Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Are You Going To The Sturbridge Fair.....

Porcelain, Books, Radiators and Toys......

The Sturbridge Miniatures Fair was held on the first Sunday in June, Dear Readers, which was also the final day of my vacation week, and it really was the icing on the cake of a wonderful vacation. It did seem as though it was a little emptier than usual, of both vendors and buyers, which could be a sad result of the ease of internet marketing. I do enjoy being able to see the items I am buying up close and for real, and enjoy the exchanges with the crafts-people and artisans who give so much to this Miniature World! This Fair happens only once a year and I count myself fortunate that it is only a little over an hours drive from where I live. And because my RL world recently has been rather full of visiting relatives and no time for minis, I will share with you some of the Treasures I found at the Fair. The china dishes in the above picture are old and well used, but I think that makes them perfect for the Fortune Teller's Gypsy Wagon! I found quite a few Treasures in the bins of sellers who were clearing out inherited collections.

Like this very Tiny Nativity!
(Because I surely don't already have enough Nativities!)

And a charming basket filled with skeins of yarns.....
And a whole selection of metal wares..... 
sconces, old cutlery, a bed warming pan, 
candlestick and candle snuffer, 
and a lovely copper grater!
And then there were the usual (and not so usual) 
commercially available pieces....

An assortment of books...
 most with empty pages but evocative titles.....

And some with a definite destination.....

If I ever get to start building my "Someday" Santa's Workshop......
(No.... don't cringe....!)

And some with gorgeous craftsmanship.....

And fully illustrated pages.....

The Book of Myths and Enchantment Tales......

And the Edmund DuLac Fairy Book.....!
These last two were purchased from
"Art To Play With Hitty"...
a showcase for Hitty artisans.
(I did not know about Hitty dolls, but they seem to be
 carved wooden jointed dolls much like my own Penny Wooden!)

And of course, there were dolls.....

A lovely "antique style" china doll... (a doll's doll)...... 
dressed as if from the mid nineteenth century, 
made by Ethel Hicks.
She is just under two inches tall,
 so she would be a large doll, and is jointed porcelain...

And can be convinced to sit in a chair... sort of... 
those petticoats do get in the way!

Also by Ethel Hicks there were two "Fashion Dolls"
 which caught my eye and had to come home with me.....

Meant to resemble Barbie dolls... 
these are not jointed and are 1 and 1/2 inches tall, porcelain beauties.

The detail work on them is very fine,
 and I'm afraid my photos do not do them justice!

And the most remarkable polymer clay food you will ever see anywhere....
made by Twin Heart (

Every item is realistic in every detail.... 
the cabbages are layered and can be cut open and "shredded".....!
(I will have to practice carefully when I open them!)

The orange can be peeled and the sections separate inside....!
The bagels and breads can be sliced and are textured inside!

This tomato is cut in half.... 
but can be further sliced if desired...!

And the broken egg!!!
What can I say?
It was difficult to choose from her selection.... 
next year I will buy more!

Of course there were the run-of-the-mill regular sorts of kits too....

Some old House of Miniatures kits....

A 1/144th scale Pub kit by Templewood Miniatures....
 and a kit for a Victorian parlor table... 
And I just could Not resist the "Ravenwood"

Robin Betterley's Haunted House kit in 1/144th scale!
(It seems I have No impulse control when it comes to her kits!)
And at the very end, Dear Readers,
 when I thought I had found everything I could ever need... 
I remembered that I had hoped to find
 a couple of those old fashioned radiators (made of resin)

because the Lovely Old Dollhouse is still needing a few...
and I found them among the supplies offered by Aminithing!

And I'm sorry to say I just can't remember 
which vendor sold the tiniest set of "jacks" you ever saw!
I know, my picture does not do them justice....
 I will have to get them out and play a game of Jacks...
 I played a lot when I was young!

Oh, and I almost forgot to show you the twelfth Lilac blossom....!

Lest you think I had slacked off....

In spite of all my last minute guests... 
I completed the twelfth blossom!
( I think I've got a system!)

So Dear Readers, I went to the Sturbridge Fair....
 And I found Porcelain, Books, Radiators and Toys...
And Kits and Food and Trinkets too.....
And I am so glad I could be there!


  1. You SCORED Big Time Betsy!!! I think your new minis will easily find homes within your mini homes. I am immediately drawn to the china but I also love the books and dolls, but most of all the Twin Hearts veggies! This vendor ALWAYS has a line-up at her stall at the Seattle Shows, however her work is DEFINITELY worth the wait. Her sliced tomato is INCREDIBLE!
    AND you lilac #12 is too! :D

    1. Hi Elizabeth! I am So impressed with the veggies.... I bought a few of her peas last year.... still have to build the house they are going in! LOL! I am so glad you like my lilacs too.... I think eventually it will be a worth while project! (Right now it is just in the way a lot! LOl!) :):)

  2. What a wonderful haul, Betsy! You picked some very unique and special pieces!
    I am excited for you to start on the Ravenwood kit! Her kits are always so neat to start with, then you make pure magic of them!

    1. Hi Jodi! I am eager to start that one too! I need to be careful though.... I get so absorbed in that tiny scale... I want to get some things done on my "big" projects this year! LOL! :):)

  3. Great purchases, lucky girl! Your finds are really nice. Love the books and dolls, and those jacks!!

    1. Hi Alexandra! I know! Those Jacks are so awesome!!! I am going to need to set up a special place for them.... very visible but not in danger of being lost.... this is a challenge! LOL! :):)

  4. What a fantastic collection after visiting this fair, Betsy, you've purchased wonderful and useful miniatures! And you even bought new kits, it will be lovely for following your progress of assembling them, because you always make them even more special with your paint brushes and creative ideas ;).
    And not to forget: you even made the 12th blossom, gorgeous!!!
    Enjoy all of your new treasures, Betsy.
    Hugs, Ilona

    1. Hi Ilona! I was so glad to go to the Fair... and you never know what you will find... which is so much a part of the fun! Now I just need to get busy building those kits!! :):)

  5. You are so lucky having a fair near you. In Ireland we have NONE which means I have to take a flight anytime I want to see such treasures up close and personal.
    You picked up some fantastic pieces, all of which are useful. I love the nativity scene, but I also love the tiny dolls, and the plates, and.....well actually everything!
    Enjoy finding homes for all these goodies Betsy. Carol x

    1. Hi Carol! I do feel very lucky to have the Fair near enough... and I feel the need to help support the Artisans who make the minis and come to the Fairs... it is a lot of work for them! And so much fun for the buyers! :):) I am going to enjoy finding "homes" for all these new pieces... or rather building homes for them! LOL!

  6. Wow I love all your pieces you done great at the fair. I love the books and the food so real looking. More kits yay I love watching you work your magic on them :)Enjoy.
    Hugs Maria

    1. Hi Maria! I am excited about the Ravenwood kit... I have been coveting it for a while now! LOL! And the food by Twin Heart is just amazing.... really really amazing!!! :):)

  7. Wow! Awesome haul of loot! Can't wait to see where you put things and how you use them.

    And now I think my WQ needs a candle snuffer.

    1. Hi Sheila! Yes, she absolutely needs a candle snuffer! LOL! You should be able to make one with all your little jewelry pieces! :):)

  8. Hi, Betsy - The fair sounds like so much fun! I regret that Nebraska is so far out of reach of fairs and shows and firsthand viewing of all the treasures. I'm so impressed with all your choices - the beautiful china pieces, the Book of Myths, Enchantment Tales, and the Fairy Book - and the Twin Heart food! How does she do that??!! It'll be fun to watch you work on those tiny new kits. But I think my very favorite, if I can make such a hard choice, is the teensy set of Jacks! That strikes close to home, because I've been teaching my grandchildren to play Jacks, at least as much as I remember from my childhood, and we're having so much fun! (The hardest part is crawling around on the floor at my age!) Congratulations on completing the twelfth lilac blossom - they're adding up! Thank you for such an interesting and enviable post!

    1. Hi Marjorie! I am so glad I am not the only one who thinks the Jacks are the coolest!!! I played Jacks a lot when I was I was young... and this set took me right back there! LOL! The Fair is so much fun because you never know what you will find.... I do feel very lucky! :):)

  9. One of the best blogs ever. Of course I particularly loved the radiator, which is almost exactly like the one in our front hall at 38 Seaward Rd., tho that one was painted and had only 4 arches. And the little baskets of "stuff." Carry on. Hooray for the Sturbridge Fair!
    Lots of love,

    1. Hi Mom! The radiator I remember best is the one in my bedroom that I would sit close to while getting dressed.... right next to the closet door! I do love those radiators and was so happy to find them! :):)

  10. WOW, you found some great items. I like that nativity - the old radiator is pretty cool too. Have fun with your new things, I look forward to seeing what you do with that house kit!

    1. Hi Troy! I love those radiators! They are just like the ones in the house I grew up in! And I do seem to have a weakness for tiny Nativities...! :):)

  11. ¡Que maravillosas miniaturas encontraste! todas geniales pero esas muñecas son divinas, se ve que disfrutaste mucho en esa feria.
    Sus lilas van sumando y te están quedando fantásticas :-)

    1. Gracias Contrastes-Rosa! I had a lot of fun at the Fair! And my lilacs are "growing"... and eventually will make a bush! :):)

  12. Fantastic finds! What fun to be able to go to a show and come back with treasures. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
    Your lilacs are gorgeous!
    Hugs, Drora

    1. Thank you Drora! It is a lot of fun to go to the Fair! I look forward to it all year! I am glad you like my lilacs.... they are growing slowly but surely! :):)

  13. Great finds Betsey, well worth a visit!

    1. Hi Shannon! I had a lot of fun! I am glad you enjoyed seeing them too! :)

  14. That nativity!!! And the china and the books and the radiator, the dolls, the.... what a great haul!!
    Looking forward to seeing these items in your houses!

  15. Lots of lovely items there to enjoy - especially your books. Very impressive and I'm taken with the fact that you can chop and cut your veggies. I've not seen that before. All in all it looks a great day out with very worthwhile purchases.

    1. Hi Irene! The books are wonderfully made! And the veggies are just astonishing! She has a web-site. Her stuff is just unlike any other food artist.... so perfect it is unreal! :)

  16. Such fantastic finds! I love the little porcelain 'Barbie' style dolls. Haven't really seen anything like that before.

    1. Hi Kristine! They were made especially for this vendor... she asked Ethel Hicks to make her a selection of the Fashion dolls... so they are unique! I couldn't resist! LOL!

  17. I'm over the moon with your purchases as if they were my own... so many wonderful items and pieces that will be just perfect for your projects. According to me there's always enough space for another nativity… and this one has two advantages: It's tiny and there's no need to worry whether the camel needs to be placed on the left or the right side! ;O) You've bought some fantastic books and it made me smile all over the face that there's a Santa's Workshop waiting at your to-do-list… hmmmm… do I know somebody with the same "problem"? Maybe I should ask the face in my mirror about the answer… I really admire the dollies, miniature Barbie's are a fantastic idea. And the food you've bought is terrific, it's incredibly well made. All of your purchases are fantastic - and do I need to mention at all my personal "HOORAY!" following your Ravenwood purchase? Ah, I'm already looking forward to see you build it... with loads of Betsy magic - this will be fun for sure. Not to forget - welcome to the new member of the lilac family, congrats for your first dozen!

    Birgit (who has a melody ringing in your head now… "Are you going to Sturbridge Fair"... I suppose this is what Paul Simon was originally having in mind)

    1. Dear Birgit, you now know what song goes through my head Every time I go to the Sturbridge Fair... I am Sure he just got the name confused! LOL! And as for the Ravenwood kit.... I have been coveting it for a while now.... we shall see how long it takes me to open the package... just to have a look, you understand! LOL! And yes, there were a lot of treasures... all needing Homes to be built... or found... some of them still just in my imagination...! But it never hurts to start collecting the "decor" pieces that you know you will need "someday"....! :) And yes, the new Nativity leaves nothing to the forgetful imagination..... unless we need to add a few pieces...! LOL! I do enjoy your comments! :):):)