Monday, November 4, 2019

Cleaning Up.....

After The Party.....

I Suppose, Dear Readers, that after the tumult of the recent few weeks in my mini worlds, the Old Witches can be forgiven for taking advantage of the refreshments after all the guests had gone home. Ken stayed to serve the Potent brew and The Deadly Nightshades played until Dawn.

They wouldn't want to fall afoul of the Witches, after all!

And they could wait until morning to put the Hall to rights...
whatever that would entail!
Who knew what Era it would turn out to be!

And I am sure you can understand, Dear Readers,
 that I was equally curious to find out
 how all the Mini-worlds would return to "normal"
 once the fervor of the Holiday was past.
There was so much that needed to find it's way home.....

Because during the story-telling frenzy, 
most of the Castle is turned inside out more than once!
It makes a Grand Mess!
So in the Aftermath, I find myself needing to rearrange everything...
(Especially now that I am not making Lilac bushes any more...)

The Folly, which has spent the better part of two years
 sitting at the end of the work table, finds itself moving aside.....

Leaving room to move the Dollmaker's 
Workshop onto the work table!

Where maybe I will finally be able to get some progress
 made on the now quite warped structure!
And after waiting in vain all fall for
 the sun to come shine on the Summer Lilac shrub
 in the Folly garden, Dear Readers,
would you believe that this morning
 as I was rushing to get ready to go to work...

A little sliver of the low sun
 reached way into the dark corner of my workroom
 and caught the lilac shrub in a magical morning light....

Can you believe how beautiful it looks?

There is nothing like the early morning sun!

So unexpected.... and so brief.....

And so beautiful!

Such a narrow Tiny sliver of sunlight!
And I could not have planned for this if I had tried!
It was a bonus Gift...
From Cleaning up
After the Party!


  1. Yes, your lilac shrub is magnificent. How lovely that the sun came out just in time for you to share its beauty with all your fans.
    Nobody out here had any trick or treaters, tho Joshanna and Randi came to xercise class in costume, as a ladybug and a bumblebee respetively.
    Enjoy getting back to your other projects.

  2. Que maravilla poder ver el arbusto de lilas a la luz del sol (aunque sea sólo un rayo) se ve magnífico!!!
    Una vez todo reorganizado,me gustará ver tus nuevos proyectos!

  3. Fantastic that the sun was lightened up the Folly for you, just in time before work, Betsy, and YES, it absolutely must have been a beautiful sight, seeing your miniature lilac shrubs there in the garden of The Folly, enjoy!!!
    I'm curious tosee what you'll come up with after reoranising everything of your miniature worlds, I can't wait to see more of your projects ;)!!
    Hugs, Ilona

  4. "The sky was dark this morning
    When I raised my head
    I stood at the window- darkness was my bane
    Suddenly a sunbeam
    Thrilled me to my weary heart
    It was the prettiest thing I'd ever seen"

    Prettiest thing next to the lilac shrub in that sunbeam, of course! Just gorgeous, Betsy!
    So excited to see you moving the doll makers cottage onto center stage! This is going to be fun!

  5. The sun-kissed lilac is fantastic.
    And the reorganization will be interesting, I'm very curious.

  6. It's those priceless unexpected moments of sunshine and joy, which continue to inspire, and satisfy the deeper recesses of our souls. ❤️

  7. Happy clean up!

    I love the bits of sunlight.

  8. These are the priceless moments of joy and happiness - caused by unexpected rays of sunshine. What beautiful photos! No surprise the rats came out to enjoy it too.

    And despite enjoying the wonderful photos of your lilac shrub in its place in the Folly garden I also enjoyed this whole post. It showed so well all the work that was needed for telling your fabulous Halloween tale - but it was also great to see so many dear projects together. And learning that the Dollmaker's Workshop went to the hot spot of your work desk is really great news - I'm looking forward to see new wonders made by you… and I'm not (in now way) going to mention anything related to cards or words starting with a big "C"... but I'm wondering… how can it be that it's that time again??? ;O)


  9. HI, Betsy - There's nothing like early morning sunshine to bring a thrill of joy to the heart and satisfaction to the soul! (And a bright glow to highlight the beauty of your lilac shrub.)The photos are beautiful; I love the way the leaves of the lilac shimmer and shine in the sunlight.

    I'm looking forward to seeing more about the Dollmaker's Workshop. I don't think I've seen the workshop yet - or is my bad memory showing off again? Either way, I'm looking forward to making (or renewing) an acquaintance with it!


  10. I always enjoy posts that give a glimpse into peoples studios. I also like that I'm not the only one who works in creative bursts, then have to clean up the mess afterwords. Great post!