Tuesday, August 20, 2013

When The Sun(flower) Rises

Someday A Garden There Will Be....

Everything seems better in the morning light, Dear Readers, and perhaps that is what Daphne and Will are discovering as the new day is beginning. Are they still on the porch? Did they sleep at all? Or did Dawn sneak up on them as they sat and talked, trying to restore their sense of normalcy after the revelations of the night. Will has made the coffee and carried the mugs out to the porch where they sit, reluctant to break the peaceful spell of Dawn. Daphne is feeling better now that her Secret shame is brought out into the light.

Will is not sure he is feeling better.... but he is feeling wiser....
and he is willing to argue that wiser is better... even if it doesn't feel that way.
At least he is aware of where he stands, and how far it is from where he thought it was.

And if he is honest with himself, 
he would much rather know the 'real' Daphne, 
with all her flaws and mistakes, 
than only be allowed to see the false image she shows to the world.
Daphne is just relieved that she no longer needs to be so guarded, 
that she can open up and let those close to her see her pain.
Even if nothing else changes, 
she thinks that will make it easier to bear her sorrow.
In spite of everything, the world is still turning and a new day has begun.
And I hope you will forgive me Dear Readers, if I confess, that Nothing got done this week in my miniature World! Too many disruptions happened in my RL world!
But as is often the case, 
there are a couple of tiny things I have made a while ago 
and never had the chance to share with you!
The first is this little bird feeder I made out of a jewelry part I got at "Michaels"...

And I hung it from the corner of the front porch. 
I always fill my bird feeders in RL with sunflower seeds....
So it seems only appropriate that when I made this.... 
I imagined those black beads are sunflower seeds!
And then when Sans! of My Maharajah's Palace Dollhouse blog sent me some lovely sunflowers for her blog anniversary giveaway... I knew At Once that one of these sunflowers was destined to grow from a lonely dropped seed from the bird feeder....

And no shrinking violet would THIS Sunflower be!
But it would grow as if by magic... to a towering ten feet tall!!!

And please, Dear Readers... do not examine too closely my attempts to make a Sunflower plant! I am a novice at mini flower making... and I know I have been claiming that "Someday" I will make the Garden that surrounds The Folly. And I even made a start! But that start consisted of the Tree.... which became a mini Tree House Project.....! Which is not even half way done after a year and a half of building! So you see how far I am from having Anything that resembles 
the Garden I Dream of!

But I need to show you the Other place that Sunflowers have been growing in my life....
Just a year ago I started painting sunflowers on my RL Kitchen walls....

Around the walls in my breakfast nook.....
And of course, this is just the beginning.....

I had to add some morning glories too.....
And because I am SO SLOW to complete these wall paintings.....
It still looked just about the same at Christmas.....

When Sans! was deciding to send her Sunflowers around the World....
Bringing Magic and Sunshine into the far flung corners of Mini blogland!

And in case you didn't notice.... 
everything else that is "growing" in this "Someday" garden....
Is a gift I have received from Sans! 
The suitcase Garden... 
and the Sunflower, and the wild Rambling Rose that is hidden behind the fountain..... 
all came from my Dear friend Sans!

Oh, Look! Even now the Sun is Rising....

Turning the sunflower into a little piece of Sunshine....

Sneaking it's warmth into every corner....

From the tiniest seed, a Giant flower has grown.....
From one stray Flower a Garden will grow....

With the help of our friends, near and far.... 
we will realize our Dreams....
And even though we are a Long way from the Happy Ending I have promised you, Dear Readers, I hope you will take this as a little seed of Happiness that will blossom in Time...
Because Just as This Sun (Flower) Rises...
 Someday, Surely, a Garden There Will Be!


  1. Everything always looks better in the morning. I am glad there are no tears anymore. Sans! nicked all the hankies and Art ended up wiping his nose on his sleeve! I do feel for Will. Poor fella! I hope the sunflower that stands so tall and bright to greet the sun will inspire him and keep his spirit up! As for the rest of the garden, seeds take time and patience.
    Nice way to have your breakfast, surrounded by bright and cheery sunflowers! Looking good so far.
    Angélique just popped on my shoulder and is happy to see them having their coffee in the sun. She says it's o.k. to take a break from mini works for a while, at least Daphne and Will both have a chair to sit on, which is more then Art and Angélique can say...

    1. Hi Veronique! I am so glad you stopped by and didn't need any more hankies! I feel for Will too, and he has a lot to accomplish ahead of him... but that is the story and I mustn't jump ahead! I do get a bit impatient with myself when my ideas are so far ahead of the "reality".... but you are right... seeds take time to grow! All that really matters is having fun on the way! I hope Angelique gets her chairs soon... everyone needs a place to sit down after all! (And I can't wait to see them...!!!):)

    2. I knew I was forgetting something!! *slaps her hand to her forehead* : The chairs!!!! Of course! *Waves goodbye and runs to workroom*....

  2. Oh I love the way you planted the sunflower! It looks so real!The bird feeder is fantastic! All we miss there is a small colourful bird.:) :)
    And as usual I adore your paintings in your kitchen! They are so so pretty. (Which brings me to you question: I would LOVE to see at once what you've painted for me but maybe I will show a little bit of patience and wait for you to surprise me...;))
    And the Story! Are you psychologist, Betsy? You write about the Couple's emotions so right! :) :)

    1. Hi Ewa!! The colorful birds are scared away whenever anyone is on the porch.... other times there is a veritable turf war going on as they fight for the seats on the feeder! LOL!
      I am glad you like my Unfinished paintings in my kitchen.... I posted the pictures to shame myself into working on them some more!!! As for your picture... now I will need to think about showing it here first.... I so much want you to see it in real first... because I still think it is so imperfect! You must let me know if your address is the same... mine has not changed!
      I am glad you are enjoying my story... I worried about getting too "grown up" in the stories... but that is life! There is so much more to tell!!!

  3. Such a beautiful thought provoking post. Love the sunflower and it's story. I am sure it is just the start of what will be a most wonderful garden.

    1. Thank you, Sharee! I have to admit that I take a LONG time to complete things!!! I wish I was faster... but in the end I get distracted by making things so detailed... so it takes longer! I hope you can be patient! :)

  4. Hi Betsy, I just love your story, Will and Daphne are such gorgeous characters and Daphne's secret shame....I'm so intrigued??? i feel I have missed something??? I'll have to go back and check some other posts. This is like watching a soapy....stay tuned for the next episode......

    Your sunflowers are beautiful and how lovely to have some special additions for your garden from friends afar.....

    ML Fi xx

    1. Hi Fi! Oh yes, if you missed part one you will Have to go back! It is a veritable weepy Soap!!! I had to post this follow up to cheer everyone up after the last post! It will take Many installments to tell the whole tale! I do hope you don't mind...!
      I am glad you like the sunflowers! And I am just amazed at how generous blog friends are!!! My life is SO much richer for it! Thanks for being part of this blogland... I always love to see your posts and your comments here are really appreciated! :)

  5. Hello Dear Betsy,
    I am happy the big secret is out...I think it will bring them together. Your kitchen is just beautiful. what a fun pop of color and life. You did an excellent job on it. Bravo!
    I love the birdfeeder and the sunflower is great. Do not apologize for your flower work. they are beautiful and create a realistic illusion. Remember, No apologies!
    I hope real life gives you a break sow e will be able to see more of your inspiring work soon.
    Big hug,

    1. Hi Giac! I LOVE color... and my kitchen is a Riot of (mostly) orange, green, silver and blue.... Haha, who would ever throw all those together? The mural is still in the beginning stages.... believe it or not... just imagine the Chinoiserie bedroom in full scale... birds and butterflies and many more flowers....!!! Now you know why I say it is not done yet!
      As for Daphne and Will... honesty is Always best in a relationship! We will just have to see how things develop... sometimes these little people surprise me!
      Thank you for your words of encouragement about my "Someday" garden.... I really will build it... I just don't know how soon... and I'm sure you have experienced the frustration of your ideas being better than your skills to make them! I just need to start practicing.... flowers 101 here I come!!!

  6. The Daphne & Will story shows great promise! Can't wait for the next episode! And how lovely are the sunflowers in your breakfast nook. You will love them next winter (or in November, in the dark).
    Lots of love,

    1. Hi Mom! I am glad you are enjoying the story! I am held up mostly by the need to make settings for the parts.... I think I need to build a stage....! Ha!
      I am glad you like the painting.... will I get it done? It is much better in my imagination! But yes, it cheers a November morning.... and January even more so!!!

  7. Secrets are not healthy for the soul.
    Thankfully, the day breaks and everything takes a different form.
    I loved your walls with painted sunflowers.
    Glad your good friend Sans collaborated in the formation of the garden of your story.

    1. Hi Eliana! That is a wonderfully wise saying about secrets! I never thought of it that way before! Thank you!
      I am glad you like my paintings... I have a long way to go to finish them... same with the garden! And without San's help... I would have no garden at all!!! She has given me so much... in gifts And Inspiration!

  8. Hello Betsy! You have done a great mural for your Real Life kitchen! What a commitment and between that and your castle ceiling and the construction of your tree house and the new mini rat's house and this incredible story, there is now wonder that you find yourself strapped for time. Your friendship with the Fabulous Sans is to be totally cherished. What a woman she is. You have singled out a single sunflower and highlighted it as a constant reminder of how she has begun to make your garden grow. Your little bird feeder is a delight, Betsy, and so is this story!


    1. Hi Elizabeth! You forgot to add the Conservatory project... and the Victorian Brownstone.....! Not to mention the not finished Lovely Old Dollhouse... LOL! Oh well... it is why I have to jump around from time to time! Whenever I am stumped on one project I work on another!
      I am glad you like the mural... but it is far from finished! I have a very elaborate vision.... and a long way to go...
      Same with the mini Gardens... if it weren't for Sans! I would really not have a garden at all!
      Thank you for your words of encouragement, Elizabeth.... I really wrestled with whether to tell this story... but I am sure I will be glad I did in the end.... which may take a while! LOL!

  9. Hi Betsy
    I love the sunflower !! And the painted walls are so pretty.
    And another lovely story - you are such a talented lady.

    1. Thanks Simon! It is wonderful to see you back in blogland! I look forward to scrumptiously inspiring posts from you!
      I am glad you like my beginner garden! I have a Long way to go! LOL!

  10. Everything looks better in the sunshine... it was so good to read another small part of your fantastic story! Your "sansflower" (I LOVE that word Margriet created for Sans!' sunflowers!) is beautiful, I really like the idea of seed fallen down from that lovely bird feeder. And it was fun to see your beautiful dining place - you're a great artist and a brave woman, I would never dare to paint my walls! And what a great way of combining your wall clock with your wall painting!


  11. I'm glad everything looks better when the sun is shining...I'm sure everything will work out for Will and Daphne!
    And the Sansflower (yes, I love that name too :-)) looks wonderful on his long stem!!!
    But I really looooove your kitchen!!! I want a kitchen with sunflowers on the wall too!!!

  12. Hi Betsy!! It has been a long time ago since I visited your blog, I am sorry. I was on summer holiday and we had some family obligations. But now I am back! So you have been painting your kitchen walls with Sans!flowers ;)!? Your kitchen looks like a sunny heaven on earth, so your day starts every morning with a lot of sunbeams?
    Hugs, Ilona

  13. Oh Betsy,
    The story of Daphne and Will is wonderful and so real her despair and Will's love for her.

    And I love your paintings.


  14. THIS is just what I neeeeeeeed. OMG! Thank you Besty!!!!!

    Firstly, do not apologise for taking a long time or I will have to..hahaha..tenfold . I promised the anniversary prezzies in Dec and it only reached you half a year later. Would you believe I only sent out the last batch JUST?! hehe

    There's nothing more gratifying than being able to make something to cheer someone's day. You know, to know someone's felling better because of what you did. So thank you, Betsy, from my heart because this post cheered me loads, still does. Love love love the feeder and how that single sunflower grows from that one seed that wasn't eaten :)

    I didn't expect my humble sunflowers to bring me so much cheer. I am glad that there were enough of you who wanted them for your projects :). The returns I got for sending them out is 100 times more.

    When I saw the sunflowers in your kitchen, I was really bowled over. I always look at the enlarged pictures first before I read the text and for a moment I thought you had gone and painted the murals in Daphne's house :). I can no longer tell your mini work from your RL ones, Bets. You are that good.