Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Confusion Reigns

Jumping Around Again.....

I Really cannot blame you Dear Readers, if you get confused about which story I am updating you on... or exactly when it is supposed to be taking place... Or even which scale I am working in.... because I have been jumping around recently from one scale to another and from one time to another and from one Tale to another! But just to put a little perspective in the confusing picture I am presenting.... Here you can see Samuel Whiskers stopping by the Chapel where Father Alban is supposed to be Getting To Work on his Painting! Samuel Whiskers has been overseeing the construction of the Tree House, which belongs to his Relatives and stands next to The Folly. Father Alban cannot possibly fit into the Tree House.... and Samuel Whiskers is a Rat! But Yes, Father Alban Did finally get to work!

There were quite a few tiny details he needed to add to the painting.....
Which required that he get out his paints and brushes....

And Samuel Whiskers wanted to see....
As I was researching the precise implements that would have been used in the early Fourteenth century, I came a cross a wonderful illustration drawn by a Monk named Hildebert....

Who was very annoyed by a Rat that was stealing his food while he was trying to illuminate his text!
Here he is about to throw his sponge at the creature!
And you can clearly see Hildebert's ink horns and quills positioned in holes on his drawing board....
a technique which I also saw in other illuminations....

Such as this one showing the Friar Rufillus painting the decorated Initial 
with his ink horns carefully held in the drawing board!
And Another illumination showing all the implements for illuminating.....

With the paints mixed in small shells and the brushes laid out in a dish......
And an assistant grinding the pigments.....

So I had to make some brushes and fill the shells with paints for Father Alban.....

So he could get busy and Paint!

So while Father Alban Paints... 
I must jump you to one of the Other Times and Places..... 
or we will never get to the end of Daphne's Story....!

(If I could add a swirling spinning effect.... I would insert it here...!)

Daphne's Story Continues......

Guillaume Andre Rene De Montaigne was very proud of his heritage. His family had lived at the Chateau Montverte since the Sixteenth Century and had weathered Religous Wars and Revolutions alike. Each challenge had only made the Dynasty stronger and their commitment to their land and their people was unshakeable. Generation after generation the land had been handed down from Father to Son, each adding his own strength to the whole. Guillaume had been overjoyed at the birth of his son, Andre, born when he was already well into his Forties. His wife, Yvonne, was eighteen years younger than he, and was the love of his life. They had only been blessed with one child. Andre had been the center of their world. 
And no Father could be more proud of his son than he was of Andre!

To say that he had been dismayed to learn that Andre had been careless enough to get his girlfriend pregnant would be an understatement. He and Yvonne had been hoping that Andre would marry well with a daughter from one of the Families of their milieu. Andre had been raised to expect to take up the mantle of the Family Estate and all that went with it... obligation and privilege alike. 
But Andre had died.
And so many Dreams had died with him.
Guillaume had never thought he would be glad that Andre had left his girlfriend pregnant. 
But this child would be Andre's only child.
And his only Grandchild.
As the time drew near that the child was to be born, 
Guillaume could see the anxiety taking its toll on Yvonne.
The devastation of losing Andre had nearly driven her mad..... 
and all her hopes were wrapped up in the arrival of this child.
To distract her from the endless waiting, 
he convinced her to go with him to America for the Summer Races at Saratoga.

Their prize colt, Lightning was entered in several of the races.....

He was the best horse they had raised in a long time....

And in spite of being still in deep mourning... 
she would enjoy the greater Anonymity of American Society.....
So they spent three busy weeks in America....

Where Lightning won several races....
And so it happened that they were out of Town 
when their Lawyers were contacted about the child!

Meanwhile, back in France, Raymond had expected that he would only be "babysitting" for two days. 

But there was a terrible storm that struck the Northeastern part of America 
and disrupted travel for two more days!

 The baby didn't sleep..... and needed to eat all the time....!

He didn't know what to do! 
He called his little sister Fleur (who lived in America...)

 Whose daughter Juliet was just two and slept like an Angel....
She said to sleep when the baby slept....

As if that were possible....!

It was the longest week of his entire life!

And it was still two more days before he got word that the child's Grandparents were home....
And would he bring the child....

 They had waited so long!

She was sleeping in her basket....

Yvonne peers into the basket.... and picks up the baby.....
"But... Is this child a Girl....?" she asks in confusion....

And she thrusts the baby back at Raymond....
and sits down suddenly feeling slightly faint.....
And then bursts into tears!

"Did my Father not tell you...?" said Raymond.... not really surprised...

He waited only a moment before handing the baby back to Madame....

Yvonne took the child onto her lap and stared down at the little bundle tied with the pink bow. 
It felt so odd to hold a baby again. She remembered that when Andre had been born she had Known him from the first moment she held him.... she didn't know this baby at all. Somehow she had thought it would be just like with Andre... but it wasn't the same... it would never be the same....
She had expected a boy.... How could it not be a boy?

"What are we to do...?" she asked..."It's not a boy...!"
Guillaume looked over her shoulder at the baby. 
Disappointment warred with pride. 
No, this child was not a boy... but it was Andre's child.
It....She was their Grandchild!
At that moment the baby began to cry!
"Oh, dear".... said Yvonne.... "where is the Nanny?"
And she thrust the baby back into Raymond's arms...

"Raymond.... you'll have to stay until we hire a good Nanny....." she said.
"It really shouldn't take more than a couple of days.... 
and the child does seem to know you...."
Raymond didn't know why it was he hadn't expected that!

So while they interview the Nannies......
We can check in on Father Alban.... 
Has he finished the painting yet?????

Well.... I think he's just putting on the final touches of blue!

But I have no idea why Samuel Whiskers is so interested in this painting....
Nor why (or how) he is visiting the Fourteenth Century castle.....
In his nineteenth century clothes....
And did Father Alban even see him???
Yes, here in my Mini Worlds....
With so much Jumping Around....
Confusion Reigns!


  1. Oh, I want Raymond to take care of the little girl, not those grandparents!!
    It's good to see father Alban painting..he's very good at it :-)

    1. Thank you, Margriet!!! I can't get ahead of my story here... so no clues will be dropped!

  2. And from the 20th century I am jumping through time alongside you and loving it! Who needs a time travel machine :-)
    I love the illustrations that you found! The one with the rat is spot on. What a find! And isn't wonderful to do all that research to give your creations and their world that context and validation.
    As for the baby, I'm with Margriet: let Raymond take care of the little girl. I'm sure he'll do a better job than those stiff upper lip grandparents!



    1. Hi Veronique!!! I have a deep love of the Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts and have collected many books.. and I LOVE to go through them looking for references and clues.... and I love to share that here... especially when I am delving into my Castle History! I am sure I will share more in the future! And because I have my Dollhouses set in different "Times" I have a lot of fun making them connect through the Ages.... !
      As for the baby... only Time will tell her tale....! So stay tuned! :)

  3. Great research into the painting techniques so far back. Thanks for the entertaining storyline, though I am hoping that the granddaughter does win the grandparents over soon! I have a weakness for granddaughters :) Sandie

    1. Hi Sandra! Thank you for commenting!!! I have promised everyone a happy ending to this story... it's just the Getting there that will be complicated!!!

  4. Oh, I love it! Give me more confusion!
    I love the old drawings, & Father Alban is perfect.
    As for the story - a real cliffhanger. You almost need a whole 'nother blog for that one.
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks Mom! There will surely be lots more of all of it!
      Love to you too!

  5. Love it! Mini worlds that penetrate each other! Maybe one day Father Alban will see the Tree House and it's Residents?
    I LOVE the painting already!!!:) :) :)
    Can't wait for it and for the next part of the Story!

    1. Hi Ewa! Who knows what will develop in these stories...? (Not I! That's for sure! LOL!!) These characters run away with me and all of a sudden I have to tell their stories!!! So Father Alban.... there is a lot to tell....!!!
      I am glad you like the painting... it is almost ready to send... I will probably get it in the mail on this weekend!):)

  6. I really loved that story-hopping and time-switching... but please let me know if we shall take the next step up to blog-hopping and then my witches will jinx that Mme Y into a frog... and my dragons will play fireball with that Monsieur G... *grin* And a great idea having Samuel peeping about Father Alban's shoulder... I really wonder how everything will continue... and I must say the only thing I really dislike about this post is this: OH NO! ANOTHER CLIFFHANGER!!!


    1. Hi Birgit! I am glad you offer the services of your witchy clan... but I have a feeling that will only make it take Much Longer before I get to the ending that everybody wants....! Hmm.... that could be an idea.... all kinds of fun detours are possible...!!! But wait... that will just get me in trouble with the characters who are already increasing their numbers at a great rate, and already have a great deal to say!!! The more I tell this story the more complicated it gets! LOL!!!
      But rest assured Everybody will get exactly what they deserve!!! :):) And sorry it takes so long... I keep having to set up new scenes!!! :)

  7. Yes, you're right it was a bit confusing for me, Betsy, but now I think I can follow the stories too :D! That poor baby.....
    I just love the painting allthough it is not ready yet.
    Hugs, Ilona

    1. Hi Ilona!!! I know my writing style is not easy to follow sometimes... and google translator probably just makes hash of most of it! But I admire you for even trying to follow my jumping around! I do sort of like playing with the Time travel ideas and that can make it very confusing! Thank you for your appreciation! I admire your work very much!

  8. Hi Besty! Wow! It just gets better and better! I was all prepared to dislike Raymond, NOW I love him! As to the grandparents, they can go back to their horse! ( A wonderful horse too, I might add! )
    Father Alban is really getting into his work finally, and Samuel Whiskers is a fabulous segue linking the past to the present! Betsy you are a Natural born Storyteller! What a gift!


    1. Thank you, Elizabeth! I really appreciate your comments! I know it is going to take a while to get this whole story told... so I hope people can bear with me while it comes in "installments"!
      And adding in a whole other new story line with Father Alban... well... welcome to my World!!! Little people are taking over! LOL!!!
      Stay tuned! Lots more to come!

  9. Un estupendo relato, una historia encantadora, unas perfectas miniaturas, ¿que mas se puede pedir? felicidades.

    1. Thank you, Maria! The story has a lot more coming! I am really glad you are enjoying it!!! Thank you for commenting!

  10. Hello Betsy,
    You have such a talent for writing. I get lost in your stories and everyone is so alive and real! The painting father Alban is working on is lovely, but I am dying to know what happens to that lovely baby.
    big hug,

    1. Hi Giac! Thank you for your lovely words! It is music to my ears that you get lost in the characters.... So do I!! I really feel as though it is the little people who are telling this story! I hope you have patience with me while this story unfolds... so many pieces to put together...!!! :):)

  11. A great story. I like the photos.
    Bye, Faby

    1. Thank you, Faby!!! I do spend a lot of time trying to get the photos right! (I take Tons of pictures and then have to choose which ones are best...!) I am glad you are enjoying the story! Thank you for your comments!

  12. Hoy he descubierto tu blog, es fantástico me ha enganchado, ya tienes una seguidora más. Un abrazo, Arantza.

    1. Hi Arantza! Welcome to my blog! I have just joined yours... but I will need to come have a good explore soon! Thank you for commenting! I am really glad you like it!

  13. I love a good soap opera, and as a notorious 'channel-surfer,' I am not the lest confused or having the least trouble tracking both excellent story lines. Looking forward to the next installment!


    1. Hi John! I guess I will have to admit it is getting more and more "Soapy" as it goes along!!! The very fact that it is not done in three installments... well... am I just leading you all on....? And just Who is this Daphne anyway??? Stay tuned for more...!!! :)

  14. I love information from your research on the illuminations and the illustrations you have found. Shells would make a great container for the paints.

  15. Great work with the paints etc as taken from your inspirational pic - they just add to the scene and you can jump around as much as you like - your pictures and stories are always worth it!

  16. Yes, I am afraid I was confused. I am enjoying Father Alban--does this mean that you will have some other rooms and little people in the castle dressed for the 14th century, but not seen by the 21st century occupants?

    I love a good story and certainly the 14th cent. is an interesting time--although I have to admit I am really addicted to Daphne's story--after all, it is a love story and I am Addicted to love stories!!

    Whichever way you go, I am always here reading and enjoying!

  17. Hi Betsy, just a short note - I tried to send you an E-Mail on Sunday and on Monday... and both came back with an Error-message of my provider. I have not the slightest idea what might be the reason for this... just wanted to let you know! I was really glad hearing Blue has arrived... I can only keep my fingers crossed the parcel was in good condition and that you still like her seeing her in bearson.


  18. Me again... guess what?! I tried both adresses and recieved an Error-message for each adress... this drives me nuts, I really don't know why... I mean, we've E-Mailed before. Anyway, I'm really glad to hear Blue has finally arrived safe and sound - and whatsmore that you like her... and even better that you're happy with her. That's really good news - and I'm very curious to hear about the stars and see picture of her in her new home. Oh, and I hope you also had a look inside of the music box... ;O) Give Blue a hug from me, I know she came to a wonderful home.


    1. That is really mysterious, Birgit! I hope it gets "Straightened out" soon! Blue is sitting beside me and smiling and waving to you (and Flutterby, of course) and she says not to worry... there's a lot to see and meet and .... Well... you'll see what she means soon!!! As for Me, I am smiling ear to ear... and I think she is Perfect!!! As for granting wishes ...(*Ahem*)... there might have to be a Whole New Chapter of Adventures starting up on this blog..... !!! She keeps whispering Ideas to me... and They're Good ones too!!! :):):)

    2. Oh! And now that I have opened Everything... I must tell you that she already granted me one of MY wishes... The Tiny Terrarium of "Sunshine" !!! I have to confess that when I saw it on San's blog... in my Heart I wished for one for me too...!!! :) Thank you, Birgit! It is So Special!!! :):)