Wednesday, November 27, 2019

A Time To Gather.....

And A Time To Feast.....

I am Sure that Many of you, Dear Readers, will not be surprised to find that the Family is Gathering at Sally May and Chip's house for Thanksgiving dinner. It is something of a Tradition because Sally May loves to cook and their house is large enough to hold everybody comfortably, even though a few of the windows are still needing replacing. (Chip is working on it!) We will not count how many Times the same meal has been brought out and the same folks have gathered because Thanksgiving is an Ageless Tradition. Whoever it was who First decided to give thanks for a good harvest and bountiful meals has long been lost to time. But it is certain that people have been celebrating their Harvests and Giving Thanks for their blessings for as long as people can remember.

 And as you might imagine, the gentlemen of the Family
 have gathered in the living room for drinks and snacks...
(they are Not turning on the TV)

 while the Ladies of the Family have rushed to the kitchen
 to help Sally May finish preparing the meal. 
It is tradition, after all!

Arthur is so devoted to Pollyanna 
that he is asking if she needs any help...
She assures him she has things under control.....

So Arthur joins the Guys in the living room.
Chip's Mother, Blanche, has a sore ankle
 so she is excused from the kitchen... 
and is helping the Guys keep
 the conversation interesting. 

Joanna and Sally May are admiring the Turkey
 which has just come out of the oven...
It is Huge and smells delicious!

Helen is arranging the tableware, 
while Pollyanna and Joanna begin to carry in the dishes... 
It is the same menu every year and always has been....

Sally May carries in the Turkey...
Are they forgetting anything...?
"I'm hungry" declares Annabelle..... "when can I eat?"
"We're almost ready..." replies Helen.....
"Is it Time to call in the Gentlemen?"
They all Gather around the table...

Chip is ready to begin carving the turkey... 
but first he asks his Father to say the Grace...

They all hold hands and repeat the blessing.....
 and then they fill their plates.

Meanwhile in the kitchen, 
the dogs are "guarding" the dessert...
"Do you think they would notice one little nibble...?" thinks Oreo.....
"You have so much to learn..." sighs Honey.

Well, Dear Readers, I am sure
 you will think you have been here before... 
witnessing this same ritual... 
And probably you are right! 
For the Time to Gather and Give Thanks is upon us...
I hope you all are surrounded by those you Love
 and that your Feast is Bountiful!
Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Oh, Oreo, sweetie, they will notice and then you won't get any treats at all!

  2. Oh, what a pleasure to join this wonderful Thanksgiving celebration with all these dear friends. I can only agree - some traditions shall never be changed… Thanksgiving wouldn't be the same. And this is also true when it comes to the two guarding dogs at the end... but I must say they have never been as funny as today. Poor Oreo, he really has a lot to learn still. ;O)

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours - and although we don't celebrate it like you in the U.S. (ours is in the beginning of October and is "just" for saying thanks for the harvest) I would like to take the opportunity to say thanks for your blog and your wonderful posts. ;O)


  3. You always make such lovely mini scenes, when it comes to special celebrations, Betsy, thank you for blogging.
    Wishing you Happy Thanksgiving, dear Betsy, to you and yours!!
    Hugs, Ilona

  4. There is something ever reassuring about traditions, doing and eating the same things on the same day with people important to you on the same day.... I am adding reading your mini Thanksgiving ritual to my list of traditions.
    Happy Thanksgiving Betsy.
    Anna x

  5. wishing you a HAPPY THANKSGIVING Betsy dear, and may I say how WONDERFUL it is to see the wee folk holding hands as the say grace: Totally Heartwarming! :D


  6. Me gustan las tradiciones en las que la fiesta reúne a seres queridos y tú creas bonitas historias con ellas!!
    Oreo,espero que no hayas "probado" el postre,se darán cuenta!!!
    Feliz día de Acción de gracias.

  7. I am terribly late to the festivities this year Betsy, but I hope your Thanksgiving was enjoyable and left time for more daydreaming!