Monday, July 9, 2012

The Sky's The Limit

The Gigantic Chandelier and the Too Tiny Table

Dear Readers, before I show you the Promised Chandelier, I want to show you the Tiny Little Demi-lune Table I made! It stands next to the stairway and has a faux marble top and gilded legs. It wasn't tall enough at first... so I added some beads for feet, thinking I could paint them gold and no-one would know... but I like the way they add a touch of sparkle to the toes of the table.... so I have left them unpainted. You may also notice that I added two "Cameo" portraits to the walls. These are jewelry pieces from that Miniatures Store.... and I think they are Perfect for the walls in this room and besides they are the only items small enough to fit these tiny spaces! I personally LOVE the way the black and white one sits over the colorful chair, and the Coral one sits over the Black marble table!
Another small detail I have added that can barely be seen in the finished room is the window in the stairway.... just visible through the door on the right.

Here below you can see the leaded paned window in place.....
 I Know... it is hardly visible... but it lets light into the stairway.... 
and I Love knowing it is there!

As for the Chandelier, Dear Readers, no matter how I tried, it ended up being a Bit Large for the scale of this room! It is one and one quarter inches across and one and one and one half inches tall! That makes for Quite a Large chandelier in the quarter inch scale! Here you can see my beginnings....

I am building it around one of the tiny LED lights..... using a jewelry finding for the arms.... stacked with some decorative beads.... and very fine opalescent beads strung on very fine brass wire for the "crystal" ropes..... which all pass through a jeweled bead at the top.

Here you can see the partially assembled pieces.... along with some of the failed attempts....! I just couldn't come up with small enough parts and still have a fancy chandelier..... so it is a bit large for the scale! You can also see the beads I used for the candles on the plate to the right.....!

And here you can see one of the candles attached to the arm .....(on the right side).... and I have even used my favorite Teeny glitter pieces for "flames" on the candles!!!! In the right angle of light they glow as if they are actually burning! Of course, it is nearly impossible to photograph the glow properly..... Can you see the glow on the candle in this picture below????

Or maybe you can see it in this picture.... 
with ALL the candle flames added......!

The REAL test comes with trying to fit it into the room and getting the wires connected..... 
before the ceiling is even completed....

As you can see, it is a bit large... it hangs down too low.... I will have to raise the ceiling up a bit.... but I was thinking of doing that anyway! As for seeing the candles sparkle.... I may have to add an ambient light that shines onto them but is hidden from view..... Is that Cheating???
But before we can build the Ceiling, I must complete the decorative trim at the top of the walls, which is topped with a section of gilded Coving...
You can see the top view  looking down in this picture.... 
yes the angles ARE all irregular!!! 
(What was I thinking?!!)

And here is the same view looking up.....
My mitering is NOT Perfect..... 
but it is close enough for me!

And another view......
As you can see, I have added all the baseboard trims as well....

To build the semi-domed ceiling, I had to make a map of the room...
like a dress pattern which I could use to cut out the cardboard.... which looked like this....
The concept is no different than sewing a dress and making "darts" to round the shape of the cloth... 
But here I am cutting away the extra material in thin wedges and gluing the sides together....

And lots of tape on the back side for added strength......
Here it is being tested for fit on the room.....
(By now all the walls are glued in place!!!)

And here you can see the view looking up..... 
before the painting begins......!
I think it Fits!!!

Oh, and Nobody guessed I would paint the sky and clouds on the ceiling?????
(This is just the start.....)

And can we do a test run with the chandelier... Please???
Hmmmm... it is a trifle dark....
Maybe we should TRY the extra ambient light?

Like that!
Or is it too much?
I think I like it..... 
but the ceiling is Barely visible......

Can we at LEAST see the candles sparkle a little bit...?

Yeah, LIKE THAT!!! (Sorry for the blurry pic!)
There's still so much that needs to be done......

But for Now.......
The Sky's the limit!!!


  1. Hi Honey
    what a wonderful jon you have done. I had no idea you were doing this in 1/4 scale!!! That's TINY! The detail is incredibe. I love the painted ceiling and dome is genious. And yes, I can finaly see the candels glow in the last picture ;-)
    big hugs
    Simon x

  2. Oooh, every time I think it can't get more add something that makes it even more perfect!!! The chandelier is wonderful, love the sparkle of the flames! And the ceiling is amazing!!! The extra light is a good idea.

  3. "Is that cheating?" teehee! Nahhhhh...of course not. It's ingenious!

    And about scale, please, who cares about scale as long as they look right? I have seen real life chandelier probably meant for a train station hanging down to illuminate someone's spiral staircase! Talk about disproportionate! But it turned out quite wacky and wonderful! :)

    Keep at it, Bets! You are making many little creatures very happy :).

  4. Fantastic! I like this scene.
    Bye Faby

  5. LOVE your chandelier! It's not too big at all! (Especially with that gorgeous, domed ceiling. It's really an enchanting, little room, Betsy --great job!

  6. I've been busy catching up here and only commented on your most recent post. What I didn't realise was how TINY this project is! You must have the most dexterous fingers to be able to work in that little tiny space. Very well done and I love the little couch.

  7. WOW!!!! Betsy!!!!!!!:) I LOVE your Chandelier and painted ceiling is just STUNNING!!!!!!!!!! I am in love with your imagination and love for mini mini mini scale!:)

  8. The best part is "and I Love knowing it is there"... you're spreading so much magic and I fear many of your fantastic details won't get the justice they deserve once after everything is glued in place... Everything you do is incredible, and I don't think that chandelier is too big and yes, I can see the sparkle... ;O) But what I loved most is the wonderful painting on the ceiling, reminded me of the beautiful paintings in the churches of Bavaria...


  9. Wow wow wow !!!! Betsy !!! I love it, love the chandelier (the bigger the better) love the domed ceiling, love the sky and the clouds, love ALL the teeny tinyhuge details you are adding to your house!
    Did I say that I love everything ? Yes , I do. Rosanna

  10. Hello Betsy!
    I am totally in awe of this project! I have tried this small scale and I can't do it at all. You have such an imagination to have come up with this idea. That chandelier looks great as does the demi-lune table with sparkly toes. The painted dome ceiling really adds drama to this room.
    Thanks for sharing all the pictures as you progress. This is fun to watch!
    Kind thoughts from Ray

  11. Sacre Bleu!
    You've outdone yourself.
    The domed ceiling is the greatest, and an appropriate setting for a huge chandelier. As for the twinkly-toes table, I wish I had one.
    I'm really looking forward to meeting the people who are going to live in the tree house.
    Lots of love,

  12. Wow I love the ceiling and the chandelier. I dont think it looks to big I think its perfect. Wonderful work.
    Hugs Maria

  13. i think the scale is fine, this room is a show place after all. The domed ceiling is devine in true Betsy style :)


  14. I cannot believe you make this stuff! Amazing! Super talented & creative xo

  15. I just love coming here--it is like a never-never-land! I keep being amazed at what you can do in such a small scale! The chandelier is Perfect and that domed ceiling -- and painted with sky and clouds--you are one Amazing Lady!!!

    Cheers--many cheers,

  16. Hi Daydreamer,

    I think the Chandelier looks wonderful-lighted the room is magical.Such details ;)

  17. Hello Betsy,
    No, the ceiling is not oo much! It is absolutely perfect! This room is just so incredibly beautiful and so successful being in such a small scale. It is just charming. You did such a beautiful job on...well..everything. It looks absolutely perfect and the chandelier looks good. It think it looks more to scale with the new ceiuling, but honestly even if it was a little big I though it worked well because the wall detail has such grand detail. The odd angles is great and the room reminds me of Gaudi's architecture in Barcelona.
    You never fail to put a huge smile on my face.
    Big, big hug my friend,

  18. You know, I didn't even care if the sparkles worked that well because the idea is so great! I read that part and my eyes got wide, I thought, yes! Genius! You know how I envy your electricity skills, so this is a win win project from the very beginning. And a sparkling crystal chandelier in a tree, under a painted sky, a wonderful concept. Why wouldn't there be? We make our own sky, we have to make our own versions of the sky to keep for ourselves.

  19. Hi Betsy, Catching up with all the posts I have missed this week. What a treasure your little tree house has become! The drawing room looks fit for a prince! Perhaps it's a fairy tale frog who lives here? It's simply charming!

    I love the domed ceiling, the clouds work really well in this room, and your chandelier makes a bold statement, it doesn't look too big at all, with the domed ceiling above.

    I like the way your room glitters and catches the light, like a jewellery box full of little gems.

    Andy xxx