Monday, December 5, 2011

Move Over!

Christmas Is Coming!

Success! Yes, Dear Readers, Success is Sweet!
I left you at the end of my Last post with a Big Agenda for the weekend, and no assurance that I could manage to get it all done! Well, I am happy to report that the Wiring of the Central Portion of the Castle is DONE! In my last post I left you with pictures of wires hanging every which way off the back side of the Castle and all those little channels cut in the walls. Well, this picture shows you what a VAST improvement it makes just to glue all those wires into their little channels! Presto, NEATO! Well, maybe not Presto.... it took several evenings of very sticky fingers and glue dripping all over the place..... AFTER I spent several evenings learning all about joining wires with those little shrink tubes.......... but was it ever Worth it!
Here you can see all the wires in their channels and only sticking out all over the place from INSIDE that Chimney area.......

And a closer view of the Chimney area with the wires glued on the outside but not the inside area........

Here you can see I have attached the back section of the Chimney...
except for the opening where a door allows access to all the plugs..........

This is a view of the back side with the entire Chimney in place and one of the Privy Buttresses attached....... some of the wire channels ran under the privy buttresses.......

And here you can see the little Access Door..............

With this Lovely little brass latch hook........

And when it opens.......

You can see the Mess of all the wires and plugs!

Having Accomplished all that, I was able to spend the weekend MOVING the Castle back to it's position along the wall... not an easy task as so much needed to be moved out of its way before it could be moved....... I'm Sure you know how it goes...... too Much Stuff in Too Small a Space!
But I got it done! And I went out and got my Christmas trees (Yes, Plural trees) and put them up! Here you can see my (ahem) Dining Room with the Castle along the wall........ and the tree with the colored lights lit..........

And a view from the other side......... see the Castle lights are ON!

And a closer view...... yes, I know... the lighting is poor... it is SO DARK here now........

But really, that is how the NIGHT was in the Middle Ages....... DARK and LONG and COLD..... with only torches for light and the Fire in the Hearth for warmth........

And in the Kitchen too...... where Belle has been baking bread in the oven...........
and roasting goose on the hearth.......
And Henry is Hungry.........!

So you can see that the lights are working! The Castle is MOVED, and I am ready to decorate my trees.... big and small..... and bake the Gingerbread.... and Draw the Christmas Card.....
Here you can see the tree in my upstairs studio where the drawing table is.....
it will keep me company while I draw this year's Christmas Card.........

And the downstairs tree with the colored lights..........
which will light the dark nights while I decorate the gingerbread........ and the Trees..........
and the dollhouses......

Clearly, I still have a LOT to do!
Move Over!


  1. Congratulation on having the wiring work finished, The castle looks great in the evening light. I have quite a similar issue with wire work to do, but I made a solution to moving the house. I got a table from my mum and then I added some wheels I had tucked away. Now I can move the house when I want to fix the lightning and also when I want to make photos, I can turn it and get the bright daylight in... That is, IF there were any bright daylight at this time of the year :0(

  2. You have done a great job on the wiring, well done. It was well worth all the time and effort.
    I love your trees (plural), luck girl. Im old fashioned and prefer the coloured lights LOL. Enjoy making your cards and gingerbread.

  3. Very well done! I'm extremely impressed with your perseverence on tackling that job. Lighting is the one thing that makes me stamp my feet like a five year old when it does't go well! It looks so good with the lights on, you've really captured the atmosphere.

  4. Your Christmas tree is beautiful!
    The lighting of the castle is something great, congratulations for this work!

  5. Congratulations Daydreamer!
    Excellent job on the wiring. Honestly, looking at the quality of your work, I had no doubt you'd get it done easily!
    You've said it about Dewell Manor and now i say it to you, The size of the castle is impressive. I just love that you made the rooms big enough to be real. I look at the pictures and feel like I'm in a castle. I know for many size is limited (or scary), but I applaud you for not holding back. Great job!
    I can't wait to see more,
    All the best,

  6. Congrats Betsy! I knew the Cstle with lights on will look fabulous and it does! Great work! Can't stop looking at your photos!
    And I love your Christmas trees and the dining room with all these great dollhouses around!

  7. Hurrah! It looks like a fairy tale-absloutely magical! I'm still shaking my head in admiration of your wiring skills-that was no simple job. And I get a glimpse of your dollhouse room, with the other houses standing by-it reminds me of a store from my childhood, The Calico Dollhouse on Long Island-a meandering old one story house that looked like it was built by Hansel as an adult, rooms filled with lit doll houses.

    Is that a red wall I see, behind your beautiful tree? It looks lovely-perfect for the season...

  8. Yay Betsy! The castle lights look so beautiful in the darkness. Your space is as tight as mine LOL.


  9. Betsy, it truly is an impressive sight, all lit up! I love it.

    I keep my Merriman Park in the dining room, too, in a room about the same size. Weird, huh?

  10. I love the lights. They were definately worth the effort. I notice in the photo of the great hall that it looks like you've almost made enough tiles for the floor too. You must have amazing quanities of patience.

  11. Amazing. Your patience, brilliance and manual dexterity boggle the mind! It's because you can anticipate the wonderful results, I know. I feel like telling all your admirers that last winter I shared the tiny upstairs office/bedroom with that adorable tree. Sweet dreams!
    Lots of love,

  12. Thank you, Natalia! Welcome to my blog!
    I am really still learning about the wiring.... so hopefully when it is ALL done it will still work!

  13. Thanks, Annie! I have considered getting some wheels for the base.... but even so it is SO BIG it is difficult to move! For now, it is staying where it is!

  14. Thanks, Simon! I used to prefer the colored lights but when I had the chance to have two trees I started to love the white ones too.... so now I can't give either one up! Spoiled is what I am!

  15. Thanks, Irene! I know what you mean about the tantrums.... I just didn't mention all the nasty words that went along with the project....LOL! My method was to stop and go to bed when the swearing got too loud! But I DID get it done! And it Works! Success IS sweet!

  16. Thank you, Eliana! I will have to show an update on the trees when I have them DECORATED! The lights are my favorite part.... but the ornaments are beautiful too!

  17. Thank you, Giac! I am Honored by your confidence in my abilities! I consider myself a Complete Novice! But Perseverance I have in plenty!
    As for the size of the Castle..... I LOVE dollhouses that have a realistic scale.... alas, they do take up a lot of space.... but they are so much more fun to play with! (And Build!) When I was planning the Castle, I went with the largest dimensions I felt I could handle.... even though in CASTLE terms, they are tiny..... And I did compress the GRAND ideas a bit..... but my 1:1 house is rather small so I have to be (sort of) realistic!

  18. Thank you, Ewa! I Love the Dining Room with the Christmas tree too! And now that the Castle is back where it belongs.... the room feels a lot bigger!

  19. Hi Amy! It is magical to have all the dollhouses set up and with their lights on.....
    That must have been some shop.... I never had the pleasure of knowing such stores existed until I was in my twenties..... and then I only knew of one.... and never had enough money to shop there!
    And yes... the red you see is actually a Lovely rich raspberry maroon ..... Someday I will do a post on my other blog showing the room.... I LOVE the color!

  20. Hi Victoria! I am SUCH a space pig.... my old house was bigger..... and I only had the Lovely Old Dollhouse..... my Family all think I am NUTS to have so many dollhouses in this tiny space! But I LOVE them and can't imagine not having them!

  21. Thanks, John! I think there is something about a Dining Room..... I think it is the Table's fault... all that level space for projects..... just makes it the LOGICAL space for a Dollhouse! I'd love to see pictures of your "workspace" sometime!

  22. Thanks, Alennka! Yes, you see the tiles almost ready for the next step... I have made enough but now I need to make sure I like the arrangement of the different patterns... and figure out how to do the grout! I think Patience is just me being slow and sometimes timid.... But, eventually I get it figured out!

  23. Thank you, Mom! As always.... I LOVE your comments! And it was SUCH a treat to have you here last winter!

  24. Had so much of reading your last 3 posts in no particular order :). A little like travelling in a time warp :). Dearie, I am shaking my head too! You are not only an artist, an engineer too! :)

    And so many doll houses all at once. A true multi tasker. Not me :(. I have to complete one before I can start another house. How boring to watch right? :) Yours I find absolutely fascinating!