Monday, October 8, 2012

The Desk - Part Two

Just Like I Always Wanted...

I have completed the Tiny Desk, Dear Readers, and I realized somewhere along the way that THIS is the Desk I have Always wanted! There is just Something about the Gothic Doors on the upper portion that I LOVE!  So here I will show you the close-ups of making these tiny doors....because they presented some Challenges! To begin with, they are made from Cardboard rather than wood.... and since this desk is stained a lighter color than the Library Cabinets.... I tried the lighter stain on the cardboard as well. But it turned quite dark... much too dark to go with the lighter wood. And when I used the stain on lighter colored cardboard.... it was too Light to go with the wood! So I resolved to Paint the doors to match the stained wood! They are close in color.... but it is clear that they are not stained wood. Nevertheless... they are the doors I am using!

Here you can see the outer doors mostly assembled 
(I forgot to take pictures of the first steps)... 
and you can see the lighter color of the inner layer of the doors.
I used the same pin hinges I made for the Library Cabinets... but these are Smaller!
Below you can see the partly glued hinge....

The one on the left just has the wire with the cloth strip glued on....
The one on the right has the inner door layer added....

Here they are being tested for fit..... a bit crooked!

And here's the completed Desk!!!
Well... before I added the books...

Which you can see here! 
I made some that are just cardboard with the magazine paper glued over it.... 
so the thicknesses vary.. 
These shelves are smaller than the Library shelves!!!

I also added a "letter" or two to the mail slots inside the desk....
And I made an ink well with a Teensy-Tiny feather pen.... !
which is sitting on the Library Table...

And although it is Really hard to see once the shelves are in place.... 
I added books to the shelves on the back wall... 
Here you can see them removed from the Tree...
(I haven't glued ANY of it down yet!)

And the door handle rings too.... 
The cabinet Doors are open in the picture below.... 
so you can see the books.....

And I've even made a "Stab" at the pesky Lighting for this room....
I'm testing a "Torchere" lamp in the Front right corner.....

Made from jewelry findings and an LED.......
Right now it is leaning and wobbly because the parts aren't glued together yet... 
so they wouldn't stay put...

The idea being that if it is to the front... right in the corner.... 
it won't be too noticeable, but will cast a certain amount of light into the room....
I'm still not sure this is the way to go!
The jewelry finding is fairly bulky.... 
but it needs to cover the wire leads for the LED.....
And this room is Really Dark and Moody... 
it is amazingly difficult to photograph...!

 But at least I have finished the Desk!

I might still add one or two more accessories.......
But there you have it.....
The Desk.... Part Two!


  1. Amazing!!! I love the finished desk, the room looks just right now with the dim light. I still can't imagine working in such a small scale unless you are magic :)


    1. Thanks, Victoria! (I will have to get out my Magic Wand...!)

  2. I love the gothic arch doors! The finished desk is just perfect.

  3. SWEET! Betsy, your desk turned out incredible --I knew you would figure it all out. I laughed when you said nothing is glued down, yet, because that's how I work, sneeze and everything blows apart! The details are spot-on and I am in love with the quill and ink pot...BTW I just read your comments on my blog --thanks lots,


    1. Thanks, John! I have to be really careful NOT to Sneeze... with THIS Scale... things are So Tiny that Sneezing is Seriously Disastrous!!! I am getting to the point where I really want to glue at least ONE part down... LOL.. then the others have something to lean on with out knocking everything askew!

  4. Wonderful...those little hinged doors and the's just amazing what you can make in this small scale! What's next??? I can hardly wait :-)

    1. Thanks, Margriet! There are all sorts of tiny wonders still to come... I just wish I had more time to work on them...!

  5. The desk is stunning!!!! I don't know how patient you must be, dear Betsy, to make all these mini mini mini doors open! I want a desk like that too. Only in 1:1 scale please!lol!

    1. Thanks, Ewa! I think this room is filling up with all sorts of things I wish I had in 1:1 scale! Lol! Sometimes I expand the pictures and just pretend....!

  6. Wow! The desk is amazing. Your micro work is gorgeous!
    Hugs, Drora

    1. Thanks, Drora! I am having a Lot of fun making them!

  7. Stunning and amazing and incredible... you're working miracles. And your post are so very well done, it's always a pleasure to follow you on your way to achieve the perfect result.


    1. Thank you, Birgit!!! (I am always worried I will add too many pictures and Bore everybody...! Lol!) I am really glad you like them! :):):)

  8. Such a great job, Bets! Bravo! I am not sure I will ever do one from scratch so you are my hero!

    Your little mouse house is getting so cosy and posh all at once :).

    1. Thank you, Sans! (Never say never... one day you will find yourself making from scratch!)

  9. Awesome work, Betsy! Would a mouse of 1 cm fit in the mouse treehouse? Love the finished desk and the tiny books, it's gorgeous work!
    Greetings, Ilona

    1. Hi Ilona! Yes, a 1 cm Mouse would surely fit! I had to go find a measure that had centimeters.... LOL! As near as I can tell the Jacobean chair is 3cm tall overall! It seems so Big to me!!!

  10. I want a desk like that, too. Used to be called a "secretary."
    I think it's ok that the library's gloomy; but of course you do have to have some kind of lighting. If it were a real room it might have a hanging stained glass lamp. Or a desk lamp with a green shade. In any case, not much light, but enough to read by.
    I think your library is absolutely amazing!

    1. Thanks, Mom! I am considering a Tiffany-style lamp... it is so difficult in this tiny scale to find parts small enough... so we shall see!!!

  11. Wonderful warm room to work at the desk or read in the "big" chair by the fire, a lovely, magical hideaway. I love it, I think your pictures are great!

    1. Thanks, Margot! I'm so glad you appreciate it!!

  12. Hello Betsy...I want to comment about how amazing the desk is, but my mind keep wondering away and back to the pictures of this incredible room. I think I said it before, it has charm, warmth, grandeur and magic! It is incredible and I can just imagine myself at that FANTASTIC desk writting letters and then sitting in that great chair and enjoying the fireplace. The room is perfectly gothic, but has a wonderful surrealist art look to it.
    It is magnificent. EXCELLENT work my dear Betsy. I love it!
    Big hug,

  13. Thank you, Giac! The more I add... the less room there is for all the things I Want to add... LOL! I am so glad you like it... It has me Thoroughly Enchanted too! (I wish for one in RL... but isn't that the way with these minis we build?... Fantasy!)

  14. Que fantastica habitacion, se ve tan magica.
    Excelente trabajo, me ncantan las fotografias.
    besitos ascension

  15. You have done such a marvellous job with this little project - 10/10. No detail has been overlooked.

  16. I just think that what you are doing at this scale is simply amazing! I am just in awe at what you have accomplished. :)

  17. Amazing! you truly take my breath away with your creativity and inventiveness. I love the bureau bookcase, and all the other details in this room. The light seems to work well too, not too bright, and a good style for this slightly gothic room.


    Andy xxx

  18. Even though its not 1\6th scale, I love what you do.