Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

The Matriarch

Dear Readers, I hope you will forgive me for extending Mother's Day a little beyond the date itself! After all, in Dolland there is no need for time to pass as quickly as it does in the Land of Bigs! One can freeze time at any point and revisit it every day! So it is that I am bringing you the celebration of Mother's Day in my mini world at least a day or even two days late! My only excuse is that the weather was SO Fine here (at LAST!), that I spent much of the weekend outdoors and tending to my 1:1 garden! So I enjoyed my Mother's Day digging in my garden, one of my other favorite pastimes. But I believe the little people celebrated Mother's Day on time, and just had to re-play some of it for the Camera when I showed up late!

Charles gave Helen the Biggest most lavish bouquet he could find!

Helen had to pretend to be a little "surprised"..... because it has been so many years now and he has never forgotten to bring her the flowers.... just the same every year... She loves him so much for his faithfulness.....

And he has prepared her favorite breakfast.... he is such a good breakfast chef by now.... he knows JUST how she likes her eggs fried.... sunny side up and very soft......

And he has set the table with the china and made the tea.... and there is even a traditional New England style Apple Pie for breakfast!

Is it any wonder that Helen still loves him so?

And THIS year, their daughter Joanna is here to celebrate with them! What could be better? Joanna is SUCH a world traveler and gad-about that it is a rare thing to have her home for this holiday! Joanna knows that it is one of her failings that she didn't stick close to home..... but she just has places to go and things to do..... even though she Loves her Mother dearly!

And of course, Pollyanna is here to wish BOTH her Mother Joanna AND her Grandma Helen a Happy Mother's Day! After all, where would she be without them?

Victor has not forgotten either.... he has Roses for Joanna, but doesn't want to intrude on the Mother-Daughter moment....... such a Gentleman he is!

It is at times like this that Helen cannot quite believe that her Granddaughters are all grown up! Where has the Time gone?Pollyanna is just enjoying seeing so many generations all together at once..... they are going to have to take some family photos as soon as Sally May and Chip and Annabelle arrive!

Victor catches Joanna to give her the roses......

She is touched.......

Charles is gathering everyone in the Living Room to take the formal portraits. He has an old fashioned camera... he used to be quite a photographer in the Old Days..... and he still prefers the skill required with the old fashioned film and lighting...... none of that new digital stuff for him!

So they must all stand perfectly still..... while he counts to three.....

But wait, ......everybody is distracted! They are not paying attention!

Oh, that's just the BIG Person out there with the Digital Camera!
No need to worry about what they are up to!

"Everybody look this way, please!" says Charles...... "There, that's better!"

"I think that's what I'm looking for.....
all FOUR generations of my Beautiful Ladies in one spot!"

Whether Time is passing or Time is standing still....
it is Mother's Day in the Dolland, and whether she likes it or not, Helen is the Matriarch.
How can she NOT like it on Mother's Day!
So I hope you can forgive me for being late.... and for decreeing that it is ...
Still Mother's Day!


  1. How sweet - and I'd like a breakfast like that one any day! And I'd like to live here where you can stretch time just as you like :)

  2. Awwww...what a beautiful story. Hope you had a Wonderful Mothers Day too :)


  3. They all love each other;) Great story Betsy! Hope you had a great Mother's day too:)

  4. You're going to have to write a book about these people; they're just too interesting. Cute, too.
    (happy mother's day!)

  5. Betsy, I am finally here! Yay :).

    Is it still Mother's Day over in your Doll-land? :) What a great spread for mummy! And it is so funny that over here, my family was also talking about taking a family portrait over Mother's Day breakfast, 2 Sundays ago! We used to do that when we were little every few years . A formal portrait at a studio. We stopped after I turned 12 ? :)

    And dearie, are you still busy with the garden? I want to see it! :):)

  6. Hi Norma! I am stretching time so far I am a whole week late in answering comments! Thank you for commenting! I wish I had someone fixing MY breakfast too!

  7. Hi Victoria! I had a very nice and quiet Mother's Day! And even stretched it in the Real world.... because my younger son called the day after! We are a little bit loose about Mother's Day in my family!

  8. Hi Ewa! They Do all love each other! It is nice to be able to write the stories how I want to! And I did have a lovely Mother's Day!

  9. Hi Sans!! I am glad you are finally here! (It surprises me how much I miss the comments of the most faithful commenters when they are not there!)
    But no matter.... life is busy as I well know and we cannot always be on the internet!
    I hope your family takes a family portrait soon!!! Time passes and the children change so quickly and the opportunities get missed.... But truly, it is the time spent together that is the most important part to remember!
    As for my garden..... I have been thinking of posting a picture or two..... I take a Gagillion photos of it through the year.... wouldn't want to bore people though, so I may have to start a blog just for garden pictures!