Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I Took a Trip

I Took A Trip On A Sailing Ship....

Several weeks ago, Dear Readers, I was enticed to buy this little model ship (which you see still in its packaging for safe-keeping...) when I was searching on-line for little electrical lights. The ship came with a table which could be very useful, and a pair of old "Ships Lanterns" which you can see below.

But it was the little model ship which I really wanted.... for Clarence... to remind him of his seafaring days.... once we get the Cupboard House a little more finished....! It will sit on the mantlepiece of his Library fireplace. This particular ship is a Schooner which resembles very closely the REAL Schooners which once plied the waters of New England.... and in fact still do sail along the coast of Maine with tourists on board. I had never Actually sailed on one of these Schooners until LAST WEEKEND when I went to Virginia for my Niece's Wedding and they hosted a party aboard The  Schooner "Alliance" sailing out of Yorktown, Virginia.

I could not have imagined that it would look so much like the tiny model ship!

With all it's sails catching the fresh breeze....

My Beautiful Niece and her Husband talking with my Daddy.......
It was an evening to Remember!

And lest you think that I got Nothing of a Mini-sort done all weekend..... 
I will show you what I Bought in a little tourist shop in the Old Williamsburg Plantation.....
In a Christmas shop I found this Gorgeous little Musical instrument! 
It will probably pass for a Cello or maybe a Bass Violin!

It is quite well made with real little strings and beautifully polished wood.
And that is not all I found......
They also had this Fantastic Electric Keyboard in Perfect 1:12 scale!!!
(Now I won't have to keep making one from cardboard for the Band!!)

So even while I was exploring the Historic Old Houses and Palace..... I had mini's in mind!

As for those mini lights I was searching for... 
I found a GREAT source for mini builders at  

The kit for mini hobby lights comes with the battery holder and switch and a selection of lights to suit the size you are working with... 
I chose the 1.8mm LED and got extra ones.......
"Where am I planning to use them you ask?"
In the Folly Tree House, of Course!!!

Here you can see the Tiny Hearth without the lighting.....

And here you can see it with the LED lights!!!! 
I have painted the bulbs with a layer of yellow and orange paint to tone down the brightness.... even such tiny bulbs are brighter than needed in this Tiny room! The overhead light will need some kind of "shade" or Fixture.... but I haven't decided exactly what.....

And here you can see I have added the bubbling Cauldron over the fire.......!
I can't tell you how EASY these kit lights are.... 
and how Excited I am to have lighting in the Tree House!
So that's what I found when I took a Trip!


  1. I would go absolutely blind trying to make a miniature sailing ship like that!

    see my miniature sailing ship in glass

    1. That is a Lovely model.... it looks like a much earlier era ship.... like the Nina or Pinta...!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful trip. I love the little ship, that was a find :) The lights add so much, I am going to have to try some LED lights.


    1. Victoria, these little kits have all the parts you need... including the battery! They really do simplify the lighting.... you should try them!

  3. Good morning Betsy,
    I'm so happy you had a nice trip. The boats really is a spectacular find. It is just ngorgeous and will look great in your beautiful rooms.
    And I just Love the effect of the light in the Tree house.
    As always, yor work and your taste in miniatures just enchantes me!
    Have a wonderful day,

    1. Thanks, Giac! I LOVE it when you find the perfect mini and you weren't even looking!
      The mini lights are SOOOO nice to work with! And they come with the battery and everything! I was afraid I wouldn't be able to light the Tree House until I found these little kits!

  4. you know someone else mentioned that website to me too because I was thinking about wiring up my roombox (that I haven't touched) but now that I see what you can do with those lights I've saved it to my favorites for later.

    I like the little sailing ship I'd go blind trying to make one

    Marisa :)

    1. That website is Great, Marisa! The lights arrived really quickly and they have everything you need all in one package! Have Fun with them!

  5. Hi Betsy, thanks for sharing these pictures. I am glad you had a nice trip. I am curious about the boat project you have in mind. The LED lights are a great find for the treehouse: wonderful, cosy. I love this little house, who lives there? Lights are often difficult to find, also thanks for the link.
    Greetings, Ilona

    1. Hi Ilona! I realized I should have added a link to my earlier posts telling the story of Clarence.... I may have to go back and add that...! I think it was August of 2011 that I wrote about Clarence and Charlotte... they are the future residents of my Cupboard House which is the Victorian Brownstone House I am building! (I have a LONG way to go with that house...) But the Library is on the next floor so I may get to it soon... and Clarence will have his souvenirs from his sailing days collected there... So stay tuned!

  6. Great photos of ships, Betsy! Gosh they are this kind of stuff one can photograph them millions of times and never has enough.;)
    The kit for mini light is just awesome! I was thinking of something like that lately.:)
    The Folly Tree House looks so realy with the lights switched on!!!

    1. Hi Ewa! I was thinking of you as I photographed the boat... :) I took a Lot of photos.... then I had to choose .... or bore everyone with all the pictures of sails... LOL!
      Thes kit lights are Wonderful! I think they will ship them Internationally too!
      As you know... I LOVE the scenes to have their lights...!

  7. Beautiful old boat - now your buddies in the blog can meet your family!
    Does the keyboard work? The tiny violin is gorgeous - if it's going to be a cello it will need a spike on the round end for it to stand on.
    What fun you had in Williamsburg!
    Lots of love,

    1. It really was a beautiful boat, Mom! I thought of you often...
      The little keyboard doesn't work unless you have Fairy ears...:) And thanks for the tip about the "tip" for the cello! I will need to do some actual measurements to decide where it falls on the scale of things....
      Love to you!

  8. Oh I have the same cello! I love it because it's the classical instrument I would play if I had any ounce of musical talent. Which I do not have. Not one ounce. But in our doll house dreams, we can play the cello, can't we?

    What a wonderful place to hold a party! And the ship holds it in memory, right? I love how your two worlds are mirroring each other.

    And the lights! Of course you have a fire roaring in the hearth-you are like a tiny light whisperer. I'm still amazed by your electrical talents. I thought of you when I ordered a strip of flexible LED lighting from IKEA last week - I thought you might be a little proud of me, taking the electric road not yet traveled. I won't be able to work out a complex board of wiring like you but the Old Blue Barn and art studio might end up with a row of illumination hidden behind the rafters. No one has encouraged me to try like you have, B. And yes, I took the barn down off the shelf, after two years-I was so inspired by your craftmanship and imagination that had to play again!

    1. Oh, Amy!!!! HOORAY!!!! Brava!!!! I am Thrilled that you took out the Barn and dusted it off.... and even bought some lights!!!! Yay, YAY, HOORAY! (Of course, I have never used the strip lights.... so I am NO Help at ALL where they are concerned.... but all the studios I ever was in had harsh fluorescent lighting overhead.... so you can pretend that is the source of light in your Barn?)
      As for my Worlds Mirroring each other.... sometimes it is Spooky! But Wonderfully so!!!! (I can get equally Lost in Either one....)
      And I'm Right There with you and the Cello Dreams.... hard to find a more Beautiful sound....

  9. What a perfect day - family, sailing and minis... ;O) It's always impressive how a little light improves the scenery - great find and great job.


    1. Hi Birgit! It was a Wonderful Day.... and the mini's just topped off like a cherry on... on... why maybe some Marzipan cake...? LOL! (I have been a VERY BAD Reply-er lately... for which I am sorry as there are so many wonderful comments I meant to respond to!) (I hope to improve!) And I agree One Hundred percent about the effects of lighting! Thank you for commenting...:):)

  10. Hi, Betsy!
    Those lights worked perfectly and really bring your tree house to life. Great finds on your trip South --I bet the ship will look marvelous on the mantle!

    1. Thanks, John! The best part about the kit is that it really has everything you need all figured out so it is pretty hard to go wrong! I think the lights will make the Tree House Really magical when it is all done.... without the lights it would be pretty hard to see any of the details in those tiny spaces!
      ( I may just have to start working on that Mantle so I have somewhere to put the ship...!:))

  11. Me alegro de que hayas disfrutado.
    Esto deseando ver los avances de tu proyecto, un trabajo dificil.
    Gracias por compartir esas fantasticas fotografias.
    besitos ascension

  12. I love your little house. Thanks for the lighting tip, I've been wondering about how to get started.

  13. I'm so glad you enjoyed Williamsburg. It's a unique place. And the mini schooner looks an awful lot like the life size one!


  14. What a great eye you have for miniatures!

    The model ship is a work of art, and how good is it that it comes witha table and lamps too! a real bargain!! the Violin and keyboard are great finds too!

    It is amazing what a difference some electrical lighting makes to a miniature house, just wish it wasn't so fiddly to do!!! ;)

  15. Congrats for the gorgeous experience - and btw, the minis are great! :)
    Big hugs from Venice, Italy


  16. I often go to model builders' sites for inspiration too :). Imagine us starting to build trains and tracks and scenery :). haha.

    Love that little ship, Bets.