Thursday, June 8, 2017

Shopping Therapy....

Sturbridge Miniatures Fair......

Thank you, Dear Readers, for all your kind and supportive comments on my recent posts. I am making good progress with my healing, but typing is still a slow and uncomfortable process. At the end of a day at work (which is mostly typing numbers) my hand is sore and my arm is tired. My comments on all your wonderful posts have been short or non-existent, even though I am trying to keep up with the reading. I am trying to be patient and let the healing happen, and I will be doing more exercises soon. So there is still no real progress on any of my projects to report. But last weekend was the annual Sturbridge Miniatures Fair, which is the only Fair that happens near enough to home that I can drive there and back comfortably on the day of the Fair. I debated not going this year.... but decided that I Needed the "Shopping Therapy"! And I came home with some sweet Treasures! Above you can see one of two tiny "house" boxes that were made as favors for one of the big minis conventions, and the dealer decided to sell hers at this Fair. It is smaller than 1/144th scale as the entire "house" is less than 2 inches tall!

And here is the other one... 
I didn't get a good picture of the front on this one...
 it is very detailed!

And in no particular order I will show some
 of the many little items I came home with....

Some metal platters and tiny glassware....

A set of Tinker Toys!.....

Some clocks and games.... 
all from "Wright Guide Miniatures"...

And yes, another Pony!
Meet " Copper"....
He was ever so eager to find his friends....

A beautiful dish drainer with colorful dishes....
(I think the house for this has not even been started yet.... 
still in it's box in the cellar...)

A Vintage porcelain bathroom set.... very cheap....

A handsome wardrobe....

A Lovely stoneware crock....

Two more Teeny dolls... each about 1/2 inch tall!

A couple of lovely old rugs made in Japan...
The one on the left is up-side down, so you can see the stitches...

Here it is right side up!

And last but Not least, another Robin Betterley kit....
 the Christmas Wagon in 1/4 scale!
(Do you think I will finish the Secret Christmas House before I open this kit???)

It did not take Copper long to find the other ponies.... 
(I apologize for the dark pictures... 
it has been dark and gloomy and rainy here for weeks!)

And here is a glimpse of the larger rug in Hardwick Hall.... 
I think it is perfect for this little dining area!

I hope you have enjoyed this little review, Dear Readers,
I am feeling so much better...
It is amazing what a little Shopping Therapy will do!
I am so glad I went to the Sturbridge Fair!


  1. Hi Betsy! I'm so glad to read that you're feeling better, especially after you did some shopping at the fair ;O!! I hope your wrist will heal well soon, dear friend, it must be so tiring for you for handling all things you do with this arm.
    Your purchases at the fair are awesome, very nice things and no, I don't think you can't wait to start with one of the kits before Christmas ;)! Love the horse, you can see he is so happy to find some friends. The teeny tiny dolls, wardrobe and the rugs are absolutely beautiful, that's for sure, but I especially love the stoneware crock.
    Enjoy your new miniatures, dear Betsy, so you can daydream about what to do first after your wrist is healed ;).
    Warm hugs, Ilona

    1. Thank you Ilona! Shopping for minis is just plain fun!

  2. Hello Betsy,
    That is the best therapy EVER! I am glad you are making progress. Hang in there and take it slow! What amazing purchases. I am in love with that incredible wardrobe! I also really like your platters and Copper is gorgeous! Everything you chose is wonderful. Oh yes, I also love the rugs. I can't wait for you to be all better.
    Big hug

    1. Thank you Giac! It is humbling how slow it is... but shopping helps! LOL!

  3. Very nice!! :D I have some Tinker Toy minis, too. I've got some ideas in mind for them. I love all the lovely items you brought home. Sending you more well wishes!

    1. Thank you Brae! I Love the tinker toys and don't know where they will go... but I just had to have them! LOL!

  4. What a great haul Betsy! New mini treasures sure make you feel better! Haha!

  5. That's what I call a therapy... doctor's should prescribe a visit to a miniature fair for sure! ;O) I really envy you for being able to visit a fair but even more for your fantastic purchases. This Robin Betterley kit is drop-dead-beautiful... it's with a laughing and a crying eye when I remind myself that this is totally out of my reach (just to think about customs... or postage... *aaaahrrgggghhh*) I really hope that you won't be able to resist this temptation because I would really like to see you building this. And do I have to mention at all that Copper is a dream come true? He looks so happy with his new friends, what a beautiful herd of ponies - fingers crossed they will have a starring role in some Halloween post that will hopefully appear on this blog; btw the little dollies look as if they would be good post actresses too... *tweet* And all your other finds are stunning too... the tiny houses, the fantastic cupboard, the rugs (wow!) and the miniatures... what a wonderful therapy! My best wishes again for your recovery!


    1. Hi Birgit! There is nothing quite like a mini shopping expedition to get all the Daydreams woken up! LOL! I have to remind myself to take it slooooowly....! Sigh. I will get there. One mini at a time! LOL!

  6. Me alegro mucho que tu curación avance y mantengas la ilusión por comenzar de nuevo tus trabajos en miniatura.Tus compras son geniales , la diminuta casa 1/144 es preciosa y todas las demás compras son un pequeño tesoro. Que sigas recuperándote y te deseo un buen fin de semana:-)

    1. Thank you Contrastes-Rosa! I love those tiny houses! And I feel stronger every day!

  7. Hello, Betsy - What a great form of therapy; I could use some of that! All your new treasures are impressive, but I admit that I covet that wardrobe. Beautiful! The bathtub, as well, is an enviable piece, and those rugs are wonderful works of art. Great choices! A shopping spree like this one must surely help your wrist heal much faster - at least that's my wish for you.

    1. Hi Marjorie! I am happy with my "haul". It really got me eager to work on every unfinished project and a few that aren't even started! LOL! I must remind myself to take it easy.

  8. I like this therapy. Beautiful purchases.

  9. Content d'apprendre que cela va doucement de mieux en mieux, courage Betsy!
    Shopping therapy, il n'u a rien de mieux ;-) J'adore particulièrement la magnifique garde-robe

    1. Thank you Jean-Claude! I am making progress, but shopping is great therapy!

  10. A little 'shopping therapy' is Exactly what the doctor ordered Betsy because it make one feel better right away, whilst they slowly continue to heal! :D
    I think ALL of your purchases are Splendid Betsy, and your new pony Copper is a really fine looking steed.
    I am intrigued by all of the lovely tiny things you've purchased but what impresses me most is their variety of scales. You have a great gift in being able to transition easily from LARGE- to Small- to smallest, which takes both skill and talent, not to mention patience and a steady hand, so get that wrist of yours rested so that you can get back to what I KNOW you love to do- making your Exquisite Mini Miniatures! ♡ :))


    1. Thank you Elizabeth! I am making progress! The shopping fired up the Daydreams for sure! I have to remind myself to take it easy. Rest is medicine too!

  11. Hello, Betsy!
    I hope that you feel better! You did the right thing! New wonderful purchases are a great medicine!

    1. Hi Tatiana! I am glad I went to the Fair! It is so much fun and fills the Daydreams with new possibilities!