Monday, September 3, 2018

Daphne Opens Doors.....

Shining A Little Light....

I Hope you don't mind, Dear Readers, if we take a Small detour to revisit Daphne's Story. I know it probably feels to you that it has been a Long time since we followed them to the Park on a Dark and Rainy day, but I must remind you that almost no time at all has passed in their world! In fact it has been only a few hours and Daphne has just finished putting Renee to bed. She finally has a few minutes to herself, something she is beginning to realize is a rare thing! You might recall that she has been the Nanny for less than a week and every day brings more questions than answers. She had not expected the de Montaigne family to be so uninvolved with Renee's upbringing. She had assumed they would raise her like a daughter of their own, spend time with her, take her to see the world, enjoy her company, and most of all give her the love every child needs. She hadn't expected to find Monsieur Guillaume so frail, and Madame Yvonne so involved with running the Family business and their Estates that she was hardly ever home. And most of all she had never thought that the Family's Lawyer would be the one who seemed to care for Renee the most! It was hard for her to admit that she was jealous of the bond he had with Renee. She hoped that with time she could build such a bond herself. She had no clear idea how that would happen, but she resolved to try to enrich Renee's world every day in any way she could. There was so much she wanted to share with her! But for now she would content herself with discovering more about the household while Renee slept. She might as well start with exploring the other rooms in the attic.... There was a storage room across the hall from her room, next to the tiny bathroom. It was completely dark so she shined a flashlight in....

 And way at the back she caught a glimpse 
of a familiar piece of furniture.....
Was that a sewing machine.....?
Would anyone mind, or even notice if she pulled it out....?

Oh, it looked just like the one her mother had always sewed on.....!
The one she had learned on... 
she could show Renee how to sew.....
she could make her new clothes..... 
perhaps it was just the thing she needed!
But it was late and she would need some help moving everything... 
first thing in the morning they could pull it out!

And so the next morning found Daphne back in the storage attic,
 this time with an excited Renee in tow!
"What are we finding....?" asked Renee as she peered into the dark.
"I'll show you..." said Daphne, 
"but first we have to move a lot of things out of the way."
"I need you to hold the flashlight for me.." she added. 
"Shine it over there... while I move this cradle..."

"And now I just need to move this chair...."

"We might want to use this too...." she added.

"See, that's the sewing machine..." she said.
"What's a sewing machine...?" asked Renee.
"I'll show you when we get it out..." said Daphne.

"I just have to get this out of the way first..." she added.
"What's that...?" asked Renee.
"It looks like an old wheel chair..." 
replied Daphne as she pulled it out of the way.
"Why does it have wheels...?" asked Renee.
 "It's for people who can't walk very well...." replied Daphne, 
her mind on getting to the sewing machine.

"Like Grandpere...?" asked Renee...
"Could Grandpere use it and go to the Park....?" she added excitedly.
"Well......" said Daphne, unsure of what to say.
"We could see how sturdy it is...."
"Can I go tell Grandpere....?" asked Renee... 
but she ran off before Daphne could reply.

"Grandpere.... Grandpere....." she cried as she rushed into the room.
 "We found a Chair! And it has wheels!"

"And now you can come to the Park...!" she cried excitedly.

"Renee, you need to ask him, not tell him...."
 said Daphne, catching up with her.
"He might not feel like going...."
"Grandpere, it's got wheels.... we will push you..." 
said Renee, undaunted.

"Yes" said Grandpere as he slowly stood up....
He would try to do this...
He could not bear to disappoint Renee!
Believe me, Dear Readers, when I tell you
 that in a very short amount of time
 the Cook had helped Daphne bring the chair down from the attic,
 and the Nurse had helped Monsieur Guillaume climb down the front stairs,
 and Renee was excitedly leading the way to the Park!

It was not raining today, but it was still a very gloomy day.
But Guillaume did not notice... 
he could not remember the last time he had been to a Park...

Renee could not wait to show Grandpere her friends the birds...!

She dashed ahead....

"See! Grandpere.... they're waiting for me...!" she cried.

She slowed as she got close so they did not all fly away.....

They were pecking at chunks of bread left there by someone....

Daphne pushed the chair closer so he could watch....
Just to see her excitement filled him with Joy!

Renee was completely absorbed by the birds!

She took the bread and tossed it to them again and again.....
they all chased the bread....

Except for one little bird perched on the rim of the fountain....

Suddenly Renee noticed the bird....

It seemed as though everything went very still....
nothing moved...
The sun almost made an appearance...
but thought better of it...
and soon it looked like more rain was on its way....
The moment passed...

Daphne didn't want Monsieur Guillaume to get
 caught in a rain shower, 
so she called to Renee that they should head home...

But even though it was such a gloomy day, 
Monsieur Guillaume felt like he was filled with sunshine!

And Renee was chattering as fast as she could 
about the next time they were coming to the Park...
And Daphne was thinking that the morning 
had not gone at all as she had expected.... 
they never even got to the sewing machine!

And in case you thought I had forgotten the lilac blossom.....
Here is number twenty-four!

And here it is in the box!

Well, Dear Readers, I hope you didn't mind
 the little detour to the Park....
Even though it was so gloomy.
It seems Daphne has opened some doors
and shined a Tiny light into the dark!


  1. Hello Betsy,
    I have missed your stories. It is wonderful to see the impact Daphne is having on the family. I love that wheelchair!
    Keep up the amazing work on the blossoms.
    Big hug

    1. Thank you Giac! I am making progress on the lilacs! The wet summer has made it difficult to get any good sunlight to photograph Daphne's story.... it really needs to be well lit! But I am trying to get a little bit more told... the time passes much too fast! :)

  2. That wheelchair is really wonderful! And I can't wait to see Daphne teach Renee how to sew. So much fun!

    Yay! Lilacs!

    1. Thank you Sheila! I have been trying to tell this part of the story for ages it seems... the light this summer has not cooperated! :)

  3. Such a lovely story! The wheelchair is awesome. Keep up the good work with the blossoms! :-)

    1. Thank you Millicent and Friends! I am making progress with the lilacs!

  4. The next segment of the story is a heartwarming and lovely one, Betsy! And I love it whenever you show scenes from that beautiful city park! I still marvel at your trees and fountain!

    1. Thank you Jodi! The Park is another example of me making a "temporary" setting.... in order to be able to tell this story! LOL! Four years later I am still just getting going...*sigh*.... things just keep taking longer! It really is just a "stage set"... the other side is unpainted.... but it is so much fun to play in... I might have to "finish" it someday! LOL!

  5. I am just as excited for Daphne and Renee finding the wheelchair in the attic for Monsieur Guillaume, as I am for the resumption of this fine story!

    The abundant lilac blossoms you've been working on all Summer, are going to make the garden around The Folly smell Devine in the Srping!

    1. Thank you Elizabeth! I am excited too! I have been trying to tell this part of the story for awhile now... too much RL rain has not helped! it is just too dark for photographing much of the time! Yes, the lilacs are coming along... I am starting to believe there will be a blossoming shrub someday! LOL! :)

  6. Hi Betsy! Oh no, we will never get tired of your stories, you are an great writer of stories and for me it's a good way of learning more English words ;)!
    I'm so glad that they could take Guillaume out to the park in the old wheelchair. I'm sure it made his day, he was so happy!
    Keep up the good work on the blossoms, number twentyfour has been born, hurray :D!
    Hugs, Ilona

    1. Thank you Ilona! (I sometimes worry that the story is tiresome... I am too long-winded in telling it... and so on...!) I am glad you enjoy it! I just wish I could tell it faster! But this year it has been very wet and dark... not good for photographing the Park. I hope to make more progress anyway! :)

  7. Love love love it! Your stories are the sweetest water in the ocean of the internet. And while I could watch you hang hinges on doors for months, it is so kind of you to catch us up on the "real" doings! You're a fantastic story teller, thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Martha! :):) (Your comment really made my day!) I do love to tell stories, and Renee makes it easy... she is such a sweetie! I am so glad you enjoy the "real" doings as much as I do! :):)

  8. Lovely story with wonderful photos.
    fantastic miniatures too. The wheelchair is awesome. Sadly it reminds me of my husband using one.
    Thanks for making me eager to read more.
    Hugs, Drora

    1. Thank you Drora! The wheelchair is a wonderful mini... and so helpful in this story! (I hope your husband is recovering!) The story has so much more to tell... it will take me a while, so I hope you will keep coming back! :):)

  9. Hi, Betsy - I've missed your stories, and it's so good to learn more of Daphne and Renee's adventures. That wheelchair was such an amazing find, especially since it allowed Guillaume (and all of us) to see the beautiful park again. Now I hope you'll continue the story so that we can find out whether Daphne ever gets that sewing machine out of the storage attic! Good work on completing the twenty-fourth flower!

    1. Thank you Marjorie! (I am always glad to hear that my readers actually enjoy the stories!) I would tell this story faster... but things like the lack of daylight (it has been so rainy!) and the need to build the "sets" (Attic quickly thrown together...!) slows me down! LOL! Every "room" I add to the story requires that I keep it set up until the story is finished....... whenever that will be!!! LOL! I am starting to need to plan way ahead... or move into a larger house! LOL! :):)

  10. Hi Betsy. I love your story, all those beautiful characters and their secrets and the wonderful settings. I especially love the park with the fountain and those birds!! I want to know more!

    1. Thank you Alexandra! The story is along one..... I have trouble being quick! LOL! I am glad you like it.... I really enjoy telling it! :):)

  11. Hooray!!! FINALLY!!! *doing-the-happy-dance* Woohooo!!! *throws-confetti* Yesssssss!!! Eh... ehem... great to see a new episode of Daphne's story (Yippiiiieeeee!!!) - and what an episode this is. Did I ever tell you before what a great storyteller you are? ;O) Daphne really opened doors and although she only used a tiny flashlight she brought more than just a bit of light into the dark. I can only agree with her thoughts about this strange family and the conditions her daughter has to grow up. And it's incredible that Monsieur Guillaume had to spend all his days just in his room when a wheelchair was gaining dust in the attic. Fire the nurse! It was so lovely to see the old man enjoying himself and enjoying his granddaughter's joy - and it was lovely to go back to your beautiful park. Please tell Daphne all of this was worth to leave the sewing machine still in place - this will still be fun when she gets it out in the next episode… *tweet*


    1. Thank you Birgit! :):) I am so glad to know you enjoy Daphne's story! :):) (I think I knew that! LOL!) I wish I could tell it faster... or maybe not... I wouldn't want to have to say it was all done! LOL! This year it has been difficult because of all the rain and dark days... and every new "room" I have to invent to tell the story.... it makes it take much longer than I imagine it will! LOL! There is so much still to tell...... and that is not counting the Other stories that I get caught up in telling.... *wink*.... and this year it is particularly challenging because everything is all taken apart to be rebuilt...! Yikes! I need to get busy now! LOL :):):)

  12. I am delighted to hear more of your story this is my favorite one :) Love the chair what a wonderful trip for Monsieur Guillaume. Daphne is doing wonders in that house.
    Hugs Maria

    1. Thank you Maria! I am so glad you like this story! I love to tell it... even though it takes so long.... (the weather has not been cooperating!) But I am hoping to make more progress soon! :):)

  13. Beautiful story with nice scenes.
    Good work on the blossoms.

  14. Thank you so much for the detour! I was longing for the sequel to the story for some time now. I love seeing your beautiful park!
    And welcome to another lilac blossom!

    1. Thank you Veronique! I wish I could make it go faster... but this year it has been very difficult to get good weather for photographing... the Park needs real light! And every time I think I am ready to tell more, I realize I have to make a "setting".... like the attic room... or a "flash-light... which takes more time! LOL! But that is part of the fun... I hope to tell more soon! :):)

  15. charming scenes and remarkable lighting effects!

    1. Thank you Claude! I have fun making them! :)

  16. Sorry I'm so late. I had forgotten what a sweet story that is! And the gloomy park is realistic - just as though it's really about to rain. I guess it was a darkish day in Greenfield when you took the photos.
    Welcome to lilac blossom No. 24!
    Lots of love,

    1. Thank you Mom! Yes, it was a gloomy day... it has been really difficult to photograph the Park this summer! Too much rain! :):)

  17. Such a cute story. Love seeing all the photos with it! And you have such patience with making flowers, I'm always so impressed. The lilac blossoms are just looking lovely. :)

    1. Thank you Kristine! The story is a long one... I try not to bore everybody! LOL! But it "needs" to be told... so I let the little people run things around here! LOL! The lilacs are finally starting to look like something... I am getting hopeful that the shrub will bloom next spring! :)