Monday, May 7, 2012

Giveaway Winners!

And More Folly!

Dear Readers, Please forgive me for keeping you waiting for the announcement of my Giveaway Winners!
First, I want to thank so many of you for joining in the Giveaway, and even listing it on your own blogs! And there are many New Followers as a result.... and quite a few names written on small strips of paper....

And put in a little book box........ 
And then I had to ask Hazel if she would mind helping me with the selection of winners.....

She was only too happy to oblige!
So here we have Winner Number One.......

Iris March!...Please send me your address !!!!
And because there were so many entries.... 
we have Two Winners........
Ilona...!! Please send me your mailing address!!
Thank you ALL for following my blog and being so patient with my ever-changing projects!

Speaking of which....I HAVE been making some small progress on the new Base for "The Folly"! 
I realized that the solidity of the builders foam was not enough by itself for a sturdy base. I would need to make a framework for the foam panels. I started with some very thin and inexpensive plywood.... it is known as is what is used to make those hollow-core doors.... anyway it is readily available in  this part of the world. For the sides I would want stronger wood... so I chose regular 3/8 inch plywood because I have lots of scraps .......

Here you can see the back "wall" with the opening for the "electrical cave" 
and another opening on the left which will be a Garden Gate... to nowhere.....

Here you can see the TINY Side Garden .......
And below you can see the base with the "Cellar" carved out of the foam.....
which I am calling the "Electrical Cave"....where the power strip will be hidden!

And here you can see it from the back side.....

And with The Folly in place........

And if you look carefully at the above picture you will see that I am testing out the idea of Chimneys for "The Folly"!! I am using pieces of the builders foam.... and will probably try the Egg Carton Brick method.....

Here's a better shot! I just can't accept a House with lovely fireplaces that has no chimney! 
And I do think it adds a whole lot of elegance to the structure.....

And while we are looking closely.... 
I have also painted the edges of the roof eaves to match the blue trim..... 
for the longest time they were the orange color of the walls and looked very ratty!

And this house kit does not come with trim for the outside corners.... which means that in certain conditions the sunlight shows through the crack into the interior room! So I have added trim made from regular stock strips...... which gives the House a much more realistic finished appearance!

The shingles' edges still need painting.... along with touch-ups in places.... 
and the Chimneys need bricks.....(I'm eating LOTS of eggs!)......
And the electrical wiring is still FAR from done.....
And the Landscape is barely begun...... So much still to do!
But at LEAST I can say we have 
Giveaway Winners!


  1. Felicitaciones a las ganadora y muchas gracias a ti por el sorteo.
    Los avances de la base de la casa van muy bien
    Un abrazo

  2. Love the work done on the Folly! Congratulations to Iris and Ilona

  3. Congratulations to the winners of your lovely giveaway. The Folly is going to be awesome, can't wait to see the landscaping :)


  4. Congratulations to the winners!
    Thank you for the chance.

  5. Congratulations to Iris, thank you for the opportunity and the draw!
    Good morning Daydreamer, I had to look twice: I won a prize too??!! Thank you so much, very generous of you!
    I am looking for your e-mail address but can not find it. My e-mail address is: Perhaps you can sent an e-mail to me, than I can give you my mailing address.
    The Folly looks very good (I like the colors of this house), you'll have a lot of work, but you are right: the changes make it look better! The chimneys makes the house looks realistic.
    Greetings, Ilona

  6. I love what you are doing to touse

  7. congratulations to the winners! The Folly is a great work, I love look and color!

  8. Congrats to the winners!
    So clever with the Electrical Cave!:D

  9. Muchas gracias por tu sorteo y felicidades a las ganadoras.

    Me ha gustado tu casa y la manera de esconder la zona electrica, te está quedando muy bonito todo.
    Un abrazo

  10. Muchas gracias por tu sorteo y felicidades a las ganadoras.

    Me ha gustado tu casa y la manera de esconder la zona electrica, te está quedando muy bonito todo.
    Un abrazo

  11. es una casita preciosa, diferente, me parecía pequeñita hasta que he visto la foto en la que se ve la habitación y ahí se aprecia el tamaño,me encanta y por cierto felicidades a las ganadoras del sorteo.

  12. Tu casita esta quedando fantastica.
    Enhorabuena a la ganadora y a ti gracias por darnos la oportunidad.
    besitos ascension

  13. Congratulations to the lucky winners. Your electrical cave is so clever - and the changes you've made so far. Can't wait to see more...


  14. Congratulations to the lucky winners.
    The Folly is fantastic; I like the structure and colors.
    Bye Faby

  15. Congratulations to the lucky winners. Thank you for the lovely chance.
    Hugs from Craftland
    and .... your house is beautiful

  16. Congrats to the winners. I love what you are doing with the base of your house. The exterior archway is going to be fabulous.

  17. A long time without going to greet you ...
    I see that I lost so many wonderful new and today I want to retrieve in reading. But for now I'm really HAPPY to follow the progress of your new home, for obvious reasons :-)
    I embrace with great affection,

  18. Hi, Betsy -
    I think you need chimney pots on those chimneys.
    I also like the garden gate to nowhere - maybe you could do some trompe d'oiel? (sp?)