Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Where Do They Go.....?

When Dreams Go Astray.....

I Hope you will not be Alarmed, Dear Readers to discover that the Little Dreamer Beth did Not make it home to Rose Thorne Cottage where her sister Amy was waiting with the Little Dolls. Amy was trying not to be alarmed, but truly she did not think she had ever been apart from Beth for so long without knowing where she had gone. Oh, they often played apart for a time, but always found each other before too long. It was comforting to know that the other was always somewhere nearby. But this time Amy was afraid something had gone wrong when she went to get help. Beth had been so absorbed in the Dollhouse..... she wouldn't answer questions... she wouldn't look away.... Amy had decided she needed to get help... but now she wasn't sure she had made the right decision.

Even though Amy had found the Little Dolls,
 Beth had never come home!

But the worst of it was that nobody else seemed to notice!
Amy was starting to wonder whether she had Dreamed the whole thing up......
 Or maybe she was still Dreaming...!
How could she tell for sure?

But I am Sure you will not be surprised to learn
 that Amy was not the only one who was concerned.

The Wizard was also wondering at the Alarming Silence
 that seemed to Pervade all the world.... 
at least the places where he traveled.
He had heard whispers on the Wind of a Missing Dreamer
 and so he was Investigating.

The Castle was eerily quiet.

As though it were..... waiting for something to Happen....

Father Alban was not making any progress in his work...
 but seemed Lost in some old Dream.

Even Henry and Belle were staring off into space...
And Old Meg was not saying a word!
Something was not as it should be....

And where were all those pesky Children 
that seemed to always be underfoot...?
Yes, The Wizard was concerned!

Meanwhile, Dear Readers, I hope you can recall
 that Tommy, one of those Pesky Children,
 had taken the Sword Harbinger from the Castle,
 and then fearing that he would be caught with it
 he'd ridden off to find somewhere to hide it.
But in his haste he had fallen from his pony, Prince,
 and hit his head hard enough to knock him senseless.
When he awoke in his own bed he did not have the Sword....
And he had trouble remembering just what had happened.
Had he Dreamed he took the sword....?

He rode out to see if he could find the Sword.... 
 but he could never be sure if he was looking in the right place....

He thought he remembered where the great tree roots made the path tricky....

But no matter how often he came by.... 
he could not find the Sword.

But he knew in his heart that he had taken something
 that was not his to take.... and then he had Lost it!
He dreaded going to the Castle.... 
he was afraid that the Wizard
 would know what he had done!

And I know you are Wondering what has become of the Little Dreamer Beth...
Who was last seen staring into the windows of The Secret Christmas House....

She had never seen anything like this before!
She was So enchanted by what she could see....

That she Wished..... she Wished with all her heart
 that she could just be in there
 where that beautiful little Christmas Tree stood
 surrounded by presents... and even a little tiny dollhouse!
Well, I hope you can believe it, Dear Readers....
She just might have been granted her Wish!
And you Might just have to stick around to find out...
Where Little Dreamers go when they go Astray!

To Be Continued......


  1. Me has dejado intrigada! Donde estarán los niños???

  2. Oh dear! Where did they go?

    I love how the light looks coming through the leaded glass in your windows. What method did you use for the glazing?

  3. Do you remember that in my last comment I mentioned that you would be amazed about the amount of joy your last post gave to me showing some of your projects and characters again? Even when having this in mind you would NEVER be able to guess how much joy and happiness this post above brought to me now!!! What a big pleasure to see this wonderful epic story continue - and in fact one of the main reasons why I love the H-season so much. *smile*

    And I must really say "Bravo" for your way to keep up with the story which developed over years and especially for summarizing the earlier events in this fantastic post bringing us right back to the story after quite some time. And what a pleasure to see these old friends again in your wonderful scenes. If I was the wizard I would be alarmed too! At least the sword was found by Rowena and is in safe hands, so sad that Tommy has no idea about this - and Amy who found her way home with Blue's help should not lose her faith in a good ending. There are powerful forces around doing their best to enable us to enjoy the big Halloween Party at the Castle in the end with the Deadly Nightshades rocking the hall and Chip being once more nominated for "costume of the year". *grin*

    But of course I can't leave today's first episode without pointing out that the tale's turn with Beth becoming a part of the Secret Christmas House as a teenytiny version of herself blew me away! A stroke of genius - and although I've said this before I gladly repeat myself: You're one storyteller for sure - your talent to weave magic with words and how you're using your scenes to support this is outstanding. Well, and now I'm eagerly waiting for the next episode!!! Yippieeeee! ;O)


  4. Delightfully spooky!
    Do all those children have parents? They seem too young to be getting lost in the enchanted forest.
    A great beginning.
    Love, Mom

  5. It was so exciting to come see what you've been up to and find more pages to the stories! The photos are mysterious and magical and I can't wait for the next installment!

  6. Sooooo spooky and mysterious! This is again another great story from you, Betsy, as I said before: I love them. The pictures you took for illustrating the story are fantastic, the way the light coming through the windows....I can't wait to read more.
    Hugs, Ilona

  7. I once recall seeing an old Twilight Zone episode where a museum security guard wished himself small so that he could live in the dollhouse on display.
    When people came looking for him the next day, they asked themselves the same question: "Where did he go?" ;)

    1. an amendment to the above: The episode was entitled "Miniature" and it wasn't a guard who wished himself small but just an "average guy" wishing to escape from the Real World; which when you think about it, sounds just like all of us as RL "Little Dreamers" :D

  8. Hi, Betsy - I'm so glad to finally get to learn (maybe?) where Beth went and what encounters she had. I'm hoping that she's snug inside the Secret Christmas House, enjoying that beautiful Christmas tree! I always enjoy your stories and photos - especially those of the mysterious Castle.