Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Taking A Little Break....

Do you ever say "give me a break" Dear Readers, without really thinking what that means? Well, like it or not, I have managed to break my wrist, so I will be taking that "break" from minis and from many creative pursuits that require both hands! I am still learning just what I can do with only one hand..... everything is a challenge! (Even typing this post is very slow and awkward!) It is a simple break, and should be better in about six weeks.... and I might be able to accomplish some mini things... if I can figure out a good way to open paint tubes I can still paint as I am right handed! I had good intentions about replying to all your kind comments on the previous posts.... but I think I will have to settle for thanking you all here instead. Your encouraging comments are very important to me and I am so appreciative of the time it takes to leave them. It really makes blogging so much more than just "show and tell"! And speaking of "show and tell".... I will show you a picture of my garden...

Where the crocus are finally blooming!

And I will tell you that I might not be posting much for a while.
I didn't want you to worry, Dear Readers,
But it seems I will be taking a little break!


  1. Good recovery and be careful: good break
    Thank you for sharing these pretty flowers

  2. Uh-oh! That sucks. Drink lots of milk and eat dairy! I am sure you will figure out you can do all sorts of things with one hand!

  3. Dear Betsy, Sorry to hear about your wrist. It certainly makes us appreciate how we take our physical facilities for granted.

    So happy to see Spring has arrived at your house .. . In six weeks time when your cast is off it will be summer!
    Take care.
    Regards Janine
    PS. Don't be tempted to hold the paint tube lid while you open the tubes!

  4. Poor Betsy! You will surely be missed! Here's an opportunity to see what feats you can accomplish with your teeth, lol! Paint tube lids not withstanding! Take good care of yourself - rest and heal so we'll have you back soon.

  5. Oops, Yes Betsy, Jodi is right. I meant to say Don't be tempted to hold the tube lid with your teeth while you open the tubes!

  6. Voila une triste nouvelle. J'espère Betsy que vous allez vite récupérer l'usage de vos deux mains. Profitez de votre temps libre pour lire, revoir de vieux films, profiter de votre jardin ensoleillé,...ou tout simplement profiter de votre repos forcé pour ne rien faire ;-) Bon courage!

  7. Sorry to hear about your wrist. As long as you're going to be restricted for a few weeks, enjoy the time by catching up with some good books and eating take-out.

  8. Hope you recover soon and for now a lot of reading books and magazines maybe and get inspiration.

  9. Aww Betsy, poor you :0( Take care and enjoy the rest x

  10. Hello Betsy,
    I am so sorry about your arm. I do hope that it is not too painful. I will be thinking of you and hoping it gets all better FAST!
    Take great care of yourself.
    Big hug

  11. Oh, my dear Betsy, poor you, what a bad luck!! Hereby I wish you all the best: a good and speedy recovery. I hope you don't have much pain, take good care for yourself. I truly will miss your blog posts!!
    BIG hug, Ilona

  12. Oh no Betsy!!!! I am so sorry to hear this. I hope you heal quickly and completely.
    Doing everything one handed is quite difficult. Rest well and take care.
    Big hugs,

  13. Oh no! I hope you have a good rest, I'm sure you'll be ready with new ideas to jump back into things when its healed up.
    Your garden looks beautiful outside! Take care!

  14. Hello, Betsy - I'm so sorry about your broken wrist! That sounds painful - and painfully inconvenient. I hope you'll have a thorough and fast recovery. Meanwhile, just enjoy your beautiful spring garden. You deserve a break! (Sorry; you know I didn't mean that literally, but I couldn't resist!) Thanks for the pictures of your lovely flowers.

  15. Ouch! I hope you feel better. And I think we'll all understand if you don't reply to our comments since typing won't be easy for another six to seven weeks.

  16. Oh noooooooo... I'm so sorry for you! My best wishes for a fast recovery and in the meantime no or at least only little pain. Having problems with my arms since many years including some surgeries I know a thing or two about getting along with only one hand. You start to be thankful for the invention of trousers with full rubberband... I really hope you will be okay very soon and I will miss your posts in the meantime, but no complaining, we need to obey to life's commands.


  17. Sorry about your hand. I wish you a quick recovery. From my own experience, I can tell you the I used my teeth and right hand to open my toothpaste which can maybe work for paint tubes too. I also remember using my left elbow a lot to do house chores. By the time the cast was off my wrist was back to normal, I could even play the piano again.
    We all deserve a little rest sometime even when it's forced upon us. Enjoy your beautiful garden, reading and even visiting while your wrist mends.
    A warm hug,

  18. I was sorry to read about your wrist - a real pain! Time perhaps to stare.

  19. Well, now you know how many well-wishers you really have! My thanks to all of them on your behalf, as it's not easy for you to type. In your mind, picture those bone ends reaching out to each other & building a nice bone bridge.
    Lots & lots of love,

  20. Ooops! I wish you'll get better soon!
    Enjoy your crocuses. They seems very beautiful to me. I am still waiting warmer weather and my crocuses.
    Happy easter!

  21. Poor Betsy!!! I read this post of yours a few days ago and got swamped with other distractions, so please forgive my not expressing my dismay regarding your wrist injury sooner however you HAVE been constantly in my thoughts.
    I can't see you sitting still for too long Betsy regardless of your being short-handed right now and I am certain that you will be trying to do things pre-maturely when you shouldn't be. Everyone has to judge of themselves what is best for them and their recovery, so my advise is to just take it slow and try not to tire yourself out in the process.
    Our bodies naturally want to heal yet I know that full recovery and refreshment comes when we take the time to physically rest.
    So get well soon Betsy Dear, your Castle, Folly, Park, Conservatory, Lovely Old Dollhouse, Mini Christmas house(s) Treehouse, Glass house,and Cloud Palace are ALL awaiting you! :D
    Have a VERY RELAXING Easter weekend Betsy!


  22. Que te recuperes pronto y aproveches la oportunidad para hacer otras cosas que te gusten y tu brazo no sea obstáculo.
    Un abrazo

  23. Finally, finally finding time and energy to catch up with all blogposts I have missed lately and now I find out you are having a break because you broke your wrist :-(
    It must be so difficult for you to refrain from painting! I wish you a quick recovery, Betsy. Your garden looks lovely so this must be a comfort to your....Be well soon, hugs.