Tuesday, September 26, 2023

The Annual Trek...


Gifts, Rugs and Rain....

I Took a trip, Dear Readers, to visit my folks in the Southwest, a Long Long Long way from home. It takes two days to get there so the first night I stop in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and the next morning I take the little plane (8 passengers) down to the southwest corner of the state. The above picture is coming into Albuquerque over the Manzano Mountains. I dodged rainstorms wherever I went. There was a large "Tropical Storm" headed for my part of New England on the morning I left, but it stayed just far enough off shore that my flight was not cancelled. It was pouring in Atlanta when I changed planes, but the flights were not delayed. The morning flight from Albuquerque to Silver City re-routed around large thunderstorms, but we were on time for landing in the dry desert. They have not had a good Monsoon Season this year in this region. But it rained hard on my second evening at my Mom's!

Here you can see the water pouring off her porch roof!
And it rained again at my Dad's way up in the hills. 
They have had more rain where he lives, 
probably due to the higher elevation and the steep hills.
Silver City is at something over 6000 ft. elevation
 and my Dad's place is probably another thousand over that.
(Sorry I don't have the exact elevations!)
They are in "high mountain desert" conditions and
 last spring there was a wildfire just north of my Dad's home.

Here's a picture of my Mom, (aged 92!) and her dog Daisy.

I bring small petit-point kits with me when I travel out there
 because they fit neatly into my bag.
On last year's trip I had started the stocking you see above,
 and this year I completed it!
This year I spent quite a while going through
 old family Photos with my Mom,
 trying to identify and label them.
She had an old suitcase full of them!
I found quite a few Treasures, including some "missing" artwork
 that had been done by my Great Great Aunt and her husband.
 My Grandma had showed it to me when I was a teenager,
 and I hadn't seen it since.
Mostly very fine pen and ink drawings!
My Dad's partner gave me a bunch of little woven "mug rugs"
she and her weaving group made.

They are the perfect size for dollhouse rugs!

I love the texture of this ribbon rug!

This one has lovely colors and is a very fine weave....

Here's the reverse side.... I am not sure which I like best!

And these two are a pair. They have subtle differences.

And here you can see the reverse side of each.
All of them are approximately 4 x 5 inches excluding the fringes.

Of course, the visit was over far too soon, 
and the long trip home, done all in one day 
because the flights leave Silver City early, 
followed a familiar theme.

The flight from Albuquerque was re-routed to avoid
 storms in the upper plains on the way to Chicago...
but arrived on time anyway. 
And my homeward leg landed late in New England
 in the middle of pouring rain
 from yet another "Tropical Storm" 
that had set it's sights on New England!
Two former Hurricanes in two weeks?!?
 I was very glad to get home to my familiar little worlds.

 The Baktiari carpet is getting close to finished!

So I took my Annual Trek, Dear Readers, 
traveling a Long way from home.
But seeing my Family is such a Gift... 
and while the challenges of Travel don't get easier,
I Treasure the Time I had with my folks, 
and perhaps I also brought them the Gift of a little rain!



  1. It's good that you were able to see your parents and spend some quality time with them, Betsy , the time always feels as though it goes by far too fast, but I'm glad that you're sound on home ground again AND still dry,too! Crazy Crazy weather: too much in one place and not enough in another! ❤️

  2. ¡Las distancias son muy grandes en tu país! Pero lo importante es que has visto a tu familia y has llegado a pesar de las condiciones meteorológicas.
    Las alfombras son todas preciosas.

  3. The rug you are stitching is gorgeous! Also what a wonderful find those mug rugs....perfect for dollshouse. I don't often comment but I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts! Such talent.

  4. Wow Betsy! What an adventure it is to get to see your folks! It is such precious time, though, so it makes the effort so worthwhile. How lovely to be able to appreciate the art talent of family members even after their passing. Your mom looks amazing! She should sell her secrets!

    What wonderful rugs from your dad's partner! It looks like it would be a fun hobby to learn how make them and they seem perfect for dollhouse rooms.

    The Baktiari carpet is so beautiful and I just love the little stocking! Welcome back home! Every year I like being home even more and it takes a lot of prodding to get me to leave it!

  5. How awesome that you get go visit your parents every year in what looks to be a very interesting location. It is a long way for you to go (probably much like getting to far-flung places in Australia!) but well worth the journey. And love the new rugs! How kind and thoughtful.

  6. Those rugs are so beautiful! It's so nice that you could visit your parents...but your post makes me feel even more grateful that my parents live close to me. I often take it for granted, and it truly is a blessing. Your stocking is gorgeous - what a great travel project!

  7. Beautiful rugs! And I'm so glad you enjoyed your trip and got to see your parents!

  8. It must have been great to spend time with your parents. And what a joy for your mother to have you all to herself, even for such a short time. I am the same age as your mother, 92 years old so I know what this visit must have meant to her.
    The carpet is Gorgeous!
    Hugs, Drora

  9. So you're the rainlady... I had to smile about your travel's journal including the weather reports and hearing that it needs an 8-seated plane to reach the final destination sounds like something I would only do for a very, very good reason. But on the other hand... what could be a better reason than visiting your parents, making new memories and rifling through old ones. And I loved to see Harriet with her dog, I miss her lovely comments. So great to hear you've made your annual trip to see them and that you came home with new sweet memories, finished projects and gorgeous gifts (thos mug rugs are stunning).