Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Not Yet Finished.....

New Year.... Same Old Story....

Well, Dear Readers, I hope some of you will Not be surprised to learn that I still have not quite finished painting the Christmas Card. It does seem to take me a little longer every year. I have already put hours and hours and Hours into it.... and it is nearly done... but it is not a good idea to rush the final parts. So I will take the Time that is needed to complete it to my satisfaction. Which leaves me to lament that I have nothing New to show you here! Except for this small teaser.... a glimpse into my workroom as it now stands.... all those Unfinished projects.... waiting! (And as I am sure you are aware... what you see here is nowhere near All of them!) Yikes!

Upstairs, beside my drawing table
 where I am painting the card,
 the ponies are waiting and the hounds keep watch
while Rose Thorne Cottage sits Teasing me....

And the sun shines in at this time of year...

Illuminating the beauty 
and the potential that awaits...
for some time......
When I have time.
(Jodi's chair has found a home for now...)

And downstairs.... where Hardwick Hall has been shoved into a corner....
The sun reminds me of so much I have left undone....

Well, Dear Readers, I promised you
 this has to be just a little Teaser.... 
it's back to the drawing table for me,
 or I never will get the Christmas Card done!


  1. Dear Betsy, I can imagine how you're feeling about it, but please, take your time for your awesome Christmas card, I'm sure that for us it will be worth the waiting ;)! Sometimes it isn't easy to stay with miniatures, there are so many reasons why we can't stay in our mini world although we would love to be there.
    Warm hugs, Ilona

  2. Patient ponies waiting for the Christmas card. :-)

  3. You are lucky to have such wonderful projects, as well as the Christmas card waiting for you to work on. There is no need to hurry, none of them will go away.
    I loved the horses and the dogs photo. They do look on guard.

  4. One step at the time dear Betsy. The most importan thing is to enjoy the journey, we certainly enjoy following your progress and projects.

  5. No need to rush...it's only January after all :o)

  6. What Oberon says is true. It's only January. However, I would mention, as with knitting (my craft) it's always exciting to start something new! Hence we are always tempted to start something new, with sometimes a pile of projects left unfinished. In your case, all those darn bricks...
    Much love, Mom

  7. There is something magical about a room full of dreams just waiting for their turn in the sun! As long as they are there, anything is possible!
    I hope the Christmas card is coming along nicely and I can't wait to see how 2019 is memorialized!

  8. We all know how detailed your Christmas cards always are - and that they follow a clear concept and structure which adds to the amount of work. And let's not forget that you won't be able to draw the 2019 card without the appearance of certain lilac shrubs which are extra time consuming. Regarding this you should just take a deep breath and take all the time you need. Remember: All good things take time! ;O) Well, and maybe a cup of coffee or two. *LOL*

    I've really enjoyed your little teasers - including the ponies and dogs. And what a fabulous photo with Jodi's chair - it showed very well how exquisite the window is. According to me you can never have enough projects in progress - I always love to watch whatever you're working on. And if you're not able to show it like in the case of drawing the card I enjoy looking at all these familiar places.


  9. Tu tarjeta de Navidad aún no está lista,no importa! las bellas creaciones necesitan su tiempo para ser satisfactorias para la autora y por consiguiente,para todos los demás!
    Mientras el sol calienta tus proyectos imaginados y los que aún están por llegar....

  10. Little by little the projects will go on and the result will be fantastic.