Monday, February 13, 2012

Bridal Shower!

Did You Remember There's Going To Be A Wedding?

But BEFORE there can be a Wedding, Dear Readers, there are Million and One Things to Do! And not the least of these is have a Bridal Shower! So Pollyanna's Sister, Sally May, has decided to Host the Shower at her home.... even though she feels it is a Woefully Inadequate Venue for such a gathering! But since it is really just for Family and close Friends she has overcome her reluctance and opened her doors. She hopes Nobody will mind the horrid old floors and ratty wallpaper and even the gaping Holes where windows should be! Chip has Assured her that these glaring faults will ALL be mended... but nobody can do it all in a day! She Hopes that her Guests will not mind! She has laid out her china and the CAKE on her Very Nice dining table...... she wishes she had more to offer.... Annabelle is helping her to get ready.....

The guests are waiting in the Parlor.......

Sally May wants Pollyanna to start unwrapping her gifts......

There are Quite a few!

Annabelle is wondering when it will be Time for CAKE!

Pollyanna has unwrapped a Lovely Blue China Tea Set!

Sally May has found an extra table to display the gifts......

Oh LOOK! She has been given a Blender and A Coffee Maker!!!

(These are Refrigerator magnets I collected a LONG time ago!)

And here are a few more lovely gifts....
A prettily painted glass Decanter... a set of wooden salad bowls.....
Oh, and an old fashioned Waffle Iron!!!

See the waffle Iron...
it hinges open and can be set on top of a hot stove or fire.....

Oh, and she has some lovely blue Spatter ware....
a set of dishes and some pots and pans....

And of COURSE there is a Toaster!
And a Lovely painting
and a Beautiful Tree of Life Wall Hanging......

Of course, there are MORE gifts...
but I am SURE you are like everybody else....
you are ready for some CAKE and Tea....

Everyone gathers in the Dining room...
even the Latecomers.....
Pollyanna's friend Cherie and Great Aunt Agatha......

Annabelle is hoping it is Finally Time for CAKE.....

"Please".....(she says...)
"I want some CAKE!"

"Annabelle...!" says Sally May..."Guests first!"

"I agree with Annabelle" says Joanna...
"I want some CAKE too!"

I hope you will forgive me, Dear Readers, for leaving you there.... hungry for CAKE ... watching the late afternoon sunshine find it's way into Sally May's dining room... but there is just SO MUCH to do! I must find or MAKE a Priest for the Wedding ceremony..... and all the decorations... flowers, tables, CAKE...... Not to mention the GOWNS! Everybody, it seems, will need a New Fancy outfit! And the men ALL need Suits!!!! I REALLY didn't think this through when Arthur proposed to Pollyanna a year ago.... yes, already a Year ago on Valentine's Day!
I should have told them to Elope!!!!
But then we would have missed ALL the fun......
(I do LOVE to sew!!!)
I have started to sew the Wedding Gown
(almost completed as of this Post!).......
Would you like a Sneak preview....?

Isn't it Beautiful?

Did You Remember There's Going To Be A Wedding?


  1. Muchos hermosos regalos para la novia!
    El vestido será divino, la puntilla es a crochet?
    Un abrazo

    1. Gracias, Rosamargarita! Si, la puntilla es a crochet. I made it a long time ago when I was much younger.... I am so happy to be able to use it now!

  2. I love weddings! Don't let them elope, planning weddings for the little people should be great fun. And it's a good thing you like to sew. I know that our little friends can be very particular about the clothes they wear!

    Some time ago, I bought a minister from someone on eBay -- a very nice porcelain doll for a very resonable price. Have you looked there?

    I loved the bridal shower and it looks like everyone had a great time and gave some very nice gifts to the bride-to-be.


    1. Hi Iris! It is a good thing I love to sew.... but I am learning to cut corners too so I don't have to sew Everything! These are clothes the Dolls are only going to wear ONCE, for heavens sake!!! (Am I NUTS?)
      Thanks for the tip about the priest.... I think I've seen one in an online catalog somewhere.... but I'm probably going to make him myself... save some money and add to the characters for the Castle Dollhouse at the same time!
      Stay tuned ....

  3. Ohhh this is going to be the Most beautiful wedding dress of all, Betsy! I am sure about that!:) I want to see more of the dress soon!LOL!
    I am a bit jealous of your sewing skills, you know...;D

    1. Hi Ewa! Thank you for your confidence in me! I have to tell you that it IS a BEAUTIFUL dress..! I have finished it... but I won't want to show it until the Wedding... I wouldn't want to bring bad luck...!
      I will probably show the other gowns... soon...!
      I learned to sew when I was very young... I used to sew all my own clothes as a young teenager... it was the only way I could afford to be fashionable...! So I have a good sense of what shape the cloth needs to be cut... even so... Stitching on such small pieces is VERY challenging!!! You are wise to use glue... I just have no experience with that!

  4. I remembered. I know it will be over the top and I can't wait to see the dress.
    I took the easy way out and hired a wedding planner LOL.


    1. Thanks Victoria! It is ALREADY So Much MORE than I Thought it would be.. LOL! Stay tuned!

  5. Hi Daydreamer.
    It looks like everyone had a great party!What lovely gifts, the detail is incredible. The wedding dress looks set to be another miniature perfection. I can't wait for the wedding...
    Simon x

    1. Thanks Simon! I have to confess that I think the dress came out Just Beautifully! But I'm going to keep it Secret until the Big Day... which will be when EVERYTHING ELSE is ready!

  6. Hello from Spain: I just discovered your blog and love it. I have a blog that I invite you to visit: I like your photos. If you want to keep in touch with blog blog

    1. Hi Marta! Welcome to my blog! You have some Lovely Barbies! I will have to come read your stories! Thanks for commenting!

  7. Hi Betsy,
    I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I LOVE your blog. I think the way you show us your work and your collection through stories is wonderfull. It's such fun!
    I can't wait to see the wedding dress...and the wedding for that matter.
    Thank you for being such a wonderful story teller!
    All the best,

    1. Thanks, Giac! It is comments like yours that make me feel better about all the stories....:):) Sometimes I wonder "What has gotten into me... to get so carried away by the little people?" But it really IS Fun... and I do LOVE to share the stories.... and I DO get carried away!!! So Stay Tuned!
      Thank YOU for your Lovely comments!

  8. Betsy, it looked just like a REAL bridal shower! With all the confusion & wrappings & people sitting in mis-matched chairs. Loved it. Can't wait to see the outfits.
    Lots of love,

    1. Thanks Mom! Here I was feeling SO apologetic about the condition of Sally May's house.... poor Dear... it is Kind of at the Bottom of the list! But now that I think of it... we have lived in a lot of "ratty" houses.... so it Does look Quite realistic!! (Her Furniture is nicer than ours...! LOL!)
      Stay Tuned... outfits are coming soon...!

  9. Gosh, I am dreading the wedding I will have to plan, LOL! It was one of the first scenes I wanted to recreate and now I am sure it may be the last to be realised :).

    How is it you love sewing? I find it such a pain :). I am sure you will make everyone look gorgeous .

    I wonder what grooms get if they have groom showers. Brides always get household items. LOL

    1. Hi Sans! I LOVE to sew because it is one of those things I learned when I was young and it has given me much pleasure over the years! I used to sew my own clothes... not to mention dolls and doll clothes... it is very empowering to be able to make things (as I am SURE you know!) and cloth is easy to manage.... except for teeny tiny pieces! These doll costumes are challenging!
      Your Maharaja's Wedding will HAVE to be an AMAZING Accomplishment when you get it done! I am SURE you will get there! (I look forward to seeing it!!)

  10. Betsy, the boys at Merriman Park want to throw the groom a little Bachelor Party before the Big Day. We're trying to keep it all on the 'DL' because you know what happens when the paparazzi gets wind of these things...needless to say it will be one of THE events of the Season. :)

    1. Hah! John, You Crack me Up! I LOVE it!!! SUCH a Sweet and Thoughtful Offer! Hee Hee... I Love this Little World!

  11. Wonderful gifts!! How exciting... a wedding! I'm new so just finding out about the happy day now. The dress will be beautiful, I know it!

  12. I was having trouble with my internet connection at first, so I was seeing that blue question mark instead of pictures, (It resolved itself, and your photos did pop into place), but before I could see them, I was concentrating on the text, and your line about having to make a Priest for the ceremony was hilarious! And yes, I would definitely want cake, I always do. Last party I went to, I brought chocolate cake, but the person who was designated the cake server gave us all very narrow pieces, like slices of American Cheese. I still think about that cake.

    The Tree of Life wall hanging is truly lovely. I wish I was there...