch.... I saw it on another blog... I think it might have been Otterine who used them... but I'm not sure...
    I agree that they are Really a Wonderful detail!

  14. Thank you Amy! I will admit that these windows are Enchanting! And I think I bought them all those years ago.... not even knowing that they WORKED! But you do have to disassemble them part way and stain all the pieces separately. When I opened the first window package and loose pieces fell off, I at first thought they were broken.... but then I realized they made it possible to separate the pieces to work on them!
    As for the gown..... I AM itching to try the difficult ones.... WHY do I do that to myself??? Yeah... it IS more fun that way! :) Thank you for your vote of confidence!

  15. Hi Cassandra! Welcome to my blog! I have been over to look at yours and see you have a lot going on... I will have to spend some time checking it all out! I LOVE your names.....
    Thanks for commenting!

  16. Hi Glenda! Wonderful to hear from you again! I, too, have been in houses with windows like that.... in fact EVERY house I've lived in has had Old Stuck windows! Just so you know that the Cupboard House is true to life.... one of the windows is Stuck.... it came already assembled wrong.... and some of the others are very hard to move or too easy to move!!! I tried to switch parts around to balance it out... but some parts just want to stick!
    I'm glad you are enjoying this house! :)

  17. Hi Mom! I am having a hard time deciding about the dress.... I like the idea of the Challenge to make the one with petals.... but I think it is not the right gown for Pollyanna.... her character is more traditional.... we shall see!

  18. The best part about your dollhouse is the classic 19th century water tank which is very much like the real thing, only smaller. I'm fond of the antique yet beautifully-crafted designs of those tanks, though I also like the modern ones. It would be great if you could post a picture of the finished dollhouse.

    Richelle Loughney