Thursday, November 26, 2015

Giving Thanks....

Family, Friends, Food, Love.....

It is Thanksgiving Day in my RL world, Dear Readers, and I find I couldn't let it pass unshared in my Mini world and in my blogworld! So I have hurried around with my Camera, between stuffing the Turkey and peeling the potatoes, trying to catch the Celebration so I can share it with you! Sally May is hosting the Family gathering at her house this year. She loves to cook, and she loves her family, and is trying to put the best foot forward in her Shabby Sister House.... where in spite of her patience and pleading, the windows are still not even closed in against the coming Winter! Her husband, Chip, is a building contractor, so he knows what needs to be done.... but alas, so often the Cobbler's children go without shoes. This year, he has promised..... and Sally May thinks it Might prompt him to hurry a little bit if the Family is all here. She thought she could get Everything ready for the dinner all by herself, but she is still not ready when all the guests start to arrive!

Her in-laws, Chips parents have arrived early in the morning. They are good Old Fashioned New England people, and they were up before dawn to make the drive down the River to the Shabby Sister House. Chip is keeping them company, and Annabelle is visiting with them too. Yes, there are more gaping windows and no electricity at all in this part of the house! It is a real "fixer-upper" but Chip is a builder.... so he should be able to get it done right! We are lucky it has been a milder than usual Fall, but his parents are dressed in warm sweaters and socks! They are used to New England weather and they don't mind the "fresh" air at all!

Before they know it, Sally May's Grandparents, 
Helen and Charles are arriving, along with the rest of the Family...

They have all met before.... but now it is time to be polite.....
"Please.... sit down..." says Rupert to Helen, offering his chair.

Pollyanna has headed straight to the kitchen 
to help her sister with the dinner preparations. 
She knows just how unnerving it can be to host the Turkey Dinner!

Joanna, their Mother, is also helping with the preparations. 
She could see at once that the Table wasn't set....
There are so many guests, they will just have to eat "buffet style"....

The turkey is ready!
Pollyanna and Sally May carry it in.... it is a HUGE bird!

It is time for all the Family to gather around the table!
Chip will carve the Turkey....

Everyone is "oohing and aahing" at the Perfectly cooked bird!

Even Annabelle!

Rupert strikes up a rousing version of the "doxology"
 and soon they have all joined in...
"Praise him from whom all blessings flow....
Praise him all creatures here below...."
Suddenly Sally May remembers her other "creatures".....

Did she rescue the pie in time......?

Well, Dear Readers, I will leave you here... wondering...
Because I have to run off and finish cooking the RL Turkey dinner!
But before I go, I want to Thank you All!
Thank you Family, Friends and Blogfriends!
Thank you for being there....
Thank you for coming here to visit in my Little worlds...
Thank you for your Gifts.....
Thank you for your comments....
Thank you for sharing yourselves, your knowledge, your creativity...
And Love....
It's really All about Love!

Thank you! 
(And Pass it Around!)


  1. Thank you for being here Betsy, for your stories and sharing your talents!! Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I give that right back to you - thanks for all of this to you, too! What would my blogworld be without, I don't want to think that over! *LOL* Have a wonderful and HAPPY THANKSGIVING with your dear ones and a perfectly cooked turkey. Btw - I was already noticing the two furry guys in the picture where Polyanna came into the kitchen for help wondering what they might be up to in a moment without someone keeping an eye on them... Well, who knows what happened to that pie - but one thing is for sure: Whoever had it... I'm sure it was tasty! ;O)


  3. Hi Betsy! I agree with Ewa and Birgit, to thank you for being here in the blog world, sharing with us your great talents, stories and pictures :D!
    Happy Thanksgiving, dear friend!
    Hugs, Ilona

  4. Merci à vous Betsy pour vos histoires et bonnes fêtes de Thanksgiving à tous nos amis américains.

  5. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Betsy. I wish the UK would adopt the holiday instead of the dreadful Black Friday mania that we are seeing over here now. I would give thanks to all of you who share the miniature passion and of course, family and friends =0)

  6. Thank you for just being you. Such a creative and caring you. Your Thanksgiving story sure touches a chord; buffet dinners for huge crowds, none of whom can be left out of the invitation because you want to see them all. But you all end up sitting on the floor, or walking around balancing a plate and a glass. Familiar! And everyone has a wonderful time anyway!
    Lots of love, carry on,

  7. ....And thank YOU for sharing such a fun Thanksgiving story. I'm sure that Sally May's family felt the warmth of her hospitality in spite of the cold rooms. I just hope the two "creatures" left enough pie for the others to have a sliver or two!

  8. Yes! Thank You Betsy!!! Your mini turkey turned out cooked to Perfection! It is a good thing that that bird was as big as it is because I think everyone will be wanting seconds, don't you? :))
    Meanwhile, it looks as though the pie may indeed be in jeopardy, so I will be anxiously awaiting the outcome. Have a Happy Thanksgiving weekend, Betsy!


  9. Hi Betsy!
    The Shabby Sister House sounds a lot like my real one. LOL too busy writing and creating to worry about such things.
    Happy Holidays to you and yours!

  10. Hi sweet Betsy, thank you for a lovely Thanksgiving-tale, hahaha, that's so clever how you fit in the fact of the state of the house into the story, it makes a lot of sense and what luck those inlaws aren't afraid of a little fresh air! Oops, those dogs, of course I hope they will rescue the pie, but they do look hungry... :D. Can't wait to see/read what happens! Those are beautiful words.. and I thank you for your friendship and wonderful stories framed in wonderful miniature-settings that I enjoy so much!!! Thank you for being YOU! :)