Monday, April 30, 2012

Look What Arrived!

My Own Signature Sans! Suitcase Garden

Can You Believe how Utterly Delightful this Is?

Way back in January I was one of the LUCKY winners of Sans!' Blog Anniversary Gifts. She promised to send each winner a tiny Signature Sans Rusted Suitcase Garden! And being the Dedicated and Generous blog friend that she is.... she wanted to make them each different to suit the recipient... only asking which color suitcase we might prefer! Knowing that she had more than one to make, I told her not to hurry... to take her time....that we were used to waiting for spring around here! And if you are one of her followers you know how busy she has been.... both with making suitcase gardens.... and with visiting other Blog Friends in Europe! So Imagine how THRILLED I was when this little package arrived in my mailbox!!!!!

I immediately ran downstairs to see how it would look with "The Folly"!

And then I went looking for some of the other little Garden Gifts I received Last year....!

And before I had even set everything up..... Look who happened by.......

Hazel took ONE look at the little Suitcase Garden and Fell in LOVE...!

"What a Wonderful IDEA! A Garden in a Suitcase!" She exclaimed. 
"There doesn't seem to be anyone around to look after this properly..." she thought....
"I better take it home with me!"

"And just look at that tiny Bird House...!" 
"It looks Just the right size for Jenny Wren...!"

"Agatha! Come look what I found!" she hollered 
(Agatha is only a Little hard of hearing...!)

"Oh, MY!" Said Agatha....

"A Suitcase full of Posies! Well, I never!" 
"And those Darling little signs that say Chirp!" 
"How very Clever....!""Are the Flowers Singing Hazel??.... 
I can't quite hear them......!"
"No, No Agatha.... those are the Birds! The Birds on Daydreamer' Blog!"
"Are you Sure it's not the Flowers Singing... Hazel?" 
"I thought I heard the flowers singing once...."

 "Just wait until Daydreamer builds us our Own Garden, Agatha.....".......!

Seriously, Isn't this little Suitcase Garden Enchanting?! 
I just want to bring it Everywhere with me.....
A Tiny Suitcase filled with Birdsong and Garden Dreams.....
From the bottom of my Heart I THANK YOU Sans!
And Just in case you missed the Blog Anniversary Giveaway notice.....
I have decided to Extend the Giveaway deadline.....
So If you want a chance to win two of the Famous Wedding Decoration Topiaries....
Just leave a comment on the Anniversary Post 
Before Midnight on May 4th!

And then maybe You Too will get to say.....
"Look What Arrived!"


  1. Such a beautiful gift! Congrats!

  2. Hey , my suitcase is going to a darling! I like Hazel :) who looks a little unkempt like me :).

    Please let Hazel and Agatha know I love their chair ! And I am sure you will beuild them the most awesome garden!

    1. I am so glad you like her, Sans! She is very Mossy and ..... almost Rusty in a Garden sort of way!!! But YOU are not so unkempt.... (I have seen your Beautiful Pictures!)
      Their chair is actually one of the oldest pieces I have from my childhood! I don't even remember when I got it.....! As for building their garden..... can my List get any longer??? Well, maybe I shouldn't ask THAT question! LOL!
      I really am enjoying this tiny garden! :):):)

  3. It is just beautiful, Sans is very creative. I hope she doesn't mind if I make something similar (copy it) for the Petit Parterre. Perhaps I should ask her. Hazel and Agatha's garden is sure to look great and this is a good start.

    1. I Feel so Lucky to have one! If I didn't I would be Terribly jealous of those that did.... ! It is little beginnings like this that make me get a Whole new project going! LOL!

  4. How beautiful! I love the little bird house in the garden :)


  5. What a beautiful gift! How lovely displayed! Enjoy Sans lovely work.

    1. Thanks, Drora! I am enjoying it! It will have to be the centerpiece of a Whole new Garden Project!

  6. las maletas de Sanas son geniales....

  7. You were asking "Can You Believe how Utterly Delightful this is?" - and I can honestly answer: "Yes, I can!" ;O) Congrats on your very special-personalized-made with loads of love-suitcase garden. I really love your version, especially the signs saying "chirp" - what a clever idea!!! And you've found a lovely place for that gorgeous piece of miniature art!


    1. Isn't it Wonderful, Birgit?! I am just Amazed at how Sweet it is.... and at how inventive Sans is! I LOVE it! (Of course, I've Loved them ALL so far..... from the first moment I saw what she had made in the beginning!) I am ALL Smiles! :)

  8. Finally!!! (LOL!)
    Beautiful garden you have Betsy!!!!! I love Sans for making each suitcase garden different. Just like she knew us well!!
    I guess there must be something magical in these garden as they all have kind of magical owners now.;D

    1. I think you must be Right, Ewa.... about the Magical part.... because Hazel showed up at my house the Same week Sans! Mailed the Suitcase.... Hmmmm! What does THAT say? I think they were Made for Each Other! LOL! And now, of course I get to make a Whole new house and Garden for them!!!!
      And I am completely inspired by Sans' creativity and Generosity!

  9. That is gorgeous! It is so amazing. Lucky you! I absolutely love the way it fits in with your minis.

    1. Thanks, Caroline! Isn't it Sweet and Amazing??? I LOVE it! And I feel so lucky to have one of her creations!

  10. What a lovely gift to receive. The detail looks amazing. No wonder you're so pleased.

    1. Irene, you would NOT believe that this "Rusty" suitcase is painted on a clear plastic case!!!! Talk about "metallic paint effects"!! She is Amazing at making rusty metal! I just LOVE it!

  11. Fantastico trabajo!! fantastica es Susan!!
    Besos de las Malu´s.

    1. Welcome to my blog, Malu2!!! And Congratulations on your new little one!!! I have heard the news!
      Isn't Sans Amazing? I am so honored to have her little garden! Thank you for commenting!

  12. Enhorabuena por esa fantastica maleta de jardin que has recibido de Susan.
    Yo tengo otra y se el genial trabajo que hace en ellas.
    Estoy segura que la disfrutaras mucho.
    besitos ascension

  13. Oooh, you have also recieved one of the famous suitcases of Sans!:congratulations, they are beautiful!! Enjoy it, but I saw on your blog you did ;) I looked around on your blog: it is beautiful: you make very beautiful miniautres, your house is gorgeous, all those details :)!! I love it.
    Kind regards, Ilona

  14. Hola,acabo de conocer tu blog y me he encontrado con la entrada más bonita de los últimos tiempos, la maleta es preciosa, un trocito de primavera en una maleta, una delicia, pero tu forma de presentarla es todavía mejor,ya tienes una nueva seguidora, me ha encantado leerte.

  15. Wow, you got more comments than ever. No wonder. I just love those two little old ladies. Do they live in the Folly?
    Looks as tho you have some new followers.
    Lots of love,

  16. What joy to be at the receiving end of a tiny, perfect suitcase garden from across the sea and continents. You and agatha have gotten a gift that only the gifted Sans could conjure...

  17. Let it be known: the best way to start a Friday is with a Daydreamer post! Congratulations Betsie, it is absolutley beautiful That is what I call a miniature treasure.
    Have a wonderful weekend
    Big hug,

  18. Beautiful gift. I like these scenes.
    Bye Faby