Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What A Year!

Second Anniversary Review.... and Maybe A Giveaway!

Dear Readers, I can hardly believe another year has gone by, my Second year of this Blog!!! And as with many anniversaries, it prompts one to ask "what has been accomplished this year?" First let me assure you that just to BE in Mini-Blogland, building and sharing with all you other wonderful creative people, is SO MUCH FUN, that I almost hate to even raise the IDEA of Assessing Progress... or even Implying that such measuring of ones Works should occur! But perhaps it is inevitable that the comparison of this year with the previous arises, and sometimes the results of such an examination are revealing, so I will take a look at what I have accomplished this past year in my Mini world!
I will begin with The Lovely Old Dollhouse as it is my First and Most Beloved House......
The top picture shows that the Curtains I made for the window of the Parlor are STILL NOT Finished! The second tie-back is lying on the floor somewhere.....!
And the Lace curtains in the Chinoiserie Bedroom are still just Pinned to the curtain rod.......
(And I have not yet started to build the Bed for this room....)

One of my Very Old Original Paintings now hangs in the Hallway.....
but I am not sure that it will stay there......

The Kitchen cupboards are still not stocked... nor are the dishes washed!!!
And I think there is supposed to be another set of shelves built for the left hand wall....
And the hearth needs some bricks made from egg cartons......

The Front Hall is almost exactly the same as it was a year ago.....
Except that I added the China Jar by the door.....

Here is the Previous Year picture for comparison!

Same with the Bathroom...... Nothing has been done!!!!

The Master bedroom is only a little more lived in.....
But NOTHING has been finished!
There will be Curtains Someday!
And the Window on the Fireplace wall will get some glass.....
and the Fireplace will get some bricks..... For starters!

And When we look at The Folly.... the same is true...
Very Little has been done!
I Did add the plate shelf to the Kitchen wall...
with tiny cup hooks for hanging teacups...

And, of course, I built the shelves in the Book Nook upstairs......
and sewed the cushions......
But I have NOT Made any more Books!!!
Nor Have I added the lighting...... Or Curtains.......

When we come to the Castle Dollhouse there has been a Little bit of Progress!!!
I made a Start on the Lord's Council Chamber...!

I built and painted the Peter Paul Stained Glass Windows for the Chapel......

I Completed painting the Noah's Ark Paintings on the chapel walls.......

And I STARTED the Paintings on the chapel Ceiling........
Still SO Far to go!

And you will be Happy to know I Finished making enough of the painted Tiles for the Great Hall floor! Now all I have to do is glue them down and apply the Grout....
a step that has me rather Nervous.....!

And I did manage to attach all the Electrical wires to the Back of the Castle Great Hall and conceal the outlets in a Chimney buttress! So I guess every little bit of progress Counts!

And of course, if you are a regular reader of this blog you will know that last August I Started in on an Entirely New dollhouse...... the Victorian Brownstone I am building from an old Cupboard (so I call it The Cupboard House...)
Here you can see the beginnings....
a Building I have been planning to build for MANY YEARS!

Inspired in part by these Wonderful Kit windows that I have had Waiting For YEARS.....
I Finally got them out and stained them and assembled them!!
(I love these windows!)

Here is the Front mostly finished....
I added all the external wooden details.....
(Supposed to look like Brownstone...)

And Started the Murals in the Hallway.....
Still SO MUCH DETAIL to do!

And the Trompe l'oeil Painting of the extra room behind the hall......

And we had gotten as far as adding the plate shelves to the Kitchen walls...
and the drying rack...

And building the Fireplace and mirror for the Dining Room......
And painted details on the ceiling......
Before getting DISTRACTED by the Holiday Parties and the Wedding.....!

So all in all, I think I can say that Some Progress was made! While I could wish I had finished more...... I am aware that working on so many projects at one time Does have a tendency to scatter my energies. I am sure that some of you would recommend that I just concentrate on ONE 'til it is Done..... But I know myself well enough to be Certain that Trying to do that would only cause me to start yet Another House......!
For Now... I am sending all the Little People away on Vacations... (and Honeymoon) in the hopes that I will get more Building done for a while! But first I Must show you what my Dear Mother sent me for my Birthday.... an old Embroidered Handkerchief that had been lurking in her Bureau drawer .... that has the Most Amazingly Exquisite Embroidery I have Ever seen!!!
I have draped it over the bed I bought for Charlotte's bedroom in the Cupboard House....
(when we get to that room....)
temporarily set up in the Shabby Sister House......

Oh, Right... I forgot to mention THAT House!
One year ago I bought it as a used house.....
Rather in need of improvements......
But NOTHING has been done!

Here, you Must have a closer look......

And closer.... Isn't it Amazing?

And Don't tell anybody... but just when I was sending all the dolls on Holiday.....
I went to that very dangerous Miniatures Store near my home......
and came home with this addition to my Mini World...

I think her name is Hazel.... and she is a Gardening sort of a Witch......
I know.... I KNOW.... she is going to need her own House...!

But I think she is going to belong with this Kitchen Hearth that I already have....
At least she is very happy to sit here beside my Computer while I get it all figured out.....
And she's already good friends with Great Aunt Agatha....!

So now that we have had the Anniversary Review...
What was that about a Giveaway?
Well, Dear Readers, while I was Dis-assembling the Wedding that took so long to put together.... the only things I could not bear to take apart were the Topiary Table Decorations!
And now I just don't know what to do with them!

They are rather Rough and un-refined....
just being made for Props for the Wedding....
but they are rather Cute too.....
So if any of you out there are interested in having them...
just leave a comment on this blog post!
I think I will give away at least one pair of them....
maybe two pairs if there is a big demand.....
I will do a drawing on May 1....
Notice: I have extended the Deadline to May 4th Midnight!!!!!

What A Year!


  1. Happy Anniversary Betsy!

    You have accomplished way more on your projects than I have. Just having the wedding was a big undertaking, I am still working on mine.

    I love the hankie, it is very beautiful and a gift from your Mother makes it super special.

    I look forward to another year of your great stories and photographs.


  2. Wow! That's a lot of 'mini' work for one year! I'm going to have to get my butt in gear and get back to my 'houses'. So many to refurb and redo that it makes my head explode! You and a few others have inspired me recently though! Keep the posts coming! They're a delight to read!
    ....and if you do give away one of those cutie patootie topiaries, put me in the pot! ;)

  3. The 2 window pictures are so pretty :) and I adore Hazel. You know my ears always prick when the word "garden" is mentioned. I am not sure though if the garden coming your way will meet with Hazel's approval :).

    That hanky is very pretty! Handmade?

    You have done quite a lot in the past year but even the quickest worker will get waylaid by a massive wedding :).

    I think those topiaries are lovely but I will skip this giveaway since in the past year, I have received a fabulous screen from you already.

  4. Hi Betsy, happy blogversary and, trust me, you have done a lot of work at least compared to me.
    Then you had the wedding which kept you busy for a long time.
    I suppose you can call it a fruitfull year with many accomplishments :o))
    Best wishes, Rosanna

  5. Hi Betsy
    like you I have many projects on the go, I go into my work room with thoughts on what I am going to do, sit down with my coffee and guess what the thoughts change, maybe one day I will finish what I started, see you are not alone, wonderful work you have done, please enter me for your give a way x

  6. Hi Betsy, you are working to many projects and you have done a lot work this year! and... what work, The lovely old dollhouse and the Castel dollhouse are amazing! Your mother's gift is really precious!
    Happy second blog anniversary!!!!

  7. Happy Anniversary, dear Betsy!!
    You have done sooo much! Of course you know I love all your paintings!:) The curtains are soo pretty!
    And this old Embroidered Handkerchief is just amazing!
    Hazel is so cute! Yup, she must have her own house!;D
    Soo curious what you will show us this year!:)

  8. Hi Betsy,
    Happy anniversary! I think you know, but it's worth repeating, I've enjoyed EVERY minute.
    Nope, I do not think you should concentrate on 1 project. If you are not in a rush to finish one particular project I say keep doing what you've been doing. You have so many ideas and clearly have immense and divers talents, if you're enjoying the ride I think you're doing everything just right. If anything I think you might get bored conctraining yourself to 1 house.
    I look forward to MANY, MANY more years of artwork, stories, and that wonderful Betsy Magic.
    Lots of love,
    N.B. Now that the wedding is over, when is the baby shower?

  9. Don't you remember - variety is the spice of life so you are quite right to scatter your attentions between many projects. Your murals and ceiling paintings are wonderful and I love that embroidered handkerchief. Happy anniversary and may you continue to amaze us with your beautiful work for many years to come. Judith x

  10. Happy Birthday to your blog - this post was so much fun, especially when Hazel came in sight... yes, now you'll have no other choice than building another house for her... (LOL). But I think that's what all the fun is about, making plans and making progress - finishing one after the other would be quite boring, wouldn't it? So continue having fun and enchanting us with your beautiful work in your third year as a blogger, I'm glad that I will accompany you now - and btw: Be prepared, maybe you'll need an extra project to display Sans! suitcase garden... ok, I'd better quit! ;O)


  11. I, I am interested in a couple of them! I participate willingly and I keep my fingers crossed!
    thank you!
    You have made much progress in all fields, whereas I'm still on my old mountain :((
    happy birthday, then, and I wish a lot more inspiration to finish everything that we do you dream of!
    kisses, Caterina

  12. Hi Betsy,

    I love everything you've done this year and I think you have done much more than you think. That wedding--incredible--the story line, the photos, the CLOTHES!!!!, everything --I loved every word, every photo--it was just warm and wonderful.

    All projects will get done in their own time. Those of us who "insist" on working on more than one project at a time, do get our projects done. We just share our time with all our little people and loves, so therefore our pace is more casual.

    Just keep doing whatever you want to do, whenever you want to do it. I'll be here watching it all!

    Count me in if you are having a give-away.

    Have a wonderful day

  13. You have achieved loads over the time especially since you had that wonderful wedding to organise and dress.

    I'm keen to see more of the Cupboard House too and you know you'd weary if you only had one project to work on at a time!

  14. HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY, BETSY! It makes my day every time I stop over!

    Can't wait to see what the coming year brings...

  15. Happy aniversary! Don't worry about the quantity of progress, think instead of the quality of the progress. All the work you've done is amazing, especially your murals and paintings.

    Your little topiary's are cute. I can see them decorating a shop full of exquite gowns . . .

  16. Weddings do take up a huge block of time!
    I love the little witch, & she looks great with Aunt Agatha.
    Just think of everything as a work in progress - will any of them ever be "finished?" Whatever would you do then?
    That hankie looks wonderful as a bedspread.
    Lots of love,
    ps I've managed to bookmark your blog again - thanks for the address.

  17. Oh that handkerchief is a work of art, what a lovely thing. And isn't it perfect how it drapes when it's that delicate? I remember as a dollhousing kid that I could never find fabric that lay right, can you imagine what that would look like in real life, all our bedspreads sticking straight out in space? I never had a handkerchief that beautiful.

    The pictures of your bedroom wall mural and the kitchen are so perfect and lived-in and real. Get me the shrink-ray, I'm moving in. You have accomplished much more than most of us can manage, what with so much everyday life and work we have to get through. I'm still pondering the size and detail of your castle. I haven't been able to take my two houses down from the top shelf, it will be two years in July. I can't believe it. I miss working on them so much I can barely say it. So I'm living through your progress for the time being, and I thank you for that.

  18. Mammma mia quanti bellissimi progetti! Sono una nuova seguace e spero di poter partecipare al giveaway!

  19. You have created amazing little scenes and I don't think you should worry about 'finishing' everything, it all looks fabulous and isn't it nice to look at a room and suddenly think of something extra to add?

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  22. Has estado muy trabajadora y has hecho unos fantasticos trabajos, enhorabuena.
    Espero llegar a tiempo, porque me encantan esos topiarios.
    Subo el aviso a mi blog
    besitos ascension

  23. Feliz aniversario Betsy! Me podrías anotar en tu sorteo por favor? lo subo a mi blog
    Un abrazo

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  25. Congratulations for your blog anniversary. I nearly missed your lovely giveaway. Please count me in.
    Thanks and a hug, Drora

  26. Congratulation to your second Anniversary. What a sweet giveaway. Please count me in. I think it will be wonderful in my conservatory.
    Thank you.
    Hugs from Craftland

  27. Happy blog anniversary!
    I'm a new follower and I would like to participate in your wonderful giveaway.
    Bye Faby

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  29. Happy anniversary! Please count me in!

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    Please count me in for your nice give away.
    Kind regards, Ilona

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