Monday, November 11, 2019

Slow Progress....

Moving at Warped Speed....

I Probably should Not be surprised, Dear Readers, at just how warped the the plywood walls for the base of the Dollmaker's Studio have become in the nearly four months that have passed since I launched this project back in July. I had thought I would build a nice sturdy little base for the Sugarplum Cottage kit to perch atop, and thought the quarter inch plywood would be quite strong enough given that the kit walls are less than an eighth inch thick. But I wasn't thinking at all about the warping possibilities! Alas, the weather is now much drier than it was in July, and the pieces that looked just fine in the humid air are no longer just fine. In the above picture you can see how much the right hand wall is twisted.

And here you can see just how much the floor is buckled.
I had thought that by putting primer and paint
 on both sides of the walls, 
I could prevent this sort of warping, 
but apparently I was wrong.

Even the top edge of the front wall, 
where I needed to cut openings for the door and the alcove,
 has become alarmingly twisted out of alignment!
This will need some adjustments!
So, for starters, I had decided to add a rear,
 opening wall framework, (much like for the Castle)

Which would allow for me to (hopefully)
 with screws and glue,
 align the twisted front the way it should be.

And even allow for the addition of
 hinged doors to the front of the Studio!
(When I get to the hinges, of course)
But you can see how far out of alignment 
the front wall is on this corner!

The other corner is not too bad.
The addition of the front framework will 
really add stability to the whole building,
 so perhaps I should be thankful that the warping
 has caused me to re-think the structure before I had gone too far!

And the view from the arched doorway 
will be much improved by having the fourth wall there too!

I was all set to get started
 adding the screws and glue, Dear Readers,
 when I discovered that my battery powered drill
 was no longer taking a charge!
Well Dang!
I have been using that drill for over twenty years
 and it always charged up just fine....
 but not this time.
It was too late to go out and get a new one... 
if I could even get a battery for the old drill.
Clearly, Everything is going to just take longer to get done!
But at least the Dollmaker's Studio
 is now on the Worktable...
And Progress is being made....
Even if it is at Warped Speed!


  1. I swear, wood warp is the bane of dollhouse builders everywhere!

  2. Warped speed - ha ha ha! Good one. Worthy of your family's proclivity for punning. You sound as though you will be able to put everything to rights, though, so I won't worry. Much love, Mom

  3. Finding newly arisen issues like this can be disheartening, however, you are a consummate pro, and like you so astutely observed, this was a blessing in disguise! Not only will the back panel opening stabilize the whole structure, it adds another layer in the depth of charm you are creating with the facade! I love your attitude and can do resolve, and I hope you can get your power tool working or replaced without a hitch!

  4. Perfect progress! It requires patience...

  5. What a pity… just when you were raring to spread your magic on this project. But usually nothing is as bad that it doesn't have a good effect too - warp now is better than warp in the future. Your solution to fight the warping and to add stability is great and will add a lot of charme to this house.

    But when it comes to your drill I can only say that's so typical… things like these always happen when you're already frustrated by things not working as they should. Fingers crossed for your trusted drill to work again in the meantime - and may there be a big hinges reward waiting for you in the near future! ;O)

    Birgit (who noticed with a smile that the green envelope with the sticker at your work desk crossed the Atlantic Ocean some time ago)

  6. What a pity all that warped wood, Betsy, and just when you wanted to get started again with this promising project. But I truly hope that you can fix it.
    Hugs, Ilona

  7. Estoy seguro que con tu profesionalidad,pondrás remedio a esas paredes torcidas,lo del taladro es otra cosa...mucho ánimo y a por ello!!

  8. Well, it’s Murphy’s law that if one thing goes wrong, everything goes wrong. I do like the idea of the floors and walls warping as this would certainly happen in very old structures, but it does make joining of parts and furniture placement much harder. Hope it works out Betsy.

  9. Sad to read and see that the wood is warped. If you paint wood/ply don't forget to paint the cu ends as well. But even then warping is not always to be prevented. But I am sure that you will find a way.

  10. Hi, Betsy - Well, Bummer about the warping! (I do love your "warped speed" reference.) At least you've obviously kept an intact sense of humor in spite of the frustrating setbacks! But you do seem to be getting the warped walls under control. I have high hopes, in light of your talent, your skill, and your perseverance, that you'll soon solve the problem. And having the Dollmaker's Cottage on the worktable does mean that progress is being made!

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