Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Where Was I.....?


It was weeks and Weeks ago, Dear Readers, that I last accomplished any building on any of my many projects! I hope you will be able to remember that I was building the attic "knee walls" for the Lovely Old Dollhouse sometime back in September, before I got swept up in the recent story-telling binge. This was a project I had been contemplating for nearly fifty years!!! I had even made a version of these knee-walls back in my teen-aged years when I was first trying to "up-grade" the decor of the dollhouse, but my construction methods were not sturdy and did not last. This time I am being a little more thorough and not relying on glue alone to attach the parts. At the moment they are all still removable while I decide how detailed the walls and doors need to be. But I did manage to add a coat of primer to the basic parts! It makes an amazing difference in the feel of the rooms to have the walls painted!

Of course, the lighting is not very good in my photos... 
and you can hardly see the wall behind all the furniture..... 
but that is sort of the point! It now feels just like a wall!

And the same is true of the bedroom....

I am still not sure if I will be trying to make 
the walls appear to be "bead-board" paneling....
since that is a later style of decor than the supposed era of this house. 
But I probably will... 
because "up-grades" would have been done over time, 
like with the kitchen walls.
And these were not the only walls I was painting, Dear Readers, 
as you may have spotted in that first photo!
I was also working on painting the 
sleeping compartment of the second Gypsy Wagon!
Here I have started to paint the dark blue base coat.
(Yes, I know, I have not shown you this second Gypsy Wagon!
But you might have spotted it in the Meadow with Beatrice!)
It is becoming quite different from the first, 
starting with an extra rear window in the sleeping compartment.
And I wanted the mood to be more "mystical"....
beginning with deep blue walls and silver-gray forest...

Here you can see how the walls fit together... 
only the gray under-painting has been done so far on the trees.

Here I have started to add the black details...
but decided that I really needed to add the silver color first...

You can see on the tree to the far right that I have added the silver .....

And now I am adding the black over the silver. 
I wanted a reflective effect because the compartment will be quite dark,
 and this way the trees will stand apart from the blue background.

Slightly closer shot.....

Most of the black texture added.....
There are still many details to be added... 
I have not decided how much foliage to add... 
but there will be more added!

Here the walls are assembled temporarily.....

And a hint of the decor... 
viewed through the compartment doors......

And closer..... 
Yes, it will feel much more Mystical than the other wagon!

And speaking of doors....

The exterior doors needed trim added....

And the doors needed the draft strip added to the center 
where the doors don't quite meet when closed.

And a lovely old tarnished bronze door knob too!

I love the way it looks in the morning light!

Well, Dear Readers..... 
I seem to have discovered where I was 
All those weeks ago!
Where I am going is another matter altogether....
Hmmmmm.... we shall have to wait and see!


  1. I love your trees! That wagon is going to be stunning.

    1. Thank you Sheila! As usual... I have a long way to go! I am glad you like it!

  2. Hi, Betsy - Those silver trees are beautiful, especially against the blue walls. I love the starkness of them, but I'm curious to see how they change when the foliage is added. Your finished doors have so much character, and the luscious pink paint on the wagon's exterior shows them off perfectly. Nice work!

    1. Hi Marjorie! Yes, every new layer changes the whole feeling.... I have to take my time to get it right! I am glad you like it! I hope you have the patience it will take before I get it done!

  3. I feel as though I've just received a surprise gift! A second Gypsy wagon! I love the mood you're creating with the night sky and moonlit trees. I imagine sleeping there will have all the benefit of sleeping under the stars minus the worry of being carried off by any number of hairy beasts! Looking forward to seeing more as this story also unfolds...

    1. Hi Jodi! I needed two Gypsy wagons.... they needed family to travel with....! :) And yes, the mood is completely different.... another project full of details...!!! I am so glad you are enjoying the ride! And I am sorry I have not been able to leave comments on your blog... I don't know what happened to change things! :(

  4. Hi Betsy!
    I have to say that the graphic shapes of the silver trees against the "midnight" blue sky looks STUNNING! It will be interesting to see how much the sleeping alcove will change once the leaves are added.
    I also like the front door and the detailed door surround.
    I do hope that you'll decide to do a series of gypsy wagons so that you will have a real community of fellow travelers, since you already have a nice collection of gypsy ponies. :D


    1. Hi Elizabeth! Yes, I am enjoying that contrast.... and yes, I have to be careful how I add the next layers of details... but it always does change things! We shall see! :) And please don't encourage me to make More Wagons (at least not right away...!) I have no room for them in my little house! But I am glad you think there should be more than one! LOL!

  5. Hi Betsy! Where was I...?? Is it strange to say that I couldn't recall where you were 'before', because there were some great stories to read here ;)!
    And whilst reading this blog post I also thought: a gipsy wagon..?? No, I couldn't remember me anything of this wagon, but thankfully it seems that there's nothing wrong with my brains hehehe :)! I love the paintwork you've done on the inside walls, the trees look stunning against the night sky. But what else to expect from you, I'm always in awe with your painting works, as you know by now. The door looks wonderful and very realistic, it's very well done. And for now I guess that we have to wait and see how this new project will go and develope, I can't wait to see more of your original work.
    Warm hugs, Ilona

    1. Hi Ilona! I am glad you got as "swept up" in the stories as I do! It really does make me lose track of where I am! LOL! And I am glad you are enjoying the Gypsy wagons! It is sure to be a Long project! LOL!!!

  6. Another great looking gypsy wagon! I love how you paint them up.

    1. Thank you Shannon! I do love to paint... and Gypsies wagons give me a lot of room for fancy details! :)

  7. Well, Im late as usual.
    Did the real gypsies decorate their wagons like that?
    And where did you get that incredible old door knob?
    Yes, it was a really good idea to put knee walls in to the LOD, it does make those attic spaces feel more like rooms.
    You have so many projects going - you will certainly never run out of work to do! Keep it up.
    Lots of love,
    Mom xoxoxox

    1. Hi Mom! Yes the knee-walls have always been "needed"! LOL! As for the Gypsy wagons... they were a Victorian era development... so the fancy details were there. Whether they painted the way I am doing... I don't know for sure! But I am taking poetic license here! LOL!

  8. It's always easy to say afterwards " I have noticed it" - but I really did... of course I noticed beautiful Raven stepping out of the corner built by TWO gypsy wagons. ;O) This is another project full of Betsy magic... your murals blew me once more away. And do I have to mention at all that I already love the theme of this wagon??? *LOL* What a great idea for the interior these mystical silver trees are, I'm already curious to see how this is going on. And the wall knees look already as if they had always been there - perfect for the place.


    1. Dear Birgit, I was certain You were noticing the second wagon... and I knew you would not miss noticing Raven! :) And yes, there is so much still to add.... it will not be a fast project! LOL! I am glad you are enjoying it! :)

  9. Oh... I forgot (this ol' brain of mine *sigh*)... it's always great to see you playing along with hinges! *grin*


    1. Yes!!! Can you see all those hinges!!! LOL! :)

  10. Hi! Your painting looks gorgeous! Mystical indeed! Love it!
    Hugs, piikko

  11. Hello Betsy,
    The knee wall is such a great detail. It makes it feel so much more like a finished room, not an attic that collects unwanted stuff. It is looking beautiful and it must make it so much easier to furnish. The gypsy caravan is certainly coming along well. I love the colors you chose and the painted forest is such a terrific and a propos touch. Perfect for a gypsy. I also must comment on the doors. they are fantastic. I can't wait to see it finished and the countess says to let her know if you will ever be around Dewell manor. She loves tarot readings ;)
    Big hug

    1. Hi Giac! I am glad you like the results of the knee-walls! I am always amazed when a project like that works just like I hoped it would! I have been wanting to build those walls for Forever! LOL! I am glad to hear you like the Gypsy wagon mural.... I have quite a long way to go before it is done! But I am even happier to hear that the Countess loves Tarot readings! I am sure the Gypsies will be in your neighborhood Someday! :)