Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Moon Maidens Continued...

And Other Hallway Details....

The Moon is Three Quarters gone, Dear Readers, a Waning Gibbous as I write, so I think it is only fitting that I spent the past weekend painting more on theWaning Moon Maidens in the Hallway of the Willowcrest House kit. I apologize for jumping to this project from the exciting topic of the Conservatory, but I am wrestling with Big Decisions about Landscaping with that one, so I turned instead to the simpler task of painting more Moon Maidens in the progression through the Hall. Some of you might remember that I had gotten as far as the Full Moon maidens at the top of the stairs when the Holiday Season distracted me from the project. The Two maidens at the top of the stairs are painted on the plastic windows and colored with nail polish. But I needed to complete their images below the window on the inside wall. It was not easy to match the color of their gowns to the clear glass paint, which changes with the changing light. As you can see in the closer picture below.

And while I am at it I should show you the exterior view of the windows,
where I have added the leading made from glofer's lead tape.

I decided that I wanted the outside of the windows to have 
the "leaded glass" texture and appearance
that could only be achieved with the lead tape. So I carefully applied it 
following the lines that were already painted... 
but on the other side of the window!
You can see one window done on the above picture, 
compared with the other window with only the paint.
I think I am supposed to paint over this with either 
clear "mod podge" or clear fingernail polish.
But not being sure which method to use, I have done neither.
But the tape part had to be done before the window was glued in place!
I also did the same for the Tree window....

Which you can see here before the outside frame is added....

And with the trim, which you can see here. 
I think it looks pretty good with the window trim, 
painted in that lovely Silver paint I have!
(This is a Witchy house, after all....)

And here you can see the window from the inside....

And you can see I have added stars to the wall mural amongst the tree branches.

And a view of the front door with the leading added to the glass...

You can really see what a difference it makes!

And I added the door knobs too.....
they now come in a lovely bronze look.....
they are very similar to the doorknobs on my real house!

And here are the doors in place with the Silver painted trim!
It only took me about fifty tries to get the doors correctly fitted!
I had to shave the inside edges so they could swing open....  
the kit wants you to glue them in place,
but I insist on my doors being able to open and close!
They would swing freely until they were screwed in place....
a very awkward and difficult job from the inside of the hallway....
and something about the way the screws tightened the frame made the doors bind!
But eventually I got them shaved enough to open and close!

I think they look Marvelously spooky!

And here you can see the front of the house 
with the Moon Maidens window in place....
(Sorry it is so dark!)
I have not yet painted the exterior window trims, 
the color scheme is going to be the dark gray with the shiny silver trim.

But we were talking about the Moon Maidens inside the Hall...
Where they needed to continue past the Full Moon window 
and on up the stairs to the attic.
And in order to do this, 
they needed to march across the doors to the bedroom...

And this requires you to use your Imaginations when viewing them 
from any angle other than straight on!
Because I insisted on my doors having the raised panel look,
so in painting on the doors, I have had to paint over the uneven surface,
and yet try to make them look as normal as possible!

Here you can see I have started the details of their faces.....

And if you look closely you can see what I mean 
about the odd appearance when you see them at an odd angle!

Here you can see how the "parade" goes around the hallway
viewed from above...

And viewed from the bedroom when the door to the hallway is open...
the shadows really emphasize the paneling of the door.

More details and the next Maiden going up the stairs begun....

And the view from the bedroom with both the doors open....

And from farther back....
It will be impossible to see these Maidens 
except when the doors are open....
Or a glimpse through the bathroom doorway....

Where the odd angle emphasizes the distorted features...

And the remaining Maidens march up the very Narrow
staircase to the third floor....

Where it is questionable how visible they will be at all!
But I will know they are there.....
Just like the Waning Moon, Dear Readers,
Gradually swallowed up by the Daytime sky....
hardly visible at all to the naked eye....
Until the Dark of the New Moon.
So the Moon Maidens will Continue, Dear Readers,
Marching through this Hallway, 
and once I have added all the details....
and all the walls are in place,
They will be hardly visible at all!
But I will know they are there!


  1. Betsy, you never cease to AMAZE me with your Incredible painting skills and how you put them to work! This Moon Maiden project brings to mind the figures for your cathedral ceiling and all the different poses that the saints have. With the progression of these maidens going across the walls and up the stairs too, one will Never feel alone in this house!.
    The leaded windows are Fantastic! I told you before that I think that the nail polish was a stroke of Genius but the leading really makes them look just like stained glass. All of the tiny cuts that you had to do for each panel was well worth it. The windows are a Work of Art! :D


  2. beaucoup de charme et de gaité

  3. j'adore cette maison si originale et si mystérieuse. L'effet de plomb sur le vitrail est parfait. Et je suis de tout coeur avec vous Betsy à m'imaginer votre souffrance pour bien poser les portes ;-)

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  5. So, why not paint moon maidens in your own stairwell? They are spectacularly wonderful. And you wouldn't have door panels to contend with. And that door! Wow. It's gorgeous. I wish I had it in my house.
    We've had murk and FOG of all things the last several days. Very unusual. Quite welcome but if it keeps on it might get tiresome. Maybe we won't have a forest fire next June.
    Love, Mom

  6. I just love that front door. What beautiful colours and shape. I bet it looks stunning with light pouring through the glass =0)

  7. That lead tape is an excellent idea, Betsy! Not that I don't like your paintings - you know I love them. :) - but it really gave something unusual to the windows and doors. And the maidens painted on that uneven doors look sooooo goooood!

  8. Las doncellas LUNA; te han quedado fantásticas, y una vez puesta la cinta de plomo ha mejorado mucho, la puerta me tiene enamorada.
    Un abrazo

  9. Прекрасная работа! Я восхищаюсь вашей изобретательностью! Вы так хорошо рисуете. Мне нравятся ваши витражи! Очень красивая дверь!

  10. Betsy, your artistic, fantastic painting skills always amazes me, your moon maidens are really gorgeous! The whole idea is very original and I know that you did an excellent job with painting the moon maidens on those doors, it's so difficult to do that: chapeau!!
    The lead tape makes a lot of difference for your painting works on the glass windows. It will look stunning with the light pouring through the glass, I'm sure of :D!
    Hugs, Ilona

  11. Did I ever mention before that you are INCREDIBLE??? Looking at your progress on the moon maidens etc. left me speechless, as always you're not forgetting any detail, not even the tiniest one... always dedicated to the Betsy-rule "Doesn't matter if it's visible - I have to know it's there". Your painting skills are as usual extraordinary and how could uneven door grounds ever stop you? *teehee* The door looks as magical as inviting and I suspect Blue to have spread some wishing stars on that wall. Which leads me to my favourite: The tree! The tree mural is awesome, but integrating the trunk in the window is a stroke of genius! Wonderful work and very inspiring... no I wonder if I should ever show the windows I've worked on so far for Gertie... *gulp* ;O)


  12. So wonderful! The ledded glass look on your doors and windows ase fantastic! The painting is just lovely, great progress on this unique project.

  13. Hi Betsy,
    Your lunar beauties re lovely. I do like what the panelled doors does to their shapes. You have faced a lot of challenges with their progress up the stairs. The front door is very appealing, nice to see the befor and after to show what a dime sail difference the leading makes.
    Such an unusual project. Look forward to more.
    Regards Janine

  14. What an amazing project, l am so impressed. Beautiful work! Pam

  15. The lead on the windows really make them very beautiful! I love you moonmaidens, what an excellent idea!!! It will be a shame they will be hardly visible, but you'll know they are there :-)

  16. Hello Betsy,
    What an amazing idea. the murals are gorgeous and your stained glass is incredibly well done. It adds so much mood and atmosphere to the project. Gorgeous!
    Big hug,

  17. Hello Betsy! AMAZING!!! I love it all! Your moonmaidens remind me of the Goddess Temple in Glastonbury (UK), it's the same kind of ambiance ( http://goddesstemple.co.uk/the-glastonbury-goddess-hall/ )
    As always I am in awe of your talent!