Saturday, June 4, 2011


Where Is Arthur's Mother?

Dear Readers, I am sure some of you have been wondering WHERE is Arthur's Mother? In all these months since he became engaged to Pollyanna, there has been NO mention of Arthur's family at all! Believe me, I have been wrestling with this fact ever since Arthur sprang "the question" on all of us! Suddenly we have to have a Wedding..... and weddings are ALL about family..... so Everybody has to meet Everybody! Well, I have been trying to track down "Everybody" ever since! And some people are just difficult to find! And Nobody knows that better than Arthur.... because even though he Loves his Mother dearly, and she Loves him too.... he is never sure of WHERE she is! Except for every now and then when she comes to SING at a club near enough that he hears she is there........ for you see, Arthur's Mother is a Starlet..... she Acts and when she isn't acting, she SINGS in nightclubs. She is never in one place for long and she is often overseas where she has a devoted following. In fact, Arthur spent much of his childhood overseas.... he is fluent in five languages because he spent his youth in nightclubs and theaters all across Europe! Nevertheless, now that he is settled in America, he tries to catch up with his Mother whenever he can. And he has been trying to find a way to introduce Pollyanna and his Mother for quite some time! But before we introduce them, I must show you what circuitous path brought me to make this Post in the first place!

To begin with this morning.... I went shopping at my favorite miniatures shop.... and came home with a new horse for my Castle stables! He is a Beautiful Arabian Stallion..... with real mane and tail! He is the Pride and Joy of the Lord of the Castle..... his name is "Lightning"!

He is Very Handsome and I will surely show you more about him in another post soon....!

He arrived in his own fancy box..... just so.....

And when I had led him out of the box and taken him to his new stall in the Castle Stable..... I looked at the box and .... and.... couldn't bring myself to throw it away! It looked just TOO useful! I love glittery things! I LOVE stars! And it looked a bit like a STAGE.... for mini performers... or Nightclub SINGERS!
And it Just So Happens that Arthur's Mother "Celeste" had arrived this very morning at a venue near enough that Arthur could persuade them all to come out for an evening of music....

To hear Celeste sing at a little club called "Le Petit Jardin des Reves" in the nearby city.....

I wish I knew the names of all the ballads and love songs she sings.....
I will leave you to imagine that part............

The nightclub stage is set to look like a little garden... it is very intimate and charming......

And Celeste is a real pro.... she sings beautifully...
and she knows how to make the audience Love her.....

Everybody is Enthralled.....

And then there is the moment when she spots her Son in the audience.......

She must come off the Stage and they embrace....
"It has been how long, my darling?" she says...

"Only a little while, Mama.." he replies... because he knows what she wants to hear....
"But I have somebody I want you to meet, Mama.... "

"This is Pollyanna... my fiancee..."

"Aahhh, I knew this day would come!" she murmurs... "I am glad to meet you, my dear!"

"I am glad to meet you, too..." says Pollyanna... a little bit tongue-tied in the presence of this Glittering little woman who will be her Mother-in-law.......!

"We really hope you can come to our wedding...." she adds ..."Although we haven't set a date yet... we'd be happy to work around your schedule...."

"Ahhh, my Dears.... so would I!....
We shall have to put our heads together after the show....
because the Show MUST go on....."

And the show DID go on.... on into the wee hours of the night.......
Because Celeste is a STAR, after all, and Stars do shine their best at night....

So now you have met Arthur's Mother.......


  1. Hallo Celeste, will you sign my autograph?

    Bets, when I first started reading this post, it reminded me a little of Glee, that one episode when Sue Sylvester married herself (yes, Sue marries Sue) and her mother, who's a songstress like Celeste, attended the wedding. The relationship between them was not as warm and wonderful as that between Arthur and Celeste though but they did sing a duet :). maybe Arthur can sing something too.

    A great idea to recycle a box but en even greater one to create a story round the box :)

  2. How fun! Really enjoyed your story!

  3. What a fantastic post! The box makes an awesome scene, the story is wonderful and Celeste looks fabulous! My former Vaa de ville star (the spelling is infact correct, check my who's who..) Glenn Closenough has really something to live up to now :-)
    And so good you reminded me about family, I must get more dolls! :-)

  4. What a show! Enjoyed it very much!

  5. I enjoyed your little story and how clever to see a mini opportunity with the box - very imaginative!

  6. Great story Betsy! But I bet this Arabian stallion must have got his "roots" in Poland, after all Polish Arabian horses are very well known all over the world!:D

  7. You've brought this story together so very well, Betsy!! I can imagine Pollyanna's shyness.
    Perfect ambience :)

  8. Hi Sans! I have to confess that I have never watched Glee..... I almost never watch TV..... I guess I am culturally illiterate in a modern era! But I will take your word for it!
    Celeste will be happy to sign autographs...!

  9. Thank you Plushpussycat! I am glad you enjoyed it!

  10. Hi Helene! I am so glad you liked this one.... I will admit (as I have before) it was reading YOUR blog that got me started with the doll stories! Now they seem to be taking over my life... but in a very fun way.... 'cause I get to invent everything! I look forward to the expansion of your doll families too.... :)!

  11. Hi Minnie Kitchen! I am glad you enjoyed the show! Be sure to stay tuned for further episodes! :)

  12. Hi Irene! I'm glad you liked it! The box was just too pretty to throw away.... and then one thing led to another and before I knew it the story sort of wrote itself! It's funny how these things happen.... because I was trying to figure out how to introduce Arthur's Mother!

  13. Hi Ewa! I will now have to research my Arabian Stallions "Roots"! LOL! I was not aware of the Polish Arabian connection! But I grew up during the "Cold War" .... so there is a great deal I do not know about Poland! I will keep you posted! :)

  14. Thank you, Glenda! We will see how this relationship develops!

  15. Hi Betsy! I remember you said you don't look too often to your e-mail "box" so just to let you know: some time ago I wrote to you about mixpod - hope you got it:)

  16. Hi Ewa!
    I did! I DID!
    Thank you for your help!
    I've been very busy this week so no time for minis!