Monday, January 14, 2019

Blossoms And The Card.....

A Little Attachment....

Here is Blossom number Thirty-nine, Dear Readers, completed at last! But I must tell you that this is actually Blossom number Forty.... except that the first number Thirty-nine never got completed in the usual way, but got scattered to the World.... and so now this one is called number Thirty-nine... and I will be forever mixed up about which blossom I am working on now! Let me explain....!  You might recall that I showed you the florets for number Thirty-nine all finished but not assembled a couple of weeks ago. Well, as I was working on the Christmas Card Drawing one day, I decided to see whether the florets in RL were the same size as the ones I was drawing on The Card (because you can be sure they were to be included this year no matter what!) so I brought one of the florets up to my drawing to compare.... (Be warned, if you don't want to see The Card yet... stop here!)

I set the unfinished floret on the drawing.... 
and yes, the florets in the drawing were just about the size
 of the RL ones I have been making all year!
Can you see the little floret on the drawing here?

Or maybe you can see it better in this one?
Well, never mind.... I still had a long way to go to finish the card...
But it gave me an idea that wouldn't go away....

Here are the finished florets for Blossom number Thirty-nine....
but I had not had time to assemble them
 while I was working so hard on the card.
 But what if...... I thought.... 
What if I attached a floret to the finished card....???

Days and days later.... 
the idea still would not go away.
 I am testing the color here....
The Card still has days and days of work to do before it is done.

But somehow, Dear Readers,
 the florets refused to come together into one blossom....
 they went into a little dish
 and at great risk to their fragile existence
 they have been attached, one by one,
 to the first forty-eight cards I have sent out!

Can you see it there? 
A single three-dimensional attachment to the drawing?
(I have never done something like this before!)
I have been needing to warn the recipients
 so they will not accidentally brush the little blossom attachment away!
But yes, The Card is finally finished
 and on its way to many on my list,
 and hopefully the little blossoms will stay attached!
Oh, and you wanted to see the whole card?

I had a hard time getting a good picture... 
the printed surface reflects the light......
 but here it is at last!
(8.5x11inches pen and ink and watercolor on arches paper)
You will need to poke the pictures to see the details!
So there went Blossom number Thirty-nine... 
in fragments all around the World....

While Blossom number Forty...
 the new number Thirty-nine
 is waiting in the box with its buddies.
And The Card is going forth
 with  a Little Attachment!


  1. Oh Betsy! It's a masterpiece, truly! I marvel at how you manage to include so many intricate details into every single space, both whimsical and as real as an extension cord running across the floor! The windows in the branches depicting the scenes is delightfully fun! As much as I, a relatively new friend, love the scenes, it must be so incredibly special to those in your life who's moments together you've memorialized so beautifully. And including a blossom on each print is such a special touch, to have something individually that you created with your own hands. What an amazingly gifted artist you are, and how extraordinary it is that you commemorate each year with a work that is so personal and significant. *standing ovation* So worth the wait, and so worth discovering again and again!

  2. Truly lovely Betsy. Congratulations on your work and so special and heartfelt with the little blossom. I imagine the joy of those who receive your work of art each year.
    All the best . Janin

  3. Cada tarjeta y cada flor son una obra de arte! Por lo que combinar las dos dan el resultado de algo maravilloso e impresionante!!! Amo tu trabajo.

  4. WOW, Betsy, you've outdone yourself with this newest Christmas card, it's gorgeous!! All of the effort and love you've put in there and just as all of the details. The addition of the number forty blossom was a lovely and loving thought of you, the recipients will be over the moon when they receive such an art treasure, made by you.
    For a long time I've been sitting now in front of the screen to see all of the details on the card. I bet I still haven't seen them all, so I start over and over and again each time I see something's so beautifully done. Thank you for sharing your art works with us.
    Hugs, Ilona

  5. Sometimes you see something and your mind goes completely blotto because you cannot take it all in and no matter how hard you try, it just won't quite do - but in a good way. That is your card. I am smiling from ear to ear, completely in awe of all the wonderful detail telling their own little stories within a story, within a storey with a little attachment...
    What an amazingly, gifted and talented lady you are. Thanks so much for making my day brighter.
    Anna XX

  6. Wow! So pretty! I love all the details...I could spend ages looking at it.

  7. I have been looking and marveling at this beautiful work of art. A card like this should be framed and displayed for all to enjoy.
    You are an amazing artist. Thank you for sharing.
    Hugs, Drora

  8. Betsyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! This new card is once more outstanding!!! Although it's not fair to compare your Christmas cards to each other I must say that my first impression is that this one is EVEN MORE detailed. Of course the delicate lilac and your garden… but the lovely Old Dollhouse in the background blew me away! They're all there… Pollyanna getting lost in her dollhouses, "supportive" Arthur taking a nap meanwhile, Beth still being lost looking at the Secret Christmas house etc. etc. etc. I've seen so many details and scenes bringing back wonderful memories of the last year when I was following your awesome work and progress. And yes, I can't deny it - I was very touched seeing two scenes of my/your/your sisters' BiWuBearies… Marmalade and Buttercup on that stunning train… and the lighted silver tree in the Cloud Palace... *sob* Sooooo beautiful - even you have outdone yourself… but as I said before, you can't compare the cards, they're all gorgeous and true masterpieces. Btw adding the tiny lilac blossom is a fantastic idea. But now I'm sitting here with one remaining questions - at the bottom of your castle (which couldn't be missed on your card for sure) next the drilling machine - are these your boxes with the hinges? And hopefully only a few of them, only the matching ones for the castle? *grin* Your hinges truly deserved to make their way to your card! ;O)


  9. Your commenters are right - this card is one of the extraordinary ones, along with the one of you & your sister descending the stairs and espying the dolls house under the tree. AMAZING detail. You can gaze at this card for hours. Thank you!
    And much love,

  10. This new card is fantastic! You're a great artist.

  11. Hello, Betsy - Welcome to the second #39 lilac blossom. I'm sure the first #39 was thrilled to be chosen for a stunning and unique addition to the Christmas Card! This year's card is so beautifully detailed; I could hardly take in all the wonders at a single sitting. I love your thoughtful touch of the lilac blossom - and the cat, and the extension cord on the floor - and the drill - and all the special reminders and memories of a year well spent. Another success, Betsy!

  12. I think of ALL the cards you shown us, this is hands down my FAVOURITE!
    Not only because of the addition of your precious tiny lilac blossom on each card, but also because it depicts YOU seated and surrounded by your Amazing World of Miniature Creations, as you The Artist, are busy working on the Lilacs themselves.
    The colors and the composition and the story-telling in the sidebar and the subject matter is Absolutely PERFECT Betsy!
    Truly-"L" IS for LOVE!♥️

  13. Your card is just gorgeous. I am sure the lucky recipients will be over the moon with tha beatiful piece of art an love. The additional tiny lilac blossom is a fab idea and it makes it even more memorable. Great job worth of all of those hours and efforts.

  14. Your card is amazing I love it and I think it is a beautiful idea to put a blossom on the card. What a wonderful precious gift.
    Hugs Maria

  15. Hello Betsy,
    I am always in awe of your many talents, drawing being one of them. This card is so beautiful, so personal, so warm and really reflects the wonderful lady behind it. It is fantastic!
    Big hug