Monday, February 2, 2015

Snow Day!

Time Out For Play.....

It's been Snowing a Lot in my Neck o' the Woods, Dear Readers, and it doesn't look as though it is going to stop any time soon! In fact, today was Groundhog Day, the Day on which a Groundhog comes out of his burrow and forecasts the remaining length of Winter. "Punxatawney Phil" claims there will be six More weeks of the cold stuff....and Frankly, I believe him! Because it was snowing hard this morning, with enough snow on the roads that I stayed home from work, and it snowed all day. We got about 12 inches of the stuff, on top of the four we got last Thursday, on top of the six we got last Tuesday.... and you get the picture! And it has been so cold that none of it is melting either.
So there was Nothing to do but Play at home today!

All that snow has really been piling up! 
The Conservatory is half buried in the white stuff...

And the Folly too!

Oh look! It seems as though the Groundhogs 
are not the only ones up and about today!
Anna Maria and Samuel Whiskers have come out to see the snow...

Anna Maria thinks it would be fun to build a Snow Rat....

Samuel Whiskers gets started right away!

Anna Maria wishes she had a better bonnet for hers.

It seems as though Samuel Whiskers has finished another one too!

I wonder what he's thinking....?

But it was so cold outside, Dear Readers, that it wasn't long before 
Anna Maria and Samuel Whiskers went back inside 
to the warm kitchen of the Tree house.

And speaking of inside....
Maybe we should have a look inside the Conservatory...

To check on the seeds we planted....
Not so long ago!

It seems nobody has shoveled the path.....
But please do come in!

Oh look! Something has sprouted!

Goodness.... that was fast!

Just look how Vigorous they are!
They will need re-potting in no time!

But for now we will keep their cover on.....
It is a bit chilly in here.....
And it is forecast to get Very cold tonight!
Such a good thing we checked!

Well.... look who is here....?
Where do you think you are going...?
Surely, Not inside! That would be the death of you!

"Did you see where Red went... ?" asks Mistress Blue.
"No idea..." replies Master Green.

Even Will decided to come out to see how much snow had fallen...

He wasn't prepared for quite so much snow!
And he wasn't really looking forward to all that shoveling....

Well, Dear Readers, I hope you have enjoyed 
coming here and playing in the Snow Today!
I was going to show you more, 
but it seems that Blogger is tired...
And it didn't even have to Shovel any Snow!


  1. Hello Betsy,
    No one can make a snow day more fun then you. The pictures are all just beautiful, but the one of the conservatory table is amazingly realistic. The little plants are incredibly well done. The entire conservatory is so well thought out and built. It is an amazing building. I wish I could walk around and visit the conservatory and the folly on a snow day. I always love your pictures. It really is a visit to a magical world I feel privileged to visit.
    Big hug,

  2. A snow with minis or on minis is so much fun! Photos are superb and I agree with Giac the little plants are great! thanks for this wintry walk, Betsy!:)

  3. I never think to dress any of my mini scenes with the weather but yours look fabulous. The added bonus is it looks beautiful but you don't get the cold that normaly goes with it. Those seedlings are shooting away! must be adding some secret ingredient to your fertiliser =0D

  4. Been wondering about your snow - I think it's the same storm which rained on us here in the desert for almost 48 hours - unprecedented! I just visited the part of your blog that shows the beginning renovations of the lovely old dollhouse. I love all the others, too, but the LOD is my fave. Hope you get back to it soon. Helen and Charles miss you.
    Lots of love,

  5. Oh yes, Betsy, I've seen the weather on the tv: so much snow!!! Even in your winter wonder (miniature) world it snowed.......and quite a lot ;)! Love the scenes you've shown to us, your conservatory in the snow is just a fairytale :). Your tiny seedlings look fantastic, wonderful work too. Good luck with all the snow in your part of the world, I'll be thinking of you all there. Stay warm and take care.
    Warm hugs, ilona

  6. Ahhh snow, so romantic and cosy...except of course if you have to go to work or the shops and you have to shovel the drive for an hour first and drive at a snail' s pace. In your miniature setting it is only the stuff in the most wonderful ways. And how I adore your potting scene! Right up my street and just what I am getting ready for. I hope my seeds sprout as quickly as yours! I love the little seed trays. Yes, the perfect way to spend a snow day!

  7. Dear Betsy,
    What a magical scene. That snow looks wonderful and I love the sprouting seeds.
    Hugs Dorien

  8. Maybe I should have a word or two with Will whether we should find out if there's something like snow shovel haters anonymous... *LOL* I can soooo understand him - I had to grab mine today and although we only have a bit of this cold white stuff it was enough to keep me away from spending more time with more important things... like my needle for example... ;O) But I must say in your beautiful mini world even snow is enchanting... Your snowpeople are funny folk and the inside of your conservatory made my day. Your seedlings and the whole scene looks so real, it's always fun to drop by.


  9. Hi Betsy,
    your conservatory looks wonderful with snow, love these pictures.


  10. Esta precioso nevado y si las marmotas aciertan y quedan seis semanas más, llenar la despensa y tener mucha ropa de abrigo a mano...
    Me ha encantado los brotes.
    Un abrazo

  11. Wonderful scene! The snow add such a great feeling to it =) (I just love snow)

  12. Love your snow day! The pictures look so bright and cheery I love the little snow men:)

    Its good to have a tray of green getting ready for the garden! Oh..I am ready for the garden!

  13. Wonderful pictures of wonderful miniatures!
    All the best

  14. The snow is absolutely beautiful! (Outside my real life window a little less so). It looks magical and cozy. I love the way it looks like real drifts and banks. And the seedlings are just darling. :D

  15. I am sorry that you are up to your ears in the white stuff Betsy, but I cannot help but admire how you have chosen to use your SNOW DAY! I am smiling from ear to ear, enjoying the cold and frosty scenes that you have set before us. How delightfully you have landscaped your neighborhood and how Lovely it all looks! The seedlings are thriving and you obviously have more than just green thumbs but green fingers as well!

    Now where did I put my sled?

    elizabeth :))

  16. Your dollhouses are amazing. I love the little garden table with the tiny sprouts! :)

  17. Hi Betsy,

    the old E-Mail demon is back again... *deep-sigh* I've just sent you four mails - and for the last one about Lady L. I received a failure note. I tried it once more - but again "mail delivery failed". Please let me know if you received the three other ones!