Monday, March 10, 2014

Trinkets and Treasures...

Sew... What's Up?

A few weeks ago, Dear Readers, a blogger I follow avidly, Brae of Blog, posted about a miniature sewing machine she had sought out, having seen one posted on yet Another blogger's blog last fall! It was Love at first sight for me! And because I had a Birthday coming along soon, I decided to see if I could find one for myself. It arrived only two days after my Birthday! I can tell you, I am even More smitten now that I can hold it in my hands! My first impression was the weight of the miniature machine... it is cast of metal... and my second impression was of the Perfection of it's tiny parts! You must understand that I Love to sew.... and when I first left home many years ago for the wide world, the first thing I purchased for myself (after a bed and a kitchen table) was an old used treadle sewing machine that had been converted to electric motor at some point in its past. Here you can see my machine.....

It is still the machine I use!

But now I have a new machine to play with! 
Can you see it here?

Or Now? Can you see how perfect it is?

Of course, my old one is a Singer, 
and the mini one is a Bodo Hennig, made in Germany.

Here, you must come even closer!

Even the foot lifts up and down 
and the needle goes up and down when the treadle is worked!!!

The details and workmanship are just incredible!
 I have not been able to resist having a little play with it...!

It seems that I am not alone, Dear Readers,
 because Saturday morning as I was passing by the Conservatory I glanced in...
and I noticed that someone had decided to do some sewing.....!

I had to have a look inside....

Please, come with me....!

It's such a beautiful Morning.....
Who could resist working in here?

I have no words for the perfection of this machine...!

It makes all the rest of my furniture look so crude.....

I think it is the Finest scale miniature I have ever bought!
I found it at Weaverlili's Miniatures...
the service was friendly and fast!

And in case you missed it.... 
on the table are a thimble and scissors....
Tiny trinkets I purchased at the Sturbridge Fair last Summer...

And another little Trinket I purchased recently ...
this flowering hyacinth.....
because it makes me think of Spring....
still not even on the Horizon around here!
But inside the Conservatory we can Pretend it is here...
on such a Beautiful morning!
So, Dear Readers, this new Machine has raised the standard for me...
Way Way Up!
There will always be more Trinkets....
But Treasures are a New World for me!


  1. Yay!!! Isn't it the bees knees?! Your original is a true beauty, too! And, how wonderful that you still use it, that it continues to create so many years later. Congrats and Happy Birthday! :D

  2. Betsy,
    Your sewing machine is exquisite! What a beautiful birthday gift! And it looks lovely in the Conservatory!

  3. Too too adorable! I couldn't believe you even had the same scissors in mini! I can surely understand your excitement! Have fun with it.
    I so love your conservatory and you flowers bring just the right amount of spring.

  4. Oh I want one now, it is beautiful and I have already checked out the site. Saving my pennies now. My Mum had an old Singer too, when we all moved to Sydney I think it went to a cousin, I must try and find out where it is now I would love to have it so much. And who wouldn't want to 'sew' in your exquisite conservatory, such great photos it looks so real.

  5. Your photos from the Conservatory are very beautiful. Funny that your new little sewing machine fits so well with you own. Your sewing machine fits so perfectly into the Conservatory.

  6. I love your sewing machine Betsy! It reminds me of my grandma one. Unfortunately as noone of us sew like she did the machine was put away and my cousin uses the base with the food as a table.
    Mini machine is cute too and looks good in your conservatory.:)

  7. Dear Betsy, what a special and exquisite birthday gift! It has the right place in your conservatory, where spring has arrived :D! The miniature sewing machine looks just like your RL one, the resemblance is astonishing, enjoy it!
    Has Blue seen your new purchase?? I hope not, maybe she wants you to sew her a new dress ;)....
    Hugs, Ilona

  8. Quelle pièce remarquable,je n' ai jamais vu de machine à coudre aussi belle en miniature!

  9. That little machine is absolutely remarkable. But it doesn't make your stuff look at all crude! How 'bout that charming chair the seamstress will sit in to run the machine? But I do know what you mean. It's lovely. Worth every penny & more!
    Lots of love,

  10. What a wonderful piece! And so good you treated yourself to buy it as your from-me-to-me birthday gift... especially because it looks alike your own sewing machine. The photos of the two sewing machines are so lovely - and the pictures of your conservatory are pure beauty. The perfect place for crafting! - I had the chance to visit Bodo Hennig's factory some years ago at their jubilee day... It's a building with big windows letting in plenty of light situated at the foot of the Alps in Bavaria - in such a surrounding beautiful miniatures can be created for sure... ;O)


  11. Your sewing machine is very beautiful I like the floor of the conservatory, A very cozy place.

  12. Wow I love your sewing machine it is so perfect. I also love your RL one I used to sew on one of these many years ago great machine you will never see the likes of these so long lasting machines again.. My aunt had one I have no idea what happened to it :(
    Wonderful flower.
    Hugs Maria

  13. I'm so pleased you managed to find yourself a special mini sewing machine. Aren't they beautiful quality. I love your full scale one too.

  14. Lovely sewingmachines, the big one and the small one! I can hardly believe the needle is going up and down on the small one!!!

  15. Everytime I see old Singer sewing machine I always think of my grandmothers: they both had very old Singer machines and one of those now is mine. I use it as a desk but is in my mother's house in Italy. I absolutely love your big Singer machine and your small one!! The big one is full of details and decorations and apparently the small one is as detailed as the big one. Great find!!! I love the mini machine in the conservatory, it looks so cute and I think it gives a great, vintage feel to the room....I'm happy you could find one almost the same as your big one. Well done!