Monday, March 5, 2018

More.... So....

Shelves and Stems Continued... Plus a Pot or Two....

In Case you might think I have forgotten the Attic Shelves, Dear Readers, in my excitement about the Lilac Bushes, I wanted to reassure you that I have been continuing with their construction too! You will understand that there are quite a few things that can be worked on while waiting for glue to dry... and the Lilacs need a lot of waiting for glue to dry! You might recall that I had completed all the shelves for the Attic except for the small ones right at the front by the open side of the House. The space here is quite narrow, only about 1 and 3/4 inches wide, but being right by the opening it makes a good place for easy viewing of any Treasures stored on these shelves. And because the shelves are so narrow, I thought to make them a little different from the rest of the shelves in that one section would be compartments for holding scrolls, and the other would have drawers for storing ingredients used in potion-making! I began the unit for scrolls first as it would be simpler to construct...

Here I have added the facing trims, 

And started the dividers for the scroll compartments....

And added the glittery silver paper too!

Alas, it is night-time so it is difficult to see it in place....

But I have also started the other unit.... 
which has the spacing of the shelves closer together 
because there will be drawers instead of open shelves.
(When I get those built!)

But at least I have the basic unit constructed!

And here you can see them in the bright light of Morning!
These are the shelves which will hold scrolls...

And here are the ones which will eventually
 have drawers in the openings... 
so I have not added the silver paper to these.

Here you can sort of see the whole Attic....
Those units at the front make it harder to see the sitting alcoves...
 but that just  makes them feel more secluded and intimate!

And another little project I was working on while
 all that glue was drying on the Lilac Bushes, Dear Readers,
 was the modification of some lovely ceramic beads.....

Which I thought would make lovely little "pots" for tiny plants....
So I glued a "base" on each bead made from card stock

And painted the silver rim eyelet white  to look like ceramic.....

I think they have a lovely little shape and a beautiful pattern.....

And there are a whole bunch of them.... 
each in various stages of painting.... 
they needed several coats of paint
 to get the silver to look like ceramic....

Still needing more paint.....

Nearly done! Now All I need to add is the crocus..... 
and the Muscari...

Meanwhile, Dear Readers, I have been
 working relentlessly at those Lilac Bushes...
(and forgetting to take pictures as I go....)

I decided that the bush needed more of the "stems" to be old and twisted....
(I had bought more of that paper covered wire)
and each time I added one to the "primary Pod".....

I had to add one just like it to the Three other seasonal "pods"......
(the fourth one just isn't showing in this picture)
before I would forget just what it was I had added or changed....
Because I am Determined to make all the shrub "skeletons" 
at the same time so that Eventually I will have
 all the Seasons represented! 
(This might take a while....!)

And these are just the Main stems! 
The smaller branches all still need to be added!
(What was I thinking?!)
So Now I not only have to make an incredible amount 
of Books for those shelves, Dear Readers, 
but I also need to make an unbelievable amount
 of leaves for the Lilac Bushes, 
as well as an ever growing number of Lilac blossoms....
And the Vinca Too....!
It seems that the More I make, 
the More I have More.... 
so So much More still to do!


  1. Wow, Betsy, I love what you've achieved yet, but what a lot of work and also still to be done too...! These finished cabinets looks fabulous, and after they will be filled with scrolls, books and other items, I'm sure that they will make the attic to a fantastic room for work and relax.
    And for those Lilac bushes it's the same: so much work to be done, but it will be worth it. You have made good progress in making it all until now. I love the atmosphere on the picture of the attic with the cabinets installed, what a perfect and beautiful room it already is.
    Warm hugs, Ilona

    1. Thank you Ilona! I have been "Daydreaming" about this room for a long time! It is great to finally be seeing it come together! Now I just have to make all the books and scrolls..... It might take a while... and same for the Lilac blossoms... it might not "bloom" this year! LOL!

  2. Hello Betsy,
    The shelves are fantastic! I love how you used the space. It looks so warm and adds a tone of architectural detail. I could picture myself on a rainy day, walking around in circles, just looking at the books on the shelves. I love it! The bead pots are beautiful and I love your "yard work" You really have a green thumb (does that apply?)
    Big hug

    1. Hi Giac! I ma building a room I have been "dreaming" about for a long time... It is a place I would love to be able to spend a rainy day too! And as for the yard work.... I think the "green thumb" will apply more when we get to the "green" part of the plants! LOL! Thank you for your wonderful comments! :)

  3. I absolutely love your cabinets and the contrast of the dark wood with the bright walls.

    1. Hi Sheila! I have always been drawn to the saturated dark colors.... and the Victorian buildings that had such dark woodwork trim. I know it is not currently fashionable... but it suits this House perfectly! I am glad you like it! The blue is one of my all time favorite colors! :)

  4. The whole attic looks so great! Are you planning on making all individual books for the shelves or dummy rows and a few real books? Either way, it will look so inviting to choose a book and sit in the alcove :-).
    The plant pots are beautiful, I look forward to seeing them filled.
    Good luck with the little branches of the bushes :-)!

    1. Hi Millicent! I am sorry to be so late to reply to you here! Thank you for asking about the books I was planning to use.... it caused me to give it much more thought and even a do few experiments! I am always slow to "finish" things... and it will take a while to make so many books... even the "fake" ones that don't open. But your question got me thinking about just how I would attach them in the shelves.... I hope you visit the next post to find the answer! :)

  5. The house is as a fairy tale - wonderful colors!

    1. Thank you Ingi! It is a "Magical" house.... built for the Witches that live in my mini world! I love rich color! Ia am glad you like it too!

  6. Your new sets of shelves are a Great Success Betsy, and I can't wait to see those lilacs when they're finished. :)


    1. Dear Elizabeth.... don't be surprised if it takes the lilacs a few "seasons" to "bloom"! LOL! I am already pretty sure it won't happen in time for this spring! Alas... my ambitions outstrip my abilities sometimes... and I am still "perfecting" the blossoms..... ! :):)

  7. the shelves are beautiful, and the ceramic vases I like a lot!

    1. Thank you Claude! I have been planning the vases for a while... now I need to make the flowers! They will all need to be tiny!!! :)

  8. The shelves are very beautiful. I too use ceramic beads for vases. I love the way you painted the silver rings to look like ceramic.
    Thanks for the inspiration.
    Hugs, Drora

    1. Hi Drora! These beads just looked like ceramic pots to me! I love the design... now I need to make a lot of crocus blossoms! :)

  9. I wish I could jump through the my monitor to admire the Attic in person... make myself comfortable in one of the nooks... and after admiring your wonderful shelves and enjoying the fantastic atmosphere of this room I would come over to your garden to see how your seasonal trees are doing. And I would be happy because I would see that all is growing well because you're weaving your magic around everything. I wish I could... but I can't. But what I can is: Sit here in front of my monitor and admire your newest steps. Although second choice it's not bad at all... ;O) Also wonderful work with the beads, they will make a perfect job as flower pots. As always I admire how you're never forgetting any detail - painting the silver ring adds of course to the makeover.


    1. Dear Birgit, sometimes I wish I could jump through the screen too! LOL! That is the challenge of this wonderful blogland.... we get to "visit" so many fantastic places... but can only go so far...! It makes the Dreams brighter and adds so much inspiration... and it is mutual... it goes both ways! :):):)

  10. I love those new additions to the attic, well done, you are a shelving expert now! :D the beads/pots are also wonderful but my favourite thing is that garden, I am still in awe, a 1:12 garden that changes with the seasons!! such an amazing idea.

    1. Hi Alexandra! I am so glad to be inspiring for you! I hope I will succeed with my "seasonal" garden patches! It will take a lot of time... and I get distracted by my many other projects... so I hope you have patience and keep coming to "visit"! :)

  11. Hi, Betsy - I love your great idea to finish off the attic shelf units with drawers and spaces for scrolls. All the shelves are wonderful, and I'm so looking forward to seeing them filled. (But what a task!) The lilac bushes are getting better and better; I think you've definitely achieved that ancient, twisted look - I can't wait for More and More and More of them! The blue and white beads are so pretty - another great idea! I can just see how they'll look filled with the crocus - very timely for spring.

    1. Dear Marjorie, I hope you have patience with my slow pace of achieving these "Dreams" of mine! I am already sure the lilacs will take longer to "bloom" than anticipated! LOL! It will be an equally long task to complete so many books..... and we won't mention the vinca.... or the Tree House.... ! At least I have plenty to do! LOL! But progress is being made! :):)

  12. It's a little like B'rer Rabbit, getting stuck in the tar baby. One hand just led to another, to nother.... Those lilac bushes are going to cover the front of the house when they're in leaf, aren't they?
    The little beads for pots are adorable.
    Sorry I'm so late.
    Lots of love,

    1. Hi Mom! Yes, exactly! LOL! These projects are like that! And the Lilacs are definitely going to cover some territory... and add to the old overgrown look of the garden.... just you wait! :)

  13. The shelves are beautifu. Nice idea to use little ceramic beads for vases.

    1. Thank you Fabiola! I love the little vases now! LOL!

  14. Love the way the lilac bush stems are coming along! They are the perfect shape! Can't wait to see them finished!

    1. Thank you Kristine! I have been "dreaming" about these bushes for a long time... it is wonderful to actually make some progress! I wish I could promise blossoms soon.... but these things take time, as you know, and I am slow..... but eventually they will be done! I just have to work out a couple of "kinks" in the construction process..... Stay tuned! LOL!