Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Giveaway Winners!

We Have Winners - Take Two!

Dear Readers, first I want to thank you all for participating in my Giveaway.... but even more, I want to thank you all for being followers of this Blog of Mine! I could not have guessed at the beginning, how much fun it was going to be! You all have enriched my life with your comments and your own blog worlds and I sincerely hope to continue on this adventure for many years to come! And to all those followers who did not win the prize.... I can only offer the hope that NEXT time you will be a winner..... for surely there will HAVE to be more giveaways!
And now for the Details of the drawings! Remember that there were to be two separate drawings... one for the Cherubs and one for the Icons.... and that you could choose to be in either or both drawings.....! I carefully listed all the names of the responders and cut the lists into equally sized slips of paper and folded them in half and placed them in a bowl... as you can see here below..... I decided to choose the Icons first as there were more names in that drawing....

And I decided to ask one of my small friends to come help me with the task of choosing the slip of paper! Henry, who is always up for a bit of Adventure, was happy to come help me! I explained that I wanted him to help me mix up the pieces of paper before choosing one of them......

"You want me to get in there?" he asked.
I explained that it might be easier that way.....

"Now what!" he said. "You want me to stomp on them all? Like Grapes? I'm good at stomping Wine grapes!"
"Stir, not stomp!" I replied. "We just need to get them good and mixed up!"
"Like this?" he said.
"Much more like it " I replied!

And before I knew how it happened, one of the slips of paper flew out of the bowl! Honest! It really did! So I gave it back to Henry so he could show you who he "Chose" as the winner......

Congratulations Helene of "Pubdolls"! You have won the Icons!

Send me your address! and the Icons will be on their way - direct from the Castle Chapel Altar!
My e-mail is betsyrogers6@gmail.com

But don't go away everybody.... there is the Cherub drawing too...... and I put the names for that one in the bowl just so......
There were fewer names ... so better odds of winning..... And I asked a different little friend to help me with this one. I think Henry had gone off to look for some wine........

So Annabelle helped me!

She thought it was a whole lot of fun to climb into the bowl and throw bits of paper around!

And before I could even explain to her what we were doing,
she picked up one of the pieces of paper and said
"Lookit this one!"
"Well," I replied, "I guess you've chosen our winner!"

Congratulations Patty of "Mini Babies"!
You are the winner of the cherub paintings!

Send me your address and I will send them on their way!
My e-mail is betsyrogers6@gmail.com

So there we have it....... Giveaway Winners!


  1. Congratulations to both of the lucky winners! Thank you, Betsy, for a lovely giveaway. I feel the same way you do about how much fun blogging is and how much it means to be able to share it with such lovely people. I, like you, am most grateful. :-)

  2. Yeah I won! - performing a "winning-beautiful-icons-dance" by the computer. I can't believe my luck, thank you so much Betsy and Henry! I will write an e-mail when I get back from work tonight.

  3. Dear Betsy, thank you for your kindness and sympathy :-)
    Your little helpers have made ​​this moment even more fun :-)
    Congratulations to the lucky winners!
    BTW, follows an e-mail about the book of Beatrix Potter "two bad mice" :-)
    Mini hugs, Flora

  4. Congratulations to the lucky winners! Thank you, Betsy, for this giveaway ;)
    Greetings and kisses

  5. Betsy, I am doing a dance like Pubdolls too! Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in your giveaway!! Thank Annabelle too! I have sent you an email with my address!!!

  6. Congrats to the winners! I hope Annabelle doesn't make too big a mess with all that paper heehee.


  7. Thank you dear Betsy for organising this wonderful giveaway.

    I am so happy for Helene and Patty :).

    Especially as I know Helene loves painting and that I won one of her work . And now she will own yours and we are even more connected now through our art :). And I know she's building a chapel too!

    Patty and her little ones ! The cherubs have gone to the absolute right person.

  8. ¡Que mal!!Betsy No me entere de tu sorteo ) = Es precioso lo que regalaste ¡Muchas felicidades!!!
    Espero para el próximo estar más atenta ( =
    Un abrazo