Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Anniversary Giveaway!

It's About Time!

One YEAR, one Month, and one Day after I started this Blog, I am finally ready (sort of) for my Anniversary GIVEAWAY! I had a hard time deciding just WHAT to offer for my gift! So many of you fellow miniature lovers are so adept at making so many little items... books, pillows, needlepoint carpets, mini cupcakes.... and the list goes on and on.... and most of those things I have yet to ATTEMPT to make myself.... and so I feel very unsure of offering them as gifts. So I thought and fretted until I realized that there was one thing that I DO know how to do and that is PAINT! But then I had to decide WHAT to paint..... and How MANY to paint...... and so I fretted some more! But at last I have completed a couple of tiny painted Offerings. The first subject that came to my mind was Cherubs.... so you can see below the beginnings of the paintings.

And here is a closer look at one of them after I added the gold frame. I am not entirely sure I like the gold frames.... but they are the best I can do for now.......

And here is the other cherub....... these paintings are about one inch by one and a quarter inches.

But, of course, I wasn't content to have only a couple of Cherubs to offer.... so I made a couple of tiny painted Medieval Icons too. Here is the first and smallest one I did...... it is about three quarters of an inch tall.....

Here is another view of the two Cherub paintings.......

And here is the tiny Icon on the Altar of the Castle Chapel. It is shown with the Miniature Icon I bought on a trip to France. I was fortunate enough to visit the Pilgrimage Site at Rocamadour and this Icon is my memento of that Amazing place!

And here is a picture also showing the Larger Icon I painted. I was inspired by the Image of the Rocamadour Icon..... but obviously have not copied it exactly! Here you can see them both to compare......

This is the Rocamadour Icon, closed. It is carved wood with the printed images attached inside the open panels. The whole Icon is maybe two and a quarter inches tall.

Here you can see the Icon open.........

And a closer view of my two versions of a Medieval Icon......
They are painted on a wooden panel with the ornamental framework made from cardboard...

So here is the CHOICE I am offering you if you are interested....... you may choose to be in a drawing for the Cherubs or a drawing for the Icons...... or if you are like me and can't make up your minds.... you can be in BOTH drawings!!! Just leave a comment on THIS post with your preference. I will do the drawing on May 31 which is Memorial Day and a Holiday here!

And just one more view of the Icons on the Altar of the Castle Chapel.........

So It's about TIME I got ready for my Blog Anniversary Giveaway!


  1. Wow, you are very talented to create such lovely paintings! I would love to be included in the raffle for either of them: thanks!
    Trisha from Loganberrylane.blogspot.com

  2. Congratulations on your anniversary!!I love your GiveAway and of course it is impossible to choose..please cout me in, I will put a link on my blog! x Margot

  3. Oh Betsy I would love to have one of your Icons, they are all so beautiful.

    Happy Anniversary!!!


  4. I won your first give-away so I should give other Followers a chance ;) but I have to say I just love your Icons, Betsy!:)Happy Anniversary!

  5. i really love the icons and they would be perfect in my chapel... please put my name in the draw ... xxx

  6. Betsy, Congratulations on your one year Anniversary! I would love to be included in your giveaway! I love everything so any one of your paintings would be wonderful to own!!

  7. Thank you Trish! I will happily put your name in both drawings!

  8. Thank you Margot! And thank you for including my giveaway on your blog! I will be sure to add you to both drawings!

  9. Hi Victoria! I will put you in the Icon drawing! (I was pretty sure you would want the Icons and not the Cherubs!) I just can't picture the Cherubs anywhere near Vulture's Roost! LOL! I would have to paint "horrified cherubs" maybe.... oh wait... those are called Imps.... hmmm... Not sure I want to go there!

  10. Hi Ewa! I think you can be in the Icon drawing anyway! I will happily let you take your chances with the others! Thank you for your comments!

  11. Hi Christine! I will add you to the Icon drawing! I must come have a look at your chapel..... I confess I have not seen it! Thank you for commenting!

  12. Hi Patty! I will happily add you to both drawings! Thank you for your comments!

  13. Not a candidate for an icon (got lots of your art all over my walls) but a sender of congratulations for your one year of blogging.
    Love, Mom

  14. Congratulations on your anniversary!! your GiveAway is very very beautiful !!!please cout me in, I put your link on my blog!it's very difficult to choose one of them,but I prefer the icons.
    thanks and kisses

  15. Happy anniversary Betsy, I'm really glad you have joined blogland and share your wonderful talents and skills with us! Even though I sometimes don't have time to leave a comment, I always love your posts!

    I really like the sweet cherubs, but I love icons, also in real life, and your is so wonderful tiny and exquisite, so I would love to be in the draw for them!

    I have a couple of opening/closing triptyc icons like yours (actually three or four, they're so nice, so I have to buy one of each new variant I see) But unlike your tiny selfmade icon, they're sadly far too big for my 1:16 scale dollhouses, and with that lovely blue and gold frame, the big one you painted would look so good in my gothic inspired chapel! Btw, so nice that there's more of us that have a chapel, I must go look at Christine's!

  16. Has it been a year already, my dear? I no longer can imagine blogland without Betsy ;). More than what you have shared on your blog,girlfriend, you have been a really supportive, nurturing, pampering and generous blogmate.

    I must insist many more years for you here and many more years for me with you! :)

    You have already given me a truly wonderful folding screen and I feel really greedy to enter myself in this one. So give the others a chance.

    I too have a triptych of carving that closes & opens but it is of the Buddhist faith. Carved in wood with the Goddess of Mercy but Indian in style. I think it's with my mum. Will of course show you when you visit me in Singapore ;p

  17. Dear Betsy, I came today to see your blog (I just become a follower) without knowledge of the give away, just because all this time you were a nice person in my respect and I appreciate your estimate, which is mutual.
    So please do not take account of this comment for the draw ... I hate even the idea that you can consider this new acquisition as a strategic move ;-)
    I love reading your comments, even on other blogs, because they are full of wit and grace.
    As of today, here I am!
    Mini hugs, Flora
    Of course, a thousand wishes for many more happy years on blogging :-)

  18. Me encantará participar en tu sorteo, cualquiera de los dos regalos sería un honor tenerlos, tienes mucho arte.
    Lo pongo en mi blog.
    Un abrazo

  19. Por favor cuenta conmigo para tu sorteo, eres muy talentosa con los pinceles, y con el valor añadido del tamaño, realmente genial¡¡¡
    No sabria decir cual me gusta mas, pero la cara de la virgen me ha conmovido, asi que me gustaria mas las imagenes de la virgen, subo el aviso encantada a mi blog, muchas gracias Betsy y un gran beso.

  20. Bueno, tus regalos son preciosos,la virgen me gusta más,ahora te llevo a mi blog,me gustaría participar,besos.

  21. los iconos son preciosos! cuanta conmigo, por favor, subo el anuncio a mi blog

  22. Enhorabuena por tu aniversario de blog.
    Me encantaria participar en tu sorteo.
    Me resulta dificil escoger, cualquier trabajo tuyo sera genial.
    Subo el aviso a mi blog.
    besitos ascension

  23. Yes, yes! Please include me in both drawings! Your paintings are lovely--thank you for including me! :-)

  24. Oh what a nice idea for you giveaway. You are a very good painter. I cann't choose. Both are beautiful. Please count me in. Best wishes from Craftland

  25. One year, one month, one day. Congratulation! Please count me in. I like to take part and I would like to win your beautiful paintings because I have a little chapel in my dollhouse.
    I visit here first time and I come again. Have a nice week. Kati
    Welcome to my new blog if you are not busy.

  26. Thank you for the chance at your fabulous candy.

  27. Happy Anniversary! Thank you for the chance at your fabulous candy. Love Iako from Georgia

  28. Congratulation! Please count me in. I love the Cherub paintings because I love cherubs!!