Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Little Trees & Tiny Trees

I Love Christmas Trees....

The Christmas Tree has been put up in the Lovely Old Dollhouse, Dear Readers, even though I have not had any time lately to "perfect" it's decoration! The base is still a stumpy old block of wood.... and the branches are rather crude and large for the scale. I did add a new brass Angel to the top and Charles has added a few small decorations....

There were some tiny hearts cut out of lace added.... 
and a garland with stars.....

But otherwise it is just the same as Last year! 
Will I ever get the time to decorate the house the way I imagine it to be...?

There should be garlands and stockings by the hearth.......
And ribbons on the mirror frames.....
And the Overmantle should be finished...  
and so forth...
At least I have put the Creche up on the sideboard.....

Here you can come a little closer.....

It is the same one from last year... and it looks very good here... 
But perhaps there should be a Stable...?
So many things I would like to add.... and so little time!
Charles is admiring the decorated tree.... 
but all the rest of the Family are either out or busy changing their clothes.....
(They are still dressed in their fancy outfits...!)

Meanwhile in the Tree House there have been a couple of Decorations added to the Salon....

It seems that Anna Maria wanted a Traditional Tree to decorate the Niche.....

And I also made a couple of Tiny Trees for the Mantlepiece....
Made from Lycopodium glued into beads!

 Of course, they are VERY small and Quite hard to see....
And if you even Breathe too hard they go flying off the Mantle....!
But I think they add a certain Seasonal Touch!

For the Traditional Tree I took a one inch tall mini bottlebrush tree 
and cut off all the artificial snow....
I glued on a star and gold and iridescent beads of different sizes.....

I think it is just PERFECT in the empty niche!

Anna Maria has come to look over the Decorations... 
I don't think she expected to see Us here...!

But maybe she won't really mind ... if we just look Quietly!

I don't know if I'll get any other decorating done....
But I really wanted to show you the Little Tree and the Tiny Trees!


  1. Your trees are so lovely and the tiny ones especially sweet!

  2. I LOVE IT ALL!!
    Well done on such welcoming and inviting rooms, just right for Christmas.
    Have a wonderful Holiday
    Simon x

    (Ashamed went to dress my dollhouse up for Christmas, went also to do the same in Snape's office but Snape got offended and said he's moving out to Spinner's End if I do that! LOL!)
    Seriusly Betsy I love the charming little Christmas tree!

  4. Hello Betsy,
    Once again, I want to go spend Christmas in your dollhouses! The rooms are so beautiful and warm and welcoming! Very much like the wonderfula rtist who created them. I think that's what makes your work so incredible, they really are extensions of you! The trees are just perfect and look fantastic in the pictures! What you achieve in super small scale is a wonder to me!
    Big hug my friend,

  5. Your decorations are so lovely, and even if you won't find the time to do a little more there will be wonderful, traditional Christmas days celebrated. That "big" one is so beautiful... and I admire the tiny ones. I had to laugh that you've cut away the fake snow... I usually take my brush and paint it green, but of course I don't need it as small as you for your tree house... ;O)


  6. Your work is such a delight to see! Those wee trees are so cute! I love your houses. There is about them a uniqueness not seen anywhere else.

  7. Beautiful little Christmas tree and nativity scene!
    The little blue tree is wonderful! ;)

  8. So pretty and full of Christmas spirit, you have done a wonderful job of bringing so many lovely things together even if it's not all you intended.

    It's so hard to fit every thing in when its such a busy time of year.

    ML Fi xx

  9. Perfecter than perfect :):) It looked that that niche was built fr that tree and I know you picked blue for the room but it felt like the room was repainted just for the tree :):).

    I love what you did with the lovely old house last year for xmas and even though you say you didn't change much, it felt fresh :). That tree is also just perfect and not too big. We have larger than life trees here and personally if I have a tree, I will pick a huge one too.

  10. Your trees are beautiful! Love the tiny ones and the one in the niche looks just like it was meant to be there :-)

  11. Precioso trabajo
    Feliz año 2013. Que te permita realizar muchos proyectos como éste y te brinde todo aquello que deseas

  12. OMG Betsy, those tiny trees.......really fantastic!! You're just like me: I have a Christmas tree and other ornaments for Christmas and every year I think I must decorate the dolls house with Christmas, but it still isn't finished after 10 years :D!!!
    Still no mice to see?? I think they unfortunately are vanished from this globe by hurricane "Sandy" and we will never see them again. I am so sorry, Betsy I really wanted you to have them....:(
    Nevertheless I wish you a Merry Christmas and a healthy 2013!!
    Hugs, Ilona

  13. Better late than never.
    Personally, I think the decorated room in the lovely old dolls house looks just perfect. Not too crowded. You could live in that room. I guess I like the slightly spare New England look better than the Victorian; after all, I actually had a Victorian grandmother with lots of knick knacks.
    You're doing fine!
    Lots of love,

  14. Betsy, I hope you did have a wonderful Christmas! I think the best possible holiday was celebrated inside your dollhouses, everything so beautifully displayed and detailed and gorgeous. I've seen some very lovely miniature trees in my days but never one so intricate. It really seems like individuals, small, yes, but real as life, trimmed the tree with their very own hands. When you do stop to consider that yes, one exhalation can send the details flying through space, you appreciate it all the more!

    Have a very happy New Year, with days of creativity, and beautiful skies, and good health. I can hardly wait to see the 2013 seasons roll out again with you riding them like a magic carpet!